7:00 PM - 2:00 AM, Monday - Tuesday, May 27th - 28th, 1996:
Whew, everything that could go wrong did. I'm helpin out Carmen by producing mid-week. Apparently I was supposed to be there at 6:30. Carmen was happy to tell me this. Now Bill said Cornell McCleary was on at 7:00, and I thought I was like 5 minutes early. Guess not. It says on the schedule 6:30. Shit. Boy she was mad. So I had to run the end of the Reds, and fucked everything up. I've never done it before. Cornell is talkin' to me, and I'm tryin' to be polite. Things are nuts. I sit down and they ask for a station break during the Reds game. All I hear is dead air, so I put on a commercial. Station breaks are 15 seconds. In the 45 seconds I went over, the Reds score their only two runs of the game. (Sigh). Two people call and yell at me. Then Bill calls on something unrelated, and I totally miss another station break. I couldn't win. And Cornell hands me a stack of 14 CD's and says here's my bumber music, and so I'm trying to put that together. Then he says "I got my producer Frank Cromer coming in..." "Does Bill know about this?" "yeah." Before we move on, let me explain how Cornell speaks. He is black, and unfortunately every possible black ebonics stereotype y can imagine. Has absolutely NO DICTION. EARF instead of earth...slurs all his words, Dis and Dat, cusses like they're commas (off-air),and ...AAAH!! It's horrible. And he's loud. And laughs uncomfortably. You know this guy. So Frank comes in...I knew him from my days when I worked at QFM, and he says he's gonna announce him. On the air! Once again I asked if Bill knew anything about this, 'cause I knew he wasn't supposed to talk to me, and he said Bill said I could do anything. Fine, I'm out of this. Then after he announces him Frank just fuckin' sits in the studio next to me and listens. Meanwhile I'm getting his songs ready, runnin' the board, typing to Cornell when his breaks are, how many minutes...oh and screening all of his calls in the studio and putting them on his screen. Finally I told Frank if he was gonna sit there he might as well help me, and I showed him how to screen the callers. Jesus. I had the worst headache by this point. Then he wasn't getting any calls around 10:00 and Frank said he'd be his guest. They're gonna talk about Frank's Community Access Show. What the hell. For the first time I was actually thankful Cannon was in next. It's amazing the difference when someone as polished as Cannon takes the mic. My mind was totally at ease. Still had the headache from hell though.
8:30 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, May 31st - June 1st, 1996: SHOW 141
Wow, what an awesome show. Just fuckin' rocked. Did three hours of pre-production. A new Lester's Family, which we now call "The Boyles" That will be what is run on Friday's, and Lester's commentary on Saturdays. Made a mini-Dave man mix with some things that I found from an old aircheck, and redid Be The Man Song 2. The show itself just rocked, I felt good, and I have to contribute it to me staying up all week. I kept the overnight schedule and when I went into work, it was like the middle of the day for me. Everything flowed. Mind Trap was awesome....topics ranging from Real Estate Rip-Offs, to the Liberal Media, to embarassing stories. I'm goin' in real early tomorrow to do pre-prod, and hopefully get my DAT redone.
8:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, June 1st - 2nd, 1996: SHOW 142
Man, 4 hours of pre-production, and I could have done 4 more. Got the majority of my DAT done. Did Bryan's Restaurant Review, satire of Funky Cold Medina...the songs are just rockin'. The show was rough. Not too many calls. At 2:15 I even called people. That was kind of funny. I called John Ricardi and he just thought that was funny s shit because he was listening at the time. Mind Trap was awesome again, and I wish it will never end. Got to admit I really dig all the new songs. The show is really starting to sound great. I've got so many features now. But I need MOREMOREMOREMOREMORE. I want the show to run itself. In time young Adam, in time.