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5:00 AM, Tuesday, May 21st, 1996:
Man, I can't believe how my life is going. I just got done watching the video of my signing, then popped in my CD and listened for about 30 minutes, re-watched my comical "wait" for the CDs to get there...and was about to go to bed, when I realized how amazing the past hour had been. "I just watched the signing of my new CD and then listened to my new CD!" None of this seems real to me. I swear to god, I could die now, and wouldn't be too totally bummed. I'd be bummed at the opportunity lost, but I've accomplished more in the last year then many people ever get to experience...EVER.
Watching my dad at the signing... he seemed so happy. He stole some of the spotlight, but he was just so proud of me. I really feel like I carry his weight now. He'd jump in and say something funny to kind of take over, but then he'd step back and beam. I watched the video and how all of my relatives looked at me, and it was simply eerie. They looked so proud it makes me want to cry. Made them want to cry as well, but most of all there was a respect that I think was missing before. However, not from my mother. It felt like she thought it was stupid to be there because she already knew me. I hate the fact that she's had my disc for almost a week and has yet to call me to say anything. My grandmother calls up in tears saying how proud she is. Burg's mom was choking back the tears at the signing because she was so proud and my mother doesn't seem to see how much it means to me. (sigh)
9:30 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, May 24th - 25th, 1996: SHOW 138
I go in early to do Lester's Family, a song for a new game Mind Trap, and fix some things on my DAT. It wasn't in my box. Someone fuckin' stole my DAT. My DAT with absolutely everything on it. I am amazed. In fact with as shitty as this night was I'm surprised I'm in this good of a mood. I don't think it's hit me what I've lost. Everything. I still have carts, but I did erase some to make space which was fine of course...cause I had my DAT. In shock I went 1:30 AM. Love those Reds. Everything was all out of whack. Highlight: Trivia. Mind Trap really soared with a new format and it'll be around for a long time. Talk was here and there. I can't believe my DAT is gone. I looked everywhere.
11:15 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, May 25th - 26th, 1996: SHOW 139
Jesus, two nights in a row. I didn't get on until almost 2:00! Fuckin' goddamn Reds game. For those fans trying to convert me, this isn't helping. Still no DAT in sight. I've put it to rest and now am PISSED. All my Lester's, Dave man Funny man...gone forever. I did find some of my skits though, like Game Show, and funny songs, so It's not a total loss. But I am really pissed about losing all of my Lesters. Anyway. A pretty good show for getting fucked again. Lester was good, and I replayed Lester's Family for a request. By far the coolest thing I've done so far. Mind Trap is unreal. The best format I could have chosen. So much better than when I first introduced it. We'll see how long it takes until it gets old. It's funny when I look back on this weekend, we barely talked about anything. No fuckin' time to. I wonder if I can make it a full 5 hours tomorrow (filling in for Cannon :-) ). Perkins said he admired my initiative and said don't mind the older people raggin' on me. It was a nice compliment, but hey I feed off you older guys raggin' on me. Then I know I'm doin' a good job.
9:30 PM - 6:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, May 26th - 27th, 1996: SHOW 140
Went in early to start the wonderful task of doing my DAT over. Jesus, this will take all week. Fuck the loser who did this. Anyway, this was somewhat of a moment of truth for me. This is the show that Cannon cannot buy callers. Sunday night, Monday morning. On top of this it's a Holiday, and thirdly, I mentioned that I was coming on tonight only twice on Sunday. If I could get a good show and no music tonight, Steve Cannon is a tired, uncreative, boring old man....No Surprises here. Killer show. Had some prankers the first half hour, and a slow next 15 minutes, and then BOOM: Coffee Talk about the liberal media that took off. Glenn sparked it, thank you, and it was ragin'. Took us to Mind Trap, and it was a hit again. Then had probably one of the best hour and a half of my life. Why? Well, I was on for BC! BC comes on at 5:30 on the weekdays, and I went until 6:00. Not that the talk was that abundant, but I sounded good. Confident, funny, and definitely worthy of filling in for BC. One of the last calls was Mary saying that Cannon would be proud of me because of how good the show response? "I bet that's exactly what he'd be thinking." Yeah, if Steve heard this show, he will not be a happy camper.. :-)