10:25 PM, Tuesday, May 14th, 1996:
The CD's are fuckin' awesome. The wait for the discs was so difficult. I actually taped the whole thing. Too funny. One flaw on my cheek. Think there was some sort of scratch on the picture itself, but so far noone's noticed it until I told them. I am so pumped. This is gonna be a big week. Gotta get some more flyers out tomorrow, and call some more people. Thinkin' of callin' some news stations. Anyway. Great day. Oh, and jesus, I've been so busy I forgot to withdraw from my classes. I'll do that on Thursday....Bow wow mmmm bah mmmm bah mmm...
11:11 PM, Thurday, May 16th, 1996:
Sales are going relatively well, but I'm getting fucked by people expecting free copies, and me being gullible. Case in point: Burg's dad comes over and I give him one, and he assumes it's for free!!!! Jesus. My grandmother who knows I'd give her anything like this for free usually helps the cause and is generous, not this time. Then yesterday, this girl who I helped out in the interviewing project makes me feel guilty because I missed our original date on Tuesday. Hmmmm, what happened on Tuesday??? She lays it on in front of all these other people, so I gave in because I'd look like a pompous ass otherwise. Then Anne Thompson, a good friend thought she was getting one free and when I explained things really sketchy she said no problem and wrote me a check. That was cool of her. Overall I've given away 14 and sold 14. Not a good ratio, but I'm done giving things away. Maybe one more, but THAT IS IT. Man, that's $180 right there! Oh, John Ricardi made a poster of my cover that's about 3 and a half feet squared!!! It's awesome, I have it set up at Clintonville Video for my signing. It's great. I can't wait for Saturday. Oh, and Bill White called me up and asked if I could train to be a traffic guy during the days at WTVN!!!!!!!! Holy shit. If things keeping going so well for me, I'm gonna have a record contract by this time next year. Man, it just doesn't stop....I hope.
11:00 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, May 17th - 18th, 1996: SHOW 136
Wow, what an awesome show. Almost want to save the tape. I'm not sure what exactly, but everything was just right. I was funny. Got to promote my signing the way I wanted to. Think that will go well. Talk about Megan's Law, the pedophile announcement, made an awesome Coffee Talk. Best one since OJ. Had this lady on who was molested, and countering views, it was very balanced. I really took an unpopular view and got slammed. It was great, I felt I debated it very well. BD was alright. BC said a very cool thing to me when I got off. "You done in here!" "Yes, thank god," "Why thank god?" "I'm tired" "Tired of what?" "No, just tired" "Let me tell you somethin' and I'll tell it to your face, I'm 62 years old and I'm still doing what I love. How many people can say that. My job is talking to people. I love it." "you know, I never wanted to do this , but I have to admit that the bug is catching me. I love doin' this as well." "Good, great!" He said that last line as sincere as I've ever heard him be. Pretty cool, huh...anyway, right now I'm just pumped for the signing. (Sigh) God let people come....
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, May 18th - 19th, 1996: SHOW 137
The signing went great! Had approx. 50 listeners, many who never call which was nice, and sold 35 copies. Very happy about the turnout and hope to have another one soon. Talked about that a bit, and more on Megan's law, and homosexual marriage, but overall I didn't like the night. It wasn't slow, by any means, but just wasn't good myself I don't think. I was very tired, that's for sure, but not as smooth. Did Theme Trivia at 3 to surprise everyone, and it totally bombed. Why? The same prankers...Rosy Palms, Michael Jordan raped me, they were all back in full force. How is that fucking possible? Played until 3:40 and then said fuck it, and people called up to talk about it. The rest of the show was HARD, but I made it. Dead tired when I got home. Just woke up (6 PM)
11:00 PM - 2:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, May 19th - 20th, 1996:
ZZZZ..... Thank god KP was there for someone to talk to. Did a commercial myself, and used one of my songs for background music...I can't wait to play it!!! I hope Kaylor gives me more commercials to do. Oh, and Steve did pretty good tonight. I gave Steve a CD to listen to but he didn't have a player!!!! Oh well.