12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, Wednesday, June 5th, 1996:
Meeting #18. Actually did an aircheck, and he stressed mainly talking about the listener rather than about me. For example: "So I was watchin' TV about 3:00 and this Real Estate Scam came on, or is it?" That's how I started things off. He wants me to say: "Have you ever been scammed by one of these infomercials?" It's a simantical argument, and one that he's harped on since I've started talk. Now it's not really an argument, but he's been suggesting this for a year. I disagree. Whenever I listen to a talk show host, I want to hear how he feels. I want to hear his personal story, and then see how I can relate. It seems too contrived to say "Have you ever..." You know? This kind of bothers me, because in the overnight listeners aren't really a big deal. My ratings don't really count. So for now everything he's telling me could be true. Now if I were an afternoon host, or even evenings, that could maybe counterract his opinions. Either way, it's not an ego thing, it's not that I just want to talk about myself, it's that as a listener, that personal level is what I love about this medium. I guess they'll be more later. Overall it went well. He called me talent in development which is something WTVN has never really had. They're basically grooming me for bigger and better things. Every other jock came from somewhere else. That's kind of cool to know. I also said that whenever he tells me some sort of advice for how to do the show better, I automatically compare it to Cannon and see if it matches up, and it never does. He said that Cannon was a lost cause. He was too far gone. Man he rags on Cannon. I was just trying to prove my point about the "you" and "me" debate, and I garnered a cut. Oh well.
12:00 AM - 3:00 AM, Friday, June 7th, 1996:
Wow, three hours of show prep. I did it a day early because of the Bulls game on Friday night. All I did was The Boyles Episode 3...that took me until 1:30...then I did Lester for Sunday's show....2:10, and then a new song for a new game... I was dead tired, but I'm glad I did it.
8:00 AM - 12:45 PM, Friday, June 7th, 1996:
Man am I tired. Summers seem to work out this way. Now I thought I was gonna be on, but Pam seemed to think that I was just figuring things out for that day. I was a little overwhelmed, so I just followed her lead. Well, I was supposed to go on, and Mike Perkins announced that it was me. She went through it well. Then we got a hold of RC, and he was kind of pissed. I told him I was not ready yet. He explained that she was making this much harder than it really was and I agreed, but I still wasn't ready. I asked if I could come in Thursday and Friday of next week, and I'd do it. I'll be fine next time, she just made it seem impossible. Went back to the station and gave Bill a receipt for Mind Trap, and now I'm here....and now I'm sleeping.
11:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, June 7th - 8th, 1996: SHOW 143
Wow, what a good show considering. Yes, the Reds did it again. 1:15 was my starting time. It worked out well though as I had production to do. Made Saturday Morning Fever to the Music of Jive Talkin'. Yet another listener segment, Aaron from Grandview's review of old cartoon classics. Should be fun. I had a surprising number of calls, so I can't complain. The new game kicked ass. I'm almost bummed to have it only once a week. Although we'll really fly through them when I'm on for 9 days at the end of June. Overall great show. Things flowed well, and I felt I was funny. Man I love being on the air. I just love it. Watch the show will blow tomorrow.
9:30 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, June 8th - 9th, 1996: SHOW 144
Fuckin' Reds go to extra innings. I'm on at 2:00. No real problem, I didn't have to much to say. Hour of talk then to Mind Trap. The rest of the talk went well and got to plug my signing on Moday a lot. There won't be too many people there since I didn't plug it hardly until tonight, but it should be pretty good. The show was a bit on the slow side, but definitely had it's moments. I'm realizing how much work I'm gonna have to do when I'm on for 9 straight days in two weeks. All of those Lester's and Boyles and Top Nine Lists. Jesus. I'm gonna start this week...
11:00 PM - 6:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, June 9th - 10th, 1996: SHOW 145
What an awesome surprise. Cannon sick, and I get to plug my signing the day of it!! Yahoo! Great show. Once again I made a dreaded Sunday fun. Good Lester. Good Trivia. Good Talk. Good Show. Gotta tell you. With the new skits I'm planning. Top Nine and Mail Bag... the week Cannon's on vacation could be HUGE. Anyway. Things ran pretty smooth and had some good laughs. Looks like Glenn will be at the signing tonight! Pumped I am...