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The Boyles - Volume 5 - Adam Kontras (1997)

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Product Details
  • Audio Cassette Release Date: October 27th, 1997
  • All Boyles' Voices: Adam KontrasSee more
  • Rated: R
  • Label:
  • Number of Audio Cassettes: 1

Track Descriptions

41 - “The Locker Stall...” (7:33) - Saturday, June 7th, 1997
-Lester and Johnny attempt to play a prank on Dennis Rodman.
42 - “Wheeere’s Johnny?...” (7:31) - Saturday, June 14th, 1997
-Johnny gets homesick for Suzy and runs away to West Virginia.
43 - “Psychic My Ass... (8:01) - Sunday, June 22nd, 1997
-Lester calls a Psychic Hotline Number. What more can be said.
44 - “Lester’s Nirvana...” (7:24) - Sunday, July 13th, 1997
-Lester falls asleep while Johnny is blaring Nirvana and Lester becomes Kurt.
45 - “Cheeseburger in Paradise...” (7:01) - Sunday, July 20th, 1997
-We hear the Boyle men in ways we wish we hadn’t.
46 - “Let Ethel Go...” (7:31) - Sunday, July 27th, 1997
-We lose another member of the family. And it’s damn funny.
47 - “Whodunnit...” (7:45) - Saturday, August 23rd, 1997
-Yet another character gone, is this the end of The Boyles?
48 - “Suzy is Sunday...” (7:29) - Saturday, September 6th, 1997
-The Boyles make a discovery, and Adam confirms it, The Boyles are finished.
49 - “The Last Adventure...” (8:42) - Saturday, September 13th, 1997
-The Boyles go to Disneyworld to reak havoc for the last time.
50 - “Cartoon in The Wind...” (13:40) - Saturday, September 27th, 1997
-Relive the memories of all 50 episodes.

Editorial Reviews
The final Boyles cassette (although not the final episode) is completely off-the-wall. While fighting with station management, Adam is forced to move the family all over the country, kill off main characters and finally go off on one last adventure before ending it all in the epic Episode 50. Later to be reborn on a different station, these 5 cassettes show the rise and fall (and rise and fall again) of the only ever cartoon family on the radio. To get the final 10 episodes, check out the Complete Boyles Collection including all 60 episodes, songs and commercials.

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