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The Boyles - Volume 4 - Adam Kontras (1997)

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Product Details
  • Audio Cassette Release Date: October 27th, 1997
  • All Boyles' Voices: Adam KontrasSee more
  • Rated: R
  • Label:
  • Number of Audio Cassettes: 1

Track Descriptions

31 - “1-900-SENIORS...” (8:12) - Saturday, December 21st, 1996
-Lester finds the adult sex line just for him.
32 - “Christmas Eves...” (7:11) - Saturday, December 28th, 1996
-The family remembers all of the Christmas pranks Lester plays on Johnny.
33 - “______ Leaves...” (7:30) - Saturday, January 5th, 1997
-A main Boyles character leaves the show. Can you guess who?
34 - “Get a Job...” (7:51) - Saturday, January 12th, 1997 - LISTEN TO MP3
- Lester tries his hand at some part time jobs and gets fired from all of them.
35 - “Yo’ Mama...” (7:32) - Saturday, January 19th, 1997
-Lester reunites with his old friend Rufus Brown and tempers flare.
36 - “A Rush To Judgement...” (7:35) - Saturday, February 22nd, 1997
-Lester persuades Rush Limbaugh to change his format.
37 - “The Music Man, & Her...” (7:31) - Saturday, March 1st, 1997
-Johnny and Suzy get the leads in the school musical.
38 - “The Big News...” (7:30) - Saturday, March 8th, 1997
-Adam tries to change the time structure of The Boyles to keep it going.
39 - “Goodnight...” (1:11) - Saturday, March 15th, 1997
-Adam puts The Boyles in hyperbolic chambers to save his job.
40 - “Shh, don’t make a scene...” (7:31) - Saturday, May 31st, 1997
-Adam brings The Boyles back but has to send them to Chicago to avoid Darryl.

Editorial Reviews
The 4th installment of The Boyles was thought to be the last in March of 1997, but Adam brought them back at the end of May to continue their adventures. From Senior Phone Sex to battling with Rush Limbaugh to getting a part time job at fast food places, Lester's certainly the star of this volume. Lester's old friend Rufus Brown makes a 2 episode appearence and even Suzy Snarfwagon makes a come back after a 3 month hiatus. This Boyles Volume has a little bit of everything, don't miss it.

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