8:30 PM - 5:30 AM, Thursday - Friday, November 28th - 29th, 1996: SHOW 209
FR: DARRYL PARKS November 27, 1996
I am going to hold off changing the overnights during the week and the weekend for a while, because of vacations. Please stop talking about it until I give you a firm date. So...until I give you a date, same schedule as it has been..
Man, I’m kind of worried now. Is this going to happen? WHY DIDN’T HE TELL ME THIS WAS A BIG SECRET. Here’s the worst part. KP and Carmen were talking to each other and I asked KP if she heard what happen with Cannon Sunday night. And she went into how I shouldn’t have said anything to me, and was really cold. Hardly even looked in my direction. As I was walking away Carmen said: "You shouldn’t have opened your big mouth...mmmhmmm" That mmmhmmm is her stupid little laugh. (Sigh). KP was like if it’s said in the confidentiality of the PD’s office, it goes no further. It was strange. It’s like they knew something I didn’t, and were making fun of me. They said Cannon was bragging about the memo. Why? Are the changes not going into effect? I wish I could have taped the meeting. He was soooo open about the changes, it was not a secret! Maybe Cannon came bithching to him and he typed this as ammends for Cannon to feel good about himself, and it really is no big deal. (Sigh) If I’m not on evenings this January, I’m gonna be pissed. Really pissed. Oh well, the show:
SLOW first hour, and then things picked up. Talked to this Rob Calvert guy who is filling in for Hansel. He’s 29 and very cool. Greg called him a cheap imitation of me. Kind of nice of Greg. Hour 2 Jim from Jim’s Outdoor Review Called!!!! He’s been busy, but will try to start things up again. I guess it’s rabbit and deer hunting season. Rabbit season, Duck season, Rabbit season, Duck season, Rabbit season...Rabbit season, Duck season.....good bit Bugs. Did Angela’s Stories almost the entire 2:00 hour. And Trivia took us the rest of the way. Lester had a good song on Triptophane to the tune of Yesterday. Otherwise, nothing spectacular. Very worried about the New Time Scandal. It’s like I’m Adam Clinton or something.
6:00 PM - 7:15 AM, Friday - Saturday, November 29th - 30th, 1996: SHOW 210
Rob Calvert was sick and I almost had to do 9PM to 6AM. WOW... They got Joe Weasel to come in at the last second. Was in so early to do The Boyles, because I had no clue what I was going to do. It took every bit of time I had to finish that and the Top Nine List. The first hour was atrocious and then things kicked ass the rest of the night. Had 10 online people, and 6 at one time. The callers were fun and fast, just like I like em. A lot of talk about The Boyles, and my gig this Sunday. People liked The Boyles, I wasn’t too sure about it. Yeah, it was pretty good. Lotsa talk and the changes. People keep trying to bring up my hours, and I tried all I could to avoid it. What’s the secret about? I’m worried. Somethin’s gonna go wrong. At the end of my shift I talked to JR for an hour about the changes, and John and Jane. It was nice getting some things off my chest to comeone who is in the business. He laughed about my little scandal. It really is stupid, why am I so worried about it? JR brought up a good point...Who’s gonna run the board from 2-5 after Cannon? You know what, if that’s what was keeping things from changing, I’d do it. Honest to God. For awhile of course until they could find someone. It’d be like working 8 days a week. Rush 6 days, and my 2 shows. Whew. Anything to have these hours. Alright, one more show.
11:00 PM - 7:15 AM, Saturday - Sunday, November 30th - December 1st, 1996: SHOW 211
Lester from 12-1 was very difficult. I did it though. Not too many calls though. The next two hours were thankfully filled since our good friend Glenn called up whining about affirmative action. Actually no, Jeff called up about the judges block of affirmative action and that lit things up until 3:00. Good heated debate which is nice. Trivia=blah. Angela’s Stories=blah, but she sounded good on the air, and people like her. My only problem is she can’t remember to do other things. She’s getting better without me having to ask, but she cannot leave her post until the top of the hour, period. I don’t care if the Boyles are on. People still call. I've got shit to do, and I’m stuck screening phone calls. She’s smoking and looking at the wire. Leon was there at the end and he ended up doing HER job. She can smoke at the top of the hour, and there’s a wire in the producer’s room. And she still forgets to get my spots at the top of the hour, and take the old ones. It drives me nuts. Funny story though, her husband needed a wake up call at 5:15 ao we called on the air. No one answered. Then some guy called and said what if a girl had answered... So the next time we called him I instead dialed my number to wake up Burgundie, and jesus... I thought Angela was gonna shit. There was one moment in time when we alllllll believed, but of course my big grin gave it away. Leon was absolutely floored. Funniest thing ever. Ha. Thanks Burg. Taught Angela how to do Perspective, and she just couldn’t do it. It will take practice, but she hasn’t a clue what to do on the board. We’ll try more next week. Yahoo. Weekend’s over!