8:00 PM - 6:15 AM, Friday - Saturday, December 6th - 7th, 1996: SHOW 212
Tonight was the big Bachelor Party Night. Had some friends over and we had a party on the air. It was really fun. Paul, Leon, John, My Dad, Ringo? Nah, oh and this Steve guy who showed up and acted very strange. We all thought he was going to shoot us. He brought two cakes. Everyone called up and told stories. I had had my real bachelor party the night before and it was video taped. I took the soundbites and played them throughout the night. I got really wasted for the first time in my life...and the last. It was a truly fun night. Leon and Paul stayed until 6:00. Angela came in as well. She’s starting to get this overly important attitude that really is a pain. If she gets a raise anywhere near what I make I will be infuriated. At 5:00 I brought up why black people speak incorrect english so often. It pissed people off, and kept me going until 6:00. Anyway tomorrow will be my last show as a single guy. Ooooh....
10:30 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, December 7th - 8th, 1996: SHOW 213
So so show. I got lazy. No Top 9 or Lester or Boyles. Just got tired and wanted to take a weekend off. Of course I’m on my honeymoon next weekend so it’s gonna be a long drought, but oh well. The show was running smoothly and then at 1:00 Jeff (from my fantasy league), and Ian on Campus went off on how we’re not really free and acted like fuckin’ buffoons. Then made fun of me for getting married because it showed how naive I was to the real world. ME? Naive to the real world. I explained that I had made my commitment years ago that this had more to do with financial reasons than anything else. And Ian said: "Oh, so you’re marrying her for the money?" What a cocksucker. Then this bible beatin’ fuckamentalist got on saying how I was damning Burgundie to hell by allowing her to sin by living with me and that I should marry because I’m sinning and all this shit. I told her that I didn’t subscribe to her religion and that I was free to believe what I wanted, and it got all fucked up. It stirred things up and created a good show. Unfortunately it wasn’t on tape! I hit the wrong button again. Oh well. Those fuckin’ mental midgets. Ha. Ok, I’m getting married tomorrow. Arivaderci....that doesn’t look right. Good bye.