2:00 PM, Wednesday, November 20th, 1996:
Meeting #2. The biggest entry I’ve ever had. In 6 months this could be a stepping stone for something bigger, or it could mean a new job. This is what I have wanted for so long: REAL HOURS. Starting in the first week of January, The Late Show with Adam Kontras, 9PM-2AM Saturday Night, and 8PM - 11PM on Sunday Night.
PROS: everything. Absolutely everything, there are some reservations though:
-I lose Friday Night. Cannon will only be on from 11-2, so they had to make him come in one more night so he’s even semi-close to full time. And get this: He’s not allowed to do trivia. Darryl said quit doing it. It’s stupid. Wow. This all adds up to a phase-out in my mind for Cannon. His on air time is cut from 25 to 18 hours. He has to come in 6 nights a week AND he can no longer be the King of Trivia. Cannon will quit before July 1st, 1997. Fuck, if I were him I’d quit tomorrow. Another downside is that Friday Nights were so fun. Always busy. Now that’s gone. Time will tell on this.
-I have real hours with real ratings. If I do bad, they don’t move me back to before, I’m out. Fired. I’d have to do REALLY bad, but it’s more pressure.
-It will be harder to get calls. I hear Hansel struggle like it’s nobody’s business, and I have to compete with the weekend as well. Who knows, it might do well.
-I lose 4 hours on the air each weekend. Take out Trivia and I only had 9 Hours a week anyway, but 8 seems tiny to me.


But Jesus 8 PM at night!!!!! I AM SO PUMPED! OOOH and get this for a promo...oh yeah i get promos now during the day!!!!, anyway After The Simpsons turn to The Boyles at 8:30!!!!!!!!!! ON SUNDAYS!
I’m trying to be cool about this, but the cons are just miniscule. He said he wants me to be more of a presence at the station. I’m telling you, by the end of 1997 I may have Steve Hansel’s job. He wants radio to be wild, and Hansel isn’t. I’m gonna make the weekends absolutely crazy. Guests, I can have guests now!!! Ha! This is so big. I also told Darryl I needed money bad. He already put in for a raise for me. Amazing...and 2 nights on during the evenings. Oh wow. Now everyone can listen. He also said there was some radio talent at the station that should not be on the air. He was alluding to "the Steves". He likes Conners and Munch, who else is there? Bradley? No. I’m telling you, Hansel’s spot is mine if the weekends go well. Whew, calm down. It will all come to me in time. Just have to wait. I am reeling. My mind is going in 1000 different directions. SO MUCH to prepare for. See ya.
7:00 PM - 6:15 AM, Friday - Saturday, November 22nd - 23rd, 1996: SHOW 207
Wow, came in and EVERYONE was there. All the sports guys, got to meet Earl Bruce. Hey, Lehner even gave me a beer. A very joyous attitude at the station. Michigan. The big one. They won’t fuck it up this time. Boyles brought back Suzy again which was nice. The show kicked ass until the 1:00 hour. No Saturday Morning Fever, and no freakin’ calls. But things stumbled into the 3:00 hour. Late Show Online made a comeback with a new guy. Had a new promo for my new time. It was cool. All Buckeyes and new changes talk. Actually a pretty ho hum night. Afterwards I was listening to BC off the air at the Hineygate, and he asked about the new changes that I talked about, he hadn’t heard of them. I really shouldn’t have said anything about them over the air until a memo was out, but Darryl didn’t say a word. It was kind of a normal progression, I said my hours, then the immediate was question was what about Cannon, and then the next question was what’s on after 2:00? There was the whole new line up. I hope I don’t get in trouble for this. How could he expect me not to say anything. I remember specifically asking Darryl: "So you’re sure about my new hours..." He was. I’ll stop worrying. Should be a fun night tomorrow. Lester guest hosting and should get a lot of calls razzin’ him about the Buckeye win. God, I hope they win.
10:30 PM - 7:15 AM, Saturday - Sunday, November 23rd - 24th, 1996: SHOW 208
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10:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, November 25th - 26th, 1995: SHOW 77
Well, the Buckeyes went 11-0 and then lost to Michigan. No Big Ten Championship, no Rose Bowl, no Perfect season, no National championship, and probably no Heisman trophy for Eddie, oh, and we lost to Michigan. That's all anyone wanted to talk about, it was one of my best nights...until the pranks took over. Had this fuckin' little prick call over and over and over and over. As soon as I hung up he redialed. All throughout trivia. I was going insane. He wouldn't cuss, just call and say something stupid. For THREE HOURS. The 4:00 hour got real bad and I just about lost it on the air. So I threw on a song, and vegged out. I got on and said "They don't pay me to babysit, and until I have a producer I'm gonna do what they DO pay me for: playing music" Then people would call up (mostly old fuckin' ladies) and say music was better than all this talk crap. This was up there with THE shitty night this summer. I was furious. AAAAHHHH! I'm still pissed! Other than that everything was great.
They lost again 13-9 on some of the worst offensive play-calling I’ve ever seen. Joe Hollis will be fired I’m sure. It was 3 1/2 hours of talk on the Bucks until I finally said enough with it. It’s truly amazing that this could happen again, and basically mirror last year. Fuck Cooper. His reaction was so pathetic: "I don’t have a clue what happened..." Well here’s your pink slip go get one. The man is 2-13-1 in the last 2 games of the season! The games we work all year for. No doubt in my mind they’ll lose to Arizona State, hello 2-14-1. Oh well. It made my job easier for a night. No Lester from 12-1. This was too big. Trivia was fine, but it’s nice counting the days until it’s over. Amazing. Oh well, there’s always next year.
12:00 AM - 2:00 AM, Monday, November 25th, 1996:
Well Cannon profited from the loss with a bunch of calls. Then Prof. John called and was too late to go on before 2:00 AM. He wanted to talk about football and the new changes. I was gonna tell him to keep mum on the changes because I guess I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but I didn’t. Of course all hell breaks loose. Cannon denies he knows anything! He says it’s news to him! What a dick. He joked that I must have been rumaging around in somebody’s desk to find this out. I can’t believe he lied about it though. That’s not cool. Darryl told me what his reaction was! Oh well we’ll see what happens this week. I can’t see how I could get into any trouble for this. If it’s that big of a secret, why wouldn’t Darryl have said something to me?