3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Wednesday, October 2nd, 1996:
Meeting #1. Good and bad. I get an odd feeling when I’m around him. He wants to change a lot, but everything he says about radio seems too new to me. He likes me, thinks I’m talented and, get this, wants to put me on earlier. He asked if I liked doing 6 hours, and I said its alright, probably miss it if I didn’t have it. Than at the end of the meeting I asked him why he said that and he said he wanted to put me on earlier. Wasn’t promising anything but said he wanted to. Wow. Can you imagine an 8-midnight slot on the weekends? The shit man. Good right? Yet I think within a month I won’t like him. Just some crazy intuition. He also told me no prerecorded skit should be more than 2 minutes. Actually 2 minutes TOPS. I tried to explain what The Boyles was and he said...2 minutes. He says you cannot hold people’s attention on the radio for longer. I kept trying to tell him it’s a different ballgame on the overnights. This isn’t drive time. People are listening all night. Of course I wouldn’t have an 8 minute Boyles at 4:30 in the afternoon. But I wish he understood that people actually stop what they’re doing at 12:30 to listen to that bit. I’ll put it this way. If I’m on 8 to Midnight, The Boyles as we know it now are done. That’s fine. I can do little things. But as long as I have The Late Show and it’s 6 hours. I’m keeping them 8 minutes. That’s what’s nice about the show. You get a little more when things are less hectic. He says trivia is cheesy. I love you Darryl. I would love to drop it. But not on the late show. New time slot of course. So his changes are undestandable, but when it’s the middle of the night and the weekend, I don’t see it happening. He also stressed over and over, you can’t play to the callers. If you do you die. Less than one percent call in, and you ignore thousands in the process. I always look at callers as representitives of the listeners. If someone calls in with this opinion than there are at least 100 people thinking it without the guts to call in. He told me how some of the biggest talk hosts around hardly get calls. Talked about the #1 guy in Cincinnatti. No calls one time when he saw the show. I want to abide by Darryl’s theories, but once again, it’s the overnight on the weekends. Change that, and so will I. So a lot really is said here, and I am looking forward to the future. I want that time slot, I’d give anything for that time slot. I will bug him for that time slot. In fact I’ll E-mail him every week for that time slot.
10:30 PM - 2:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, October 2nd - 3rd, 1996:
In the studio with Darrick and his friend John working on cuts for a rap song he wants to do. Edited down some samples, but I didn’t have the loop he wanted so we will do it tomorrow. It should be good. Darrick is a good writer, actually he has a lot of room to get better, but he’s grown quite a bit. Also made bumpers for the big Gangsta Rap debate this weekend.
2:00 AM - 5:30 AM, Friday, October 4th, 1996:
Did their rap song "Have Mercy". Kicked ass. We’re thinking of putting together a CD. I sang the background stuff, and it turned out really good. We’re gonna play it tomorrow to show the other side of rap. They are both psyched with how it came out. John’s a great kid too. Very caring attitude I get from him, I hope he gets pissy when we debate. Caring and soft doesn’t translate well in a debate.
10:30 PM - 6:30 AM, Friday - Saturday, October 4th - 5th, 1996: SHOW 190
Wow. I don’t think Darrick and I will ever speak to each other again. Man did we get heated. I wanted to be just a moderator but Darrick pissed me off so bad I lost it. Our problem was on 2 points. First he kept using his personal life for his argument on why Gangsta Rap isn’t bad. "I’m black, I’ve listened to Gangsta Rap since I was in sixth grade, and I’ve turned out alright." For 3 hours we tried to explain to him that HE HAD PARENTS! People to tell him the difference between right and wrong! If that is gone, than kids will look elsewhere for their values. Now to point #2 which killed the debate. He said over and over agin that Gangsta Rap did not influence anyone. Every man makes his own actions. Jesus Christ. I tried to explain that of course music influences kids to talk a certain way, dress a certain way, and does influence their attitudes...if they have no one to tell them otherwise. "Oh so Gangsta rap is gonna make a kid by a gun and rape a girl...ok" "Listen Darrick, these ‘songs’ make certain horrors in life seem acceptable...ok..." We played a clip where they talk about getting girls drunk until they don’t know how to act, and having sex with them. That is rape. He didn’t agree. How can you say that isn’t rape? "Oh well my friends and I didn’t hear it like that..." "THEN YOU DIDN’T LISTEN!" We couldn’t have a serious debate. If he can’t see that point then it’s worthless. My simple ppoint was that these rappers need to take responsibility for the power they have. They do influence kids. Kids do look up to them. And when there’s no one else to teach the kids they think what is described in a rap song is acceptable. BECAUSE THE RAPPERS MAKE IT SOUND LIKE IT’S OK TO DO THAT! It’s very simple. Oh well. We really got into it. Then he calls later and says that he was set up. That I said I was on their side and then I flipped. I told them before I was on their side, that it shouldn’t be banned, but that rappers and any musicians do have an influence and should be aware of it. It was nuts. It had to be fun to listen to, but it got too personal for me. I was mad. The night went great though. Lots of calls on the issue. I’m tired. That took a lot out of me. Goodnight.
7:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, October 5th - 6th, 1996: SHOW 191
Wow. What a great weekend! My best weekend yet! Calls upon calls. I played The Boyles tonight along with the usual Saturday features. I postponed them because of the debate. A bunch of calls that were light. Had this Brandy girl call up yellin about gangsta rap and my comments, and boy did she fall into every black stereotype I had ever heard. She kept digging and digging. It was horrible...eh, horribly funny. At one point I said that there were many black people listening that are embarrased at your comments. She said "I’d love for them to call..." All sarcastically, and the rest of the lines lit up. It was awesome... A black girl and an older black guy...Danielle and Anthony, it was awesome. let me say that again...it was awesome. They ripped her up and down. Ha ha. The rest of the night was smooth and so was the 4:00 hour. And get this. No calls during the 5:00 hour, but it was great! I talked quite a bit and the segments filled up the time. Then my good fuckin’ friend Anthony faxed saying 2 Top Nine lists in less than an hour is a "little" much. What a geek. I play the list at 12:45...2:45..and 4:45... And the 5:00 hour is always the recap hour and I replay everything because that’s when everyone gets up. Consequently the lists were about 55 minutes apart. 4:50 and 5:45. LUHOOOSER. I wish I could get him to quit faxing me. It’s rather funny though. Alright, my dad next week!