7:30 PM - 6:15 AM, Friday - Saturday, October 11th - 12th, 1996: SHOW 192
What a great show. Jesus the show has gotten better and better in the last few weeks. Big reason: Prankers went back to school. It’s amazing what that does for a show. Even though they never got on the air. My dad had the lines filled. And I mean filled. Put trivia off until 3:45! Now when has that happened! Also got our 100th different Play It By Ear Player.... And I have seen Angela in a whole new light. Kind of like a landmark day. First about my dad... He was simply perfect. Had the answers and as someone just watching it all, made conservatives look like unfounded cookes. Not that they are, but my dad sounded so well read, it just shot the hell out of anyone who wasn’t. It was great. Dave just about got me to punching something. I’ve never heard anyone, with the exception of Rush, twist things and call them straight so much. It’s amazing. He is so arrogant in his ways. "This is how it is:..." Then he quotes a commonly believed conservative argument, and goes bonkers if you refute it. HE IS RIGHT. Listen buddy, we’re all full of it. We ain’t got a cuh-loooe... Anyway, the show went great and he came off great. Lines jammed. Didn’t play The Boyles or the Top 9 List! The Boyles actually blows to tell you the truth. I hate it. I don’t think it’s funny. The first one I think that just sucks. The first time in 23 that, my original idea just got stuck. We’ll see. Watch the response be amazing. Oh and Angela, just felt differently... I do need to talk about some things with her. But she does a great job. I need to remember that more often. Anyway, another killer night and I’m pumped. Buh-bye.
10:30 PM - 7:30 AM, Saturday - Sunday, October 12th - 13th, 1996: SHOW 193
The sixth straight killer show. Amazing. It just keeps getting better. Once again, calls upon calls and I was on. I really feel myself coming into my own. The right amount of energy and sarcasm and everything. The first caller sounded smashed and the way I handled him got BOOM the lines filled. One critique of myself: I go too fast sometimes. I need to slow down one notch in certain places, otherwise I’m pumped. OSU squeeked out a 3 point win and I went off on Cooper. That took me for awhile. Oh and get this. AG sends me yet another shitty fax saying I should have had a counterpoint to debate my dad and that was being biased. HELLO, every call was against him. A face to face debate with no calls would have been REALLY entertaining. Ahh, armchair program director AG to the rescue. Oh thank you wise one. Back to the show. So at about 2:00 am, there’s a car behind WTVN with 2 people in it. Of course I exploit this. Thinking it’s kids about to make out. All this during SMF. It was funny as hell. Updates and so on. They were actually breaking up and crying, I went down to see. It was great. Then when I replayed what I recorded it at 5:15, a cop shows up to bust them! Ha! I motioned him to the front and told him it was taped. Quite funny though. So the show ends and so does 3 straight weeks of tremendous shows. Then Joe comes in and we get on the subject of Darryl. I said I felt really weird around him. Something wasn’t right. Joe says yeah, you can’t trust a thing he says. We get on to how he said he wouldn’t change anything, yet that’s all he’s doing. New voices for the station. "The Giant" gone, redoes everything at the station. The question Joe was asking was who’s next? It was interesting, he described him as totally fake. Ethan told me he never had meetings with John and Jane and he never has meetings with BC either! (Joe is BC’s producer). It’s odd. I will stick him to this earlier thing. I’m actually rooting for keeping the overnights and adding 8-Midnight on Sunday. That would be cool. We’ll see. This was a side I was glad to hear from someone else. There’s just something that isn’t right. The punch of Jaycor may be more than we once thought. Then again, Joe’s older and I’m younger... Does that help me? We’ll see.