10:30 PM - 6:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, July 3rd - 4th, 1996: SHOW 158
Ahh, what a wonderful show. A nice mix of talk on the American Dream with some patriotic music thrown in there. I was surprised that I was able to come up with a Top Nine List in the studio with relative ease and a Lester. Lester #26....Is that amazing? and The Boyles #8 this weekend. Also gonna allow people to be part of The Boyles #9. Will take 3 callers as Lester goes in and invades the studio because he hates me so much. It will be a classic. Knock, Knock, Knock... Tonight show was pretty awesome I must say. Trivia went well talk went well, and I did a full hour of Bob Conners show. All of his spots, runnin' the Wall Street Journal Report, Focus on the family, spots like crazy. It was fun. Well, have a lot of writing to do. Planned out The Boyles pretty well. "The Family Trip Part 2" this weekend with the Boyles heading to Red, White, and Boom..."Lester Takes Over..." next weekend as I described, and after that a yet untitled episode in which Lester and Johnny go to the Price is Right. Man is this shit goin' well. I am so pumped. Can you believe it's up to 10 with that last one. I remember after doin' the first 3 thinkin' "what the hell can I do next?"... Man life is just too good right now. Please let my luck pour over into music. That business will obviously be harder since so much depends on other people. Here, I've got what I make of it.
2:00 AM - 6:30 AM, Friday, July 5th, 1996:
Boyles #8 in the bank...and a good one. I will probably think it's funnier than everyone else because Lester's little comments crack me up, but it's still good. Also did a version of What a Wonderful World A Capella, and think I'll play it tonight. At 3:00 Canon comes rushing and and says: "Was that your business?" What the fuck? Apparently someone called up trying to do Lester and he thought it was me. Got all mad. I still thinks he thinks I did it. Ah well. Then as I'm getting ready to leave RC says Sgt. Bob is not there and I need to stay 'cause I might need to go up in Da plane. To tell you the truth I was kind of excited, but thank God I didn't have to do anything. Sgt. Bob was there.
10:20 PM - 3:00 PM, Friday, July 5th, 1996:
Hey, guess what I forgot... Yes, producing Perkins. I got a call from Bill after being asleep for 1 hour and boom I was up again makin' money. He wasn't too upset since I did show up, but I feel bad. I even said: "Last time you give me a raise..." (he just bumped me up a bit) He said, well you're here...that's what counts. So produced and ran Rush, and then collapsed at home.
10:30 PM - 9:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, July 5th - 6th, 1996: SHOW 159
Groovy show. Somehow I did the Top 9 List and made it on. Whew, I've got to write about 15 of those and then chill out for a while. I don't know how I ever did 11. Need #14 for tomorrow. Show kicked ass... NEW DAVE-MAN POEM FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY!! Pretty funny. Saturday Morning Fever was pretty cool. Met Aaron... He's 31 and you'd swear he was a big 15 year old. He looks sooo young. Talked about Dole, and other fun stuff. Angela now comes in and does some show prep for me. Finding funny stories off the wire. I'm gonna make a song for her... Had a Columbus Crew Review that will be a nifty segment...and a new Mike for Mike's Movie Review... Things kickin' ass on the show. Trivia went well, so did Lester. It's hard to know what to write in these entries. I'll tell you this much. I could easily put 40 hours a week in on my 2 shows alone. And with the work I'm getting during the week I wonder if they'll think I'm screwin' them over. I hope not. I am not lying about my hours, and I wish there was a way to prove it to them.
7:30 PM - 9:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, July 6th - 7th, 1996: SHOW 160
Yes you’re reading those hours correctly...13 1/2 babies. And it really wasn’t bad at all! Went in and did 4 1/2 hours of production, and it took me right to midnight. A new Andrew’s Crew Review song, a new Angela’s Stories song, Dave-Man poems, redid one of the songs some kids made me. Oh, and the Lester and Top 9 List which I made on the spot. Actually my Top 9 was the funniest one yet. And did part one of The Boyles #9, it’s gonna kick ass. Lester takes over...Jesus it was so much work, and I can’t wait to do more. The show, the single most frustrating show I’ve ever had. I was mad. I mean mad. All about Gangsta Rap. The thing that got me the most upset was that Karen lady said she’d let her little kid listen to it because it tells the plight of what her husband went through. Her husband is in jail (which I know from off the air), and her kid died 10 years ago. But she was adamant about letting her kid listen to this, and Gary and I in Hilliard couldn’t believe it. I was soooo mad. It’s parents like her, that I will have to worry about when my kid goes over to johnny’s house. (Sigh) The Best Coffee Talk ever. The reason I say that is because it was probably the most entertaining. I’d of sat in my car until it was done. My only problem is that the news at the top of the hour kills it all. Even when it’s only 5 minutes, the debate does need a rest, but I want to pick those times. Ahh, well. It is Newsradio. Of all the things that I could be bummed about. Ha! Life is good. I was so thankful for Mind Trap. Which went relatively well, and 4:30 to 5:00 was nice. Using Jim’s Review was a nice 10 minute break for me. Then after my shift MIKE PERKINS didn’t show up. I thought I was gonna be on, but Bill White was there, and he went on. Now I figure this is just kosher, but I wondered if he thought I wasn’t good enough. Well, he did say do all the production I want. It pays off in the show. So I basically have a full time job if I can make the work for myself...that’ll be tough...:-). God am I tired. It’s a good tired though.
11:00 PM - 2:15 AM, Sunday - Monday, July 7th - 8th, 1996:
God I’m draggin’ here. 3 hours of sleep ‘cause I spent the whole day at Sun TV buying a computer. Then they wouldn’t let me get it because I hadn’t transferred my funds from my savings to my checking before I got there! Anyway. Doin’ Cannon was boring as usual. Get this: He said he listened to my show when I filled in, and he liked some things I did and then said "I heard you were leaving?" Apparently he heard I was leaving college, but he didn’t know where it was I was leaving. Trying to be polite although it seemed he was releaved until I said "Nope, that’s college. I’m gonna be working here much more now..." It was great. Ah well, back tomorrow at 9:45.
9:45 AM - 6:15 PM, Monday, July 8th, 1996:
Asleep all day. Produced Perkins, then RUSH who was giving all the secrets away to Independence Day. What the hell? Oh, and I got the wrong spots for the 11:30 News, and I had to tell Sis the continuity lady. She was so fuckin’ mad it was funny. Hearin' an old lady just curse like a sailor. I said right out that it was me. And kind of smiled about it. Only two spots were different than they thought. Hey, it was a mistake. Hey, I’ve worked 50 hours the last 4 days....Sheesh. Anyway, then on to afternoon traffic. Well there’s a big explosion on 3C highway down in Grove City, I mean BIG. Then up the road a Gas Station blows up. Then a car on 270 catches fire. It was Armageddon... Luckily KP was there to help me with the stories. And God was I happy to get out of there at 6:15... Same thing tomorrow...