9:45 AM - 4:00 PM, Tuesday, July 9th, 1996:
Perkins/Rush went quickly. Worked on my show! Figuring out the layout and such. Got to the traffic center and KP wasn’t there. I was really getting worried, I’m fucked without her help. So at 4:02 she comes in. I basically had my first one ready and I hear: "Yellowbird to news" and I said "yep" then I went...wait...I’m yellowbird...."Did someone just say Yellowbird to news?" Remy says "yes, do you have a problem with that?" (not real shitty though) "I thought I was yellowbird..." Sgt. Bob "that was yesterday.." "You can’t know how happy you’ve just made me..." And bam I’m gone....... :-)
9:45 AM - 3:00 PM, Wednesday, July 10th, 1996:
Rather anti-climactic day. Kahler said my productions were admirable! that’s about as cool as it got...and no traffic!!!! That’s even cooler!!!! More tomorrow...
9:45 AM - 3:00 PM, Thursday, July 11th, 1996:
ZZZ....hey..wrote both top nine lists for the show!!! Thank you rush...his one line on Kevorkian saying that he should say..."have gun willl travel" lead to 17 more ad slogans for Dr. Death and Adam is done with 2 Top 9 lists....all sung to popular commercial jingles on WTVN. Otherwise a snoozer.
9:00 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, July 12th - 13th, 1996: SHOW 161
The live Boyles KICKED ASS. The live part went well, and it worked soooo smooth and unnoticeable..only problem was a comment that it was too long. I knew that would happen. I had to cut the live part short anyway, but it still was too long. Oh well, funny as anything though. I explained beforehand that when Lester took over in the bit - it was live, so people called in. Interesting concept for sure. Had the requests for old Dave-man and so on...then the 2:00 hour, because I was trying to edit the Boyles for 2:30...I had 20 seconds of dead air!!! When I mentioned it to Angela she said "yeah I know.." laughing... not funny honey... She’s been weird lately. I always think she’s lying. Ahh well. Show worked well, and Lester got to talk to Roy, or is it the other way around...can’t tell sometimes.
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, July 13th - 14th, 1996: SHOW 162
Another fun show. Actually no, it dragged. Was not into it tonight. Too much like Cannon’s show. Talk talk talk talk...Jim’s review not there...Mike from Marion forgot to call....Ah well. Shows like this happen. And that’s the way it felt...jut happpening. Michael...the infamous Michael called and stirred things up for an hour and a half. I was tired tonight...and it showed. Had a family reunion..nah that wasn’t it. Am I getting burned out? Well let me check when the last day I had off was... wow 2 seperate days off since June 6th...for christ sake. Over a month without time off. 37 out of the last 39 days. That’s impressive. Now I’m really tired. Produce Cannon tonight then I’m gone. Nowhere exactly...just done for..no, gotta go in to do production. If I’m up to it, I’ll do a lot to try to get caught up a week or so...fuck..it will never end.
11:30 PM - 2:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, July 14th - 15th, 1996:
ZZZZZZ...I fuckin’ hate doin this. Cannon is boring. Had a great show though. A lot of good calls. Then somebody mentioned my show and Cannon talks to me about it off the air, and I quote:
"I just don’t like your show bleeding into mine..."


Man he's not even trying to hide his paranoia anymore. He acted as if I can control it because I answer the phones. "They never mentioned me Steve, just a topic." Get a fuckin’ clue. Ahh well....I’m done. A full 3 days off. Ah, that sounds nice. Ok, I’m tired..goodnight...