11:35 PM, Sunday, December 13th, 1995:
Last year I flew Burgundie to New York City and she said yes on December 9th, 1994.
We celebrated the one year anniversary by spending the week in the city we love.
There was a screen and newsstories to read on the plane. Cool.
This is the bench (10th one over) a year later...
This is the face she made when I asked her.
This is the bridge near the bench (you can see the benches to the left)
Lennon was killed 15 years ago this week on the 8th. This is his memorial.
This is where he was shot.
This is the view from the Empire State Building.
This is Burgundie frozen solid crying for me to stop taking pictures.
This is me playing Nintendo's new console the "Virtual Boy".
It was cool, but it made my head hurt after playing for 5 minutes.
Some asshole stole the name of my radio show.
This is me posing as Harry from "When Harry Met Sally"
We bought scalped tickets to this Knicks game and they were fake.
The guys at Madisen Square Garden were cool and let us hide in the upper levels.
Double overtime game and the Knicks won.
This is me standing on the bench outside the Natural History Museum.
And this is me explaining how much fun I had to the camera.
Very fun time, I love you Burgundie!