9:30 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, December 1st - 2nd, 1995: SHOW 79
Went in early to do some songs for the show. Turned out OK. Did some sound effects. Laughter, and snoring. The show started out rather slow. Truly nothing happened this week. Unfortunately had some people cryin' about the Buckeyes....still! It is rough, to lose everything you worked for all year in one game, but let me emphasize game. Which is all it is. Of course if The Bulls lose a Game 7 in the NBA Finals, I would crawl into a hole for a year. Trivia took off again at 2:00. Man is that popular. It went strong until 5:00, then I had a face off between the top 3 winners, and that was exciting. Played quite a bit of Christmas music. Which I probably did need, but man were the people asking for it. Oh, and at 5:35, a guy calls up and asks me if I got my 3 BWF.... and I hadn't! I was one shy! Well, he saved me. Jesus that would have sucked to have broken a 46 show streak. For some reason I don't feel I have the hang of it anymore. The talk is coming much harder now. Then again it was a DRY week. It should get better soon.
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, December 2nd - 3rd, 1995: SHOW 80
Funny show. Had a lot of crazy callers. The show was hectic. From Christmas music to talk, to odd callers. The premier of "Funny Man" a guy who was laughing on the phone while the Elvis song played, and didn't know I was recording. I have truly never laughed so hard. Watched the Bulls game for the first hour I was on the air. It's funny, I remember all the talk, and all of the game. The human mind is wild. Talked until 3:00 and then did trivia for only 1 1/2 hours, with the face off for about 10 minutes. Then of course I was fucked for a while. Played a couple of songs. Had some TRASHED people call up. Used my snoring sound effects quite a lot. Did Coffee Talk....which I hadn't done in some time. It was nice. Good show. Funny Show. Last show until the 16th because I'm going on vacation to New York. Now that should provide for some good talk.
10:15 PM - 4:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, December 3rd - 4th, 1995:
There was a copy of "The Second Coming", the book about MJ on Bradley's desk so I stayed until 4:00 in the morning reading it. Otherwise not much else happened. Cannon hugged me. HELLO? Yes, it was odd, but actually nice. The line is so drawn between us, mostly from me listening to KP. I'm starting to feel she's making things worse. She hates him, and I really don't mind him. I relate to him quite well actually. But he hugged me for something. It was a full embrace too. Hmmm, it seemed kind of odd at the time, but it's nice getting along with him. Okay, enough for now. Off to New York!
4:00 AM, Wednesday, December 6th, 1995:
Not sure how I would incorporate this into the show but I just finished a video for "Say it To Me" with a TV that's just so cool. It gives me all these ideas for visual stuff that obviously wouldn't work on the radio - but maybe we turn the radio show into something for TV? Mind is still racin' a bit but I thought I'd throw this in here in case it's an inspiration for the show later. Ok, now I'm really off to New York with Burg.