11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, December 15th - 16th, 1995: SHOW 81
What a killer show. Goddamn I wish I would've taped this. It was just so damn smooth. It's a great way to start off my 17 show stint. Why was it so good? I don't know, I was just "on" tonight. I was funny, people were welcoming me back, saying they missed me...how was my trip (which was fabulous by the way), it was great. Got BWF #48, though I said it was 47. Did talk until 2:00, Coffee Talk until 3:00, Theme Trivia until 4:00 and then a face off until 4:30, then talk until 5:00, then my recap at 5:00 and more talk. Perfect. No pranks, no mistakes. I played a request for some guy at 5:55 and had no ill feelings about my loss of a no-hitter, 'cause who really gives a shit now that I've lost count. It was a great show. Funny.... I don't know exactly what it was....Just perfect. Knock on wood.
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, December 16th - 17th, 1995: SHOW 82

And it only gets better. Well I don't know about better, but memorable. I video taped the entire 6 hour show with a direct feed of the air-signal as the sound. On review of the tape, it was simply spectacular to watch. It had the callers audio as well as my own, and being a particularly funny night helped a lot. Even the boring parts are interesting when watching what the DJ is doing. Maybe I'm just infatuated with myself, but I think I've got something here. I bet I could sell these video tapes of the shows to listeners. Iknow that sounds insane, but if I could sit down for 6 hours and watch a show that I just did, imagine someone who has never seen what a DJ does?

It's seems more interesting than things like the Howard Stern show... I don't know more on the video thing later, but it was pretty outstanding. The show started out SLOOOOW, but gained speed and got better. Problems with the board again, which they are totally revamping in January. Got BWF #49, 50 will be tomorrow-hard to believe eh? Michael called with 25 minutes left and got all hell to break loose. If he would just call with an hour to go, we could handle him, but I had to cut off so many people since he was so late. Ah well, it's good to have the radical Christian right to perk things up near the end. Well that's it, I have a producer tomorrow..........Hot Damn.

10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, December 17th - 18th, 1995: SHOW 82
First show with Carmen producing, and I hated it. I guess hated is kind of strong, but I like being able to jump to the next caller right away. It keeps a certain bit of excitement in the air. When there's a producer, you wait until they see it's ringing. They ask for the name and where they're calling from. Then a brief summary of what they want to talk about and put them on hold. Then they type it up on the computer screen. It slows everything down, and on a night that was somewhat slow anyway, it was tough. Glenn called and was on with various other callers for about a half an hour. Otherwise nothing big happened Theme Trivia is wonderful, and I wish I could give a prize to the one big winner. I think I'll approach Bill about that. I like the weekdays because I get a ten minute break every hour rather than 5, but the weekdays don't have the spontinaity that the weekends do. Hmmm, what an odd revelation.