9:00 PM - 12:00 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, September 12th - 13th, 1995:
No I wasn't on the air in prime hours, I did production work for Otterbein. Made half of the openers for our first meeting. I didn't write this down on my time sheet. That's just wrong. If it was show prep I could've, but I'm honest. I had to use the QFM studios for part of the time because Hansel was doing production. Not much big except the openers were nice. I have to go back tomorrow to finish though.
10:30 PM - 1:30 AM, Wednesday - Thusday, September 13th - 14th, 1995:
Finished promos. Had to use QFM the whole way until the end. Brent Jovi needed the room and I couldn't get them all on tape mixed correctly with music, so I threw it on tape dry, and did the music at WTVN. It was a pain in the ass, but the product sounded really good. Oh and a girl from Otterbein is the Overnight DJ at QFM and is the biggest bitch I've ever met. Just an ugly person, and "better than me", she was shitty at Otterbein, and she hasn't changed. Mo? Mo, I think that's her name.
11:00 PM - 6:15 AM, Friday - Saturday, September 15th - 16th, 1995: SHOW 56
Let me take you back a bit, around September 8th: "Well I won't be doing any weekdays until after Thanksgiving because of school, and no music on a weekend is just not possible..." This explaining why I would have no more no-hitters. I lied. Got #4 on my first try. Yes, believe it or not, 6 straight hours of talk. Coffee Talk saved my ass. The 12:00 hour barely made it with BWF. Easily got #23, but the hour was tough to fill. One guy, although it only counted for one, gave me like 5 as he was a cab driver. I kept thinking: "Can you spread these out a bit! Coffee Talk took me from 1:00 - 3:00. Trivia was a good hour, once again with no prizes, and then CT from 4:00 - 6:00. It was amazing. And guess what! The guy who saw The Beatles was on CT with me. And we met at Tee Jayes afterwards for breakfast! He's a drummer! He was great. 45 year old bachelor. Plays gigs on the weekend. John Ricardi. It was great. I finally got home at around 8:15. I'm pumped, and a no-hitter. On the weekend. Unbelievable. Gave another prediction for the Buckeyes, 31-17 OSU. It's 23-7 at halftime, I may be a bit off. Oh well, my best night ever. CT makes work fun again.
10:45 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, September 16th - 17th, 1995: SHOW 57
Tonight was SLOOOOW. Got through my first hour of music in 3 hours. Good, but not like yesterday. No problems until 3:50 when this guy said CT sucked and that's why I could only get the grave yard shift. I humored him for a while, then commented on the intoxication level of half the callers at 4:00 in the morning. He called back and said the reason I had this shift was because I was too young to drink, so they didn't worry about me. Goddamn it, I am really pissed about that. Meckley you are a fuckin' prick. Everyone knows my age now. Most say nothing on the air, but everyone knows. Fuck you Dave. I didn't stay until 9:00 because Bradley now has a call in show from 7:00 until 9:00. Great, less money for me. I talked to Bradley, and even brought up how BC treated him like shit sometimes, and he agreed. He said that's just how he is. Bradley's the nicest guy there. I say that, but he's basically polite, everybody else...they're just assholes. Bradley noticed that I don't play any spots from 6:00 - 7:00. I told him that Jack Stewart said not to, and he was in shock. He told me to bring it up to Bill White. Well, I have a meeting with him on Monday, I will.
10:00 PM - 2:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, September 17th - 18th, 1995:
Ran ESPN, produced Cannon. My shortest entry yet.