2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Tuesday, September 19th, 1995:
Meeting #8. Everything went perfect. I mean perfect. Aside from giving me a raise, it couldn't have gone better. The first thing he says is to run the spots for the Perspective Hour. I explained what Jack told me and he understood. I think that ESPN night was just a bad night for him. Then it was my turn. This is what was so great. I said how I felt. I said I was pissed that I had to work on my first day of school. I said if I'm that valuable then I need more money. I said it jokingly, but he got the point. He said don't do it. Lay down the law with Mike. So really it was Perkins fuck-up. So then I told him about some of the memorable nights that I felt were learning experiences. He was pleased with how I handled them. I apologized again for the "Jack no IDs" incident. He said to be careful of what some of the other DJ's say. They might just want to get me in trouble because they're jealous and paranoid. Speaking of Cannon (hahaha), I found out a few new things. When Cannon came back from vacation when I did the 22 of 23 straight, people were calling him asking: "where's Adam?" He also said that they've had meetings about me and Cannon acts paranoid. Saying things like: "Do you see what he's doing now? (My BWF, or CT)" It bothers him. Then Bill said as a whisper, that when he was younger in Pittsburgh, he use to listen to Cannon from Akron. He was a fan of Cannon's and now he's his boss! He said Cannon could have been something big, but he went from one station to the next and now he's basically a has-been. I added that last part. It was eerie. I said I considered him a friend, but now there's this wall... "A wall Cannon put up..." he added. And he's right. Cannon's paranoia is singlehandedly deciding his own future. A self-fulfilling prophecy. We also talked about Dave Meckley, and how he REALLY doesn't have his shit together. I told him how Dave called up and said my age, and he agreed that that sucked. After talking about it longer he said we should make the best of it, "Put out a press release, write an article..." What? Holy shit. Is he serious? Oh my god, what's that? It sounds really official, and really good, and lots of exposure, but what does he mean? Even when I left I didn't fully understand, but I'm calling him tomorrow. Jesus, an article...in a paper? Oh my god. So that was kind of cool. He gave me some good pointers, and he said he was pleased. It seemed as if he refrained from saying he was REALLY pleased, so I wouldn't get sloppy. That's not how I work though. I feel if he's impressed now, just wait. Well, I'm gonna think up a new skit anyway. I know there was more, but it was too much, I can't think of it all. I did want to ask how long it was until I got a raise, but it didn't seem like the right time. I'll ask him in December, I'll have worked there for 6 months. Oh he also said I'm doing more on the air than, Jack Stewart, Chris Joos, Ken Collins. I knew that, they just run music, but for him to say it was unreal. He also said that Chris Joos was really unreliable, and get this. He was gonna have me fill in for him one Saturday afternoon, and decided he didn't want to wake me up. Oh my god. Air time during the day. Holy shit. I told him: "uhh, wake me up..no, no, no WAKE ME UP." Instead he had to go on. He said, "well if anything comes up." Oh jesus, real air time!! I'm shaking my head. Yes, it was a great meeting. I have to call him about the press release thing.
11:15 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, September 22nd - 23rd, 1995: SHOW 58
Has anyone ever done this on the weekend at this station? I'm sure no one has...but I did it again. Another no-hitter on a weekend! #5! I might as well stop counting! I just don't understand. This time it had a lot more to do with me than with CT. I talked for almost 30 minutes before a caller, and then things got going. BWF #25 went well. Then had Coffee talk for a while, but I seemed to be talking a lot of the time. The OJ thing went nuts, we talked until 4:00 AM. My dad jumped on for a bit and I gotta tell you, he just sounds like he knows what the hell he's talking about no matter what. Even on the phone, he sounds like the host. Ha! It was pretty interesting, but I finally cut it off because I was sick of it. Did trivia for an hour...with PRIZES! Thank god. Then I had one hour.left. No calls to start me off, and it went great. I talked a lot, but there was more than enough to talk about. Made another prediction of 38-13 for the Bucks...we'll see how I do. Then Bob came in, and I was in delay. He didn't know what to do. He told me to get out of it, but I couldn't while the news was on. So I ran the board after a commercial, and got Bob Conners back out of delay. I cut off a bit of a comercial and said: "Goddammit" He said: "It could have been worse..." Hey, sounds like real dialogue to me. I still can't believe he couldn't do it. Oh well, great night, tomorrow won't be so great.
11:00 PM - 8:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, September 23rd - 24th, 1995: SHOW 59
Not in the mood tonight. My throat hurt, and I didn't want to talk. I was also extremely tired. Things went up until 35 after got BWF #26, then music. Did CT for a while. Had some guys during trivia not hang the phone up all the way and we could hear everything they were saying, it was extremely hilarious. Oh and I'm no longer the man on predictions they won 54-14. It was 41-14 for a while and it looked like I'd do it again, but then they got two more. The Buckeyes are for real this year. Did Perspective and tried to do the commercials right, and I screwed it up every time. I finally figured out what was wrong, so it should be fine for next week. Then I did production for an hour. Dairy Queen, and Toyota Mufflers. Hot damn. I kind of wish I could work there throughout the week and go to school on the weekends. Trying to get my body onto the right sleeping schedule is getting harder and harder.
12:10 PM, Monday, September 25th, 1995:
Mike Perkins calls and asks if I can do an overnight for Cannon because he's sick. He had left a message for me to do it on Sunday night and I didn't get it. I finally said no, there was no way, but man why am I the first line of defense here? Give me more money and I will do it. Pop me up a couple of bucks and I will lose sleep over this. I'm missing two classes as it is right now because of sleep, and they want me to do more!?! Aaaah. They better realize how much I'm worth to them. Especially if Cannon is the 1st string, and I'm 2nd.