10:45 PM - 5:00 AM, Monday - Tuesday, September 4th - 5th, 1995: SHOW 49
Boy do I feel like shit. At about 1:00 I thought I'd never make it, but somehow I did. I watched that Alien Autopsy and was completely unimpressed. My sentiment probably kept callers from calling but I had to be honest. I talked for about 45 minutes, but that was about it. A little more at 1:00, but then I just felt so sick, I never wanted to talk again. The 4:00 hour was good as well as the Trivia Hour, but it's starting to get extremely routine. I can't decipher anything between the last 3 days. They were exactly the same. Jesus, can you say burnt out?
10:45 PM - 5:00 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, September 5th - 6th, 1995: SHOW 50
I got there and thought no, there's no way. My throat feels like a straw. When I got on the air I told one every this, but that their calls would keep me goin'. The first hour was OK. And then after that, I probably only had 6 songs, and mainly to ask people their names for prizes since I had no spots. It was probably more entertaining playing a song or two. It was a tremendous night. Barring the UFO night, probably the best ever. When I was talking my throat was fine. Some lozenges and I was home free. Now that I actually am home, and the lozenges have worn off, I'm in some crazy pain. Talk was anywhere from the autopsy to the JFK assassination to the Beatles and so on. And my 4:00 hour was tremendous. Unfortunately, Joe and Bob never say anything about it. I know they're listening, and they have to have an opinion, they just don't say anyhting. Joe has before, but not a compliment, just asides about callers. It bothers me because I'm aware they're there. Oh, and Joe is married to Sally. What the hell? Glad I didn't make fun of his Dubba-You wife. Whew, that would've sucked. A truly great night with great responses to callers. Man, my throat hurts. I really think I'm gonna be in trouble for tomorrow.
10:45 PM - 5:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, September 6th - 7th, 1995: SHOW 51
I am a soothsayer. Sick as a dog. I have my lozenges and I'm ready. Had some callers from Hansell, and I could feel a no-hitter. I even had a guy from Detroit! Can you believe that! Clarence. The first caller calls people mother-fuckin' niggers. This is not good. He waited for 20 minutes just to get on and say that. So I go to the next caller real quick like I never heard it. Jim. Jim will not stop talking about how horrible it is that this caller said that. I try and try to tell him to move on, but he keeps going. I don't think he ever got to his point. After the weather break I go to another caller who sounds like the 1st one. He goes on and then yells "fuckin'...." Strike 2. I said: "You know, one more like that and we are done with talk altogether. Next caller... Brush with fame Richard Simmons. Great story. At the very end he says I wanna suck your fuckin' dick. That was it. I put on a song and said fuck it. Every line was lit up. They all said no, come on go back on. They all asked if I had caller ID and I said no it was illegal for a radio station. I finally say I'll continue talk next hour, and maybe have the delay system working. I have no clue how to run the delay system. I basically just turn it on, and figure it out. So back on again. Second caller screams obscenities. I dump it, and am a fuckin' wreck at this point. I ask if anyone heard that and they said I got it. Couple calls later, a story and then obscenities. I got it. Then the next two I got one, missed one. At this point I'm shakin'. When you hear an obscenity go out over the air, it makes your skin crawl. It's one of the worst feelings I've ever had. I was sick to begin with, and although I can get it in time, it makes you even more sick. Had two more that I got, and my nerves were frayed. Off the air some lady called wanting Cannon and said how much better he was and said she would get me fired after I hung up on her. She pissed me off. She said she would get me fired and I said: "Oh really?" I was steaming. I finally got a caller: Gary from Westerville, and we had a 10 minute converstaion. A very good one, and at the end he said BULLSHIT. WHAT THE FUCK?!
I fuckin' lost it. I knew it was an accident but that was my 10th one. I said I was done. Most of the callers off the air were supportive. Some black guy was mad that I wouldn't let him on the air. He said: "So you're gonna screw me 'cause of these other guys.." Uhhh yes. I was a wreck at the 2:00 hour. I felt sooo sick. I took no calls at 3:00, but said I would gather myself and do trivia. After that everything was fine. Susan, the Buckeye fan, was insensed that I only took Beatles and MJ questioned. She kept saying how unfair it was so I hung up on her off the air. She kept calling back. I had no control tonight, it was so horrible. You know, the only reason I was there was because I was inspred by Cal Ripken never missing a game and now this. 4:00 came and with it I had to give away a tremendous amount of tickets since I didn't give them out before. It finally ended. I felt sooooo bad. I asked Joe what he thought I should've done just so I could tell someone what happened. God it was horrible. I almost don't want to go back. One, it was the most stressful thing that has ever happened to me. And two, I am sick as a dog. I'll do it though. I can't call off. And besides it can't get much worse.
10:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Thursday - Friday, September 7th - 8th, 1995: SHOW 52
I deserved this. I was rewarded. Justice was served. Cal would have been proud of me. Why? Because on the last possible day, and my sickest yet, I got my 2nd no-hitter of my short career. Why the last? Well, I won't be doing any weekdays until after Thanksgiving because of school, and no music on a weekend is just not possible. Too many listeners out partying and doing other things. The only problem with this no-hitter was that I did trivia from 3:00-5:00. Cheap? I guess, but I had gotten so far and I would've hated to throw a song on for the last hour. This was one I didn't think I'd of had, I'll go check the times and all, but I probably only had 15 calls for the first 3 hours. Burgundie saved my ass in my first hour by giving me a story that took up 5 minutes. Sally came in later and said I was very creative and had a beautiful voice, this time she meant singing voice. Well that's out of nowhere. I was extremely thankful. Overall no problems until the end, when I couldn't figure out how to get out of delay, and my last break was screwed all to hell. Joe explained how to do it, and I found something else out as well: Joe, (Bob's producer and friend), acts the same way I do around him. The only difference is Joe usually can find the right thing to say. He was interrupted by Bob, and it seemed like Joe was a little boy. I think belittling people is Bob's strong suit. I also noticed that they weren't listening to the radio today. So they aren't always listening. I don't know if that's good or bad. Overall nothing could hamper this day. My determination paid off.
11:15 PM - 7:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, September 8th - 9th, 1995: SHOW 53
Brushes with Fame was very popular tonight. It's funny Hansel had very few callers. I play that promo and Every line lights up. Eat your heart out Steve. At about 12:30 I have a guy who asks me if I still do the Beatles and Michael Jordan trivia. He gives me one good one, and one that I just had no clue on, but good nonetheless. Then he says: "You're doin' that job a lot better than I ever did." 3 seconds later I figure it out: Dave Meckley. It was nice to hear from him until: "You should really be proud of the job you're doin' at 19 years old." He emphasizes this ON-AIR for quite some time. I thought I was gonna fuckin' kill him. He stayed with me until 1:00 and at that point I told him to lay of it. He gave me some cheesy reason why it didn't matter but I said DONT. It came up once in the hour but briefly. Ruined? I don't know, but if someone else calls up and says I could be your mother, I will bomb Dave's house. Everything finally died down after trivia. Then Nicky called (regular) and gave me 18 Beatles questions. I missed 4. The last one is one he's gotten me on 3 times. Who hosted the tonight show when John and Paul were on? JOE GARAGIOLA substituted for Johnny. Jesus I'll never forget that name. Then someone called up with 5 Michael Jordan questions and I got all but 1. It looked pretty good for me. Then Mr. Bill calls around 5:30 and asks if I'm really 18. Jesus Christ. More people listen now then ever. This is right before Conners and this fuckin' happens. He corrected himself at 19, but then went on to say that if I do this for 8 more years, they'll be calling ME the Monarch of radio. That's Conners title, and damnit I don't think he heard it. He might've, though he'd never say a thing. Then a whole new line of people called up. No one could believe it. All were supportive. As I play my last song I realize I didn't play-probably 10 spots. Of course I marked them all off, and I feel horrible. This is a mistake I won't make again. It's odd I've done this for almost 300 hours and I can make a mistake like that. I hope this is the last I hear of it. Then Conners asks me if I wear that earring to school. What, does he think I'm 15? I said yes, but I couldn't at Watterson. Then he asks me when I graduated and I said in a reserved voice, '94. He then told me his neice graduated in the class of '95. I didn't know her. I wonder if he was surprised I didn't know his neice. He sure can come off like an arrogant prick though. Then again I'm always on the "outside" of every joke around the other peeps - so who knows.
10:30 PM - 9:30 AM, Saturday - Sunday, September 9th - 10th, 1995: SHOW 54
I reiterated to Mike again that I could not work Monday morning because I was back in school, and he gave that I-haven't-done-anything-to-find-someone-you're-screwed look. He said: "Yeah, we'll try to get someone in so you can get out at a reasonable hour." No you fuck, I have my first day of classes tomorrow. I need to get on a day-time schedule-I can't work. Then he says: "If I don't call you, assume you're going until 5:00" Now, how did this happen? The second I saw me on the schedule for the 11th, I gave him a letter and said there was no way. So since he forgets, I have to do it? If this was fall of '96 instead of '95, I'd be getting sleep. For now, I'll help them out. They have to be impressed with me. I really feel I've made a difference to the listeners at WTVN. People have been extremely congratulatory. I dun good. Now for today:
Got BWF 21, although I said 20. Then everyone fell off the face of the earth. Trivia was fun. An hour of what I like to call pure fun. Like sharin' stories. Some guy said it was addictive... that's cool. Then at 4:30, a funny thing happened, and I'm just now realizing how big it could be. Something like coffee talk. One guy got on, and instead of knocking him off for the next guy, we kept adding on. It was insane. By the 5:00 hour. We had 4 callers at once, and me, talking about OJ....and it was interesting! I hate the OJ case, but it was fun, relaxed and great. Just great. I'm gonna make a thing called coffee talk. Just like BWF, I am truly excited. Have a promo and all. Where is all this creativity coming from? Maybe this is my calling. Either way, I've found yet another thing for the show. And reason #___ why my show's more interesting to listen to then Cannon. Then a Chris Johnson called, not the guy I knew at school but a guy who had my shift 20 years ago...at WTVN. He was mucho impressed with me, and we had a good time talkin' about radio, and how things have changed since he was there. Good night, with a bad middle, well....just slow I guess. Now I have one more chance for a no-hitter even though I'm angry I'm doin' it.
10:30 PM - 7:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, September 10th - 11th, 1995: SHOW 55
Can you say my best night ever? Coffee Talk was a huge success. No hitter #3. I went in early and made a song promo for Coffee Talk...it's awesome. After BWF #22, went right into CT until 3:00! It was great. It's the most ingenious thing I've ever thought up. I hate to brag, but this puts me head and shoulders above Cannon on the "interesting radio" department. I think Cannon is too egotistical to let the listeners have so much air time. I love it, the talk is great. The only problem is getting people to get off once they're on. The lines fill up so quick, and then no one else can call and keep it moving. Otherwise it's just amazing. I'm so excited about this. The weekends are finally gonna be fun. Most of the younger listeners under 40 think I'm better than Cannon. The old ladies still like him though. What a perfect way to end the summer. I spent another 2 hours after my shift doing production for 101-5 The Rock. Now of course I have to go to school in a few hours. I could kill Mike for this. They better realize how loyal I am. Actually they know, therefore I get screwed. Oh well, I'm kicking ass.