Entry #38
2:26 AM, Monday, April 10th, 2000:
My oh my, what a week.
Ya know, you reading this must really get a thrill about how my life changes every damn week. I honestly do sometimes envy your vantage point. Check your mail, and see what ol' Adam's up to... I of course have to make it interesting. A great bit of motivation if I do say so myself.
So when we last spoke, I promised Jess's reaction to Palaur (which is at the end of this letter...so don't fret), and of course my great proclamation of going back into radio. LOL. Well, as I stated previously, even FINDING an opening in radio in this town is a feat...so don't be anxiously tuning up your real players to hear The Late Show anytime soon. All the last entry was, was a statement that I hated to come to, but I had to. The only way we will make it, is if I'm bringing home a salary...and that simply has to involve radio for me. 5 years of experience can't be ignored at 24. On that front, there's an internet radio station starting right here in LA, that is looking for EVERYTHING. I hate to get excited, but GODDAMN I am. They need a full staff, and I have experience all over in radio...can't wait to get an interview....keep your fingers crossed. I also did a quickie UPS application because we simply HAVE to bring some money into this scenario...which brings us to a rather KICK ASS announcement:
Yes by mandate of necessity a friend of Jessica's is moving in starting May 1st. The past few days has been spent clearing the room out for her and basically jumping up and down about our luck. A situation where someone really doesn't have much stuff, but needs a place to stay and is sick of paying rent by herself...HELL YES. So perfect, and man...this will finally get our heads above water. By the time August rolls around, Jess and I should actually be completely caught up and this nightmare we've called LIFE the past 3 months will be over. Oh it will still suck in many respects...don't sell your stock in ramen noodles just yet, but it will make this POSSIBLE. It's funny how so many of you would respond and not quite understand the breadth of our situation. It wasn't "oh, they're struggling"...it was seriously: "Adam and Jess will be HOME for the wedding in August, and we don't mean for a week..." Yet your emails saying: "You guys should get out more...you sound really stressed" or my favorite: "You need to treat yourself to a nice meal, have some fun..." (sigh)...oh well...those days are going to start disappearing soon. Very soon.
Many of you may have remembered that having a roomate meant we were breaking our 2 person lease...well technically that's still true. The only difference here is we're risking 2 months left on our lease...not 6 months. And Jessica's friend has great credit, so if they ever did want to push the issue, she'd be cool. Unfortunately Marty wasn't in that same scenario. Ahh the MOOOSE. Miss him quite a bit.
On the 4tvs front, I've had my FINAL show at Barney's and didn't even know it. Check out THIS LINK for the story. The AAAH! CAPELLA gigs are pretty so-so. Had another "SET-UP AND NO ONE SHOWS" performance on Friday. That brings my total for "world's most depressing nights" to 4. Again, please check out the shows section periodically as I won't always make a show entry a journal entry unless something very big happens.
On the Palaur front there is absolutely stellar news. As many of you know I am a huge fan of DVD. A little hobby Jess and I got into Right before the 4tvs concept came up, and consequently have gotten OUT of since we moved here. Either way I still keep up on the latest news from dvdfile.com. An amazing DVD site that has it all. Well, I sent an email to the editor explaining Palaur, and he's offered to give me FREE BANNER SPACE on his site to help me out. We're talking 1,000,000 hits a month. To say this is exciting, is to say the least. He said he likes to hlep out "low-profit or no-profit independent sites trying to get off the ground"...well this could certainly help. Again, not to beat a dead horse here, but REALLY...check out the site. As the reactions trickle in, I'm seeing that this site is more special than even I had previously imagined. Which of course brings me to Jessica's feelings about all this. I decided I'd give her her own page to finally tell you all how she feels about Palaur.
Jessica's feelings...
And finally something that may turnout to be one of those "4tvs" ideas. I guess it could be one of those "palaur" ideas too. Basically it's as I've always said: "An idea everyone has, bought few of us grab it and do something with it..."
About 2 weeks ago I wrote a song called "Behind The Music 3". A bit of a jab on VH1's "Behind The Music 2" (Seeing that winding road to fame AS IT HAPPENS)...except BTM2 uses current stars. Well, that's not early enough for me. My life's Behind The Music 3... Because I have yet to shoot heroin, screw my pets, and crash my airplane... It bounced around in my brain for awhile...wrote some funny lyrics and was stuck with what to do with it. It was surely a 4tvs set in the making...I could have loads of fun with that... Then I was sitting watching the "No Doubt" Behind The Music and heard a guy say that once their video came out for "Just A Girl" that it was an instant rise... And pow it came to me. I have the tools to make an EXTREMELY convincing mock Behind The Music. And if I made a music video of "Behind The Music 3" and really made it look good...hmmm, it just might get me some exposure at VH1. So I have done 10 seconds...those 10 seconds took my ass 3 1/2 hours, but I have to admit...it looks GOOOOOOD. Notice the "NO" in front of "FAME - FORTUNE - GLORY" that scrolls across the BTM opening... This is Behind The Music 3, and I have yet to get those... So this video project (ironic since "Radio Killed the Video Star") will take me a few weeks, but the outcome again could be that piece that puts me into the right spotlight. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
For now, check this video out...it actually gave me goose bumps when I played it on my television. It was like I actually "made it"...
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Man, what a long entry. Keep your fingers crossed! Quite a bit to be anxious about!
Jess and Adam
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APRIL 2000