Wednesday, April 5th, 2000 - 8:00 - 9:15 PM
HELLO-HAND TRUCK. That with the illegal parking, made my life happy-ville
 *bread is just bread in the freezer
Well, after a skipped week, I was actually a little excited about actually playing in front of PEOPLE. LOL. Had a great talk with Ben before the show, very cool guy. Said again he'd ask to get me on another night. A table in front seemed very interested, and the chick was looking at my cd and said: "Bread In The Freezer?" So I started with that, and basically did all comedy stuff. They hung out for 3 sets after their check. Very cool. No one gave a shit after that, but as I was tearing down I turned to Jess and said: "Ya know, this is TOTALLY worth a pizza and a free meal on Sundays...." Then they fired me. LOLOLOLOL
Seriously. A manager I had never even seen before said the owner said they couldn't do 4tvs anymore. She'd call if another night opened up. She was very nice, but I kept having the urge to say: "Ya know, you don't PAY ME...uhm...I'm not TAKING away anything since I'm on BEFORE karaoke..." but oh well. 6 shows with nothing to show for it really. Who knows. Someday down the road somebody may see me again and go: "You used to play Barney's!" And ya it could be cool. But for now..FINALLy the people that see the show will actually somewhat care. LOL.
Later Barney' had great pizza.