Entry #2020
08:20 PM - April 20th, 2020
Oh that date and time was on purpse. If I were a pot smoker it would be the most epic moment of The Journey: Entry #2020 at 20:20 PST on 04/20/2020. Oh and it's day 40 of the quarantine (20+20). I however am not a pot smoker since food tastes far too good to me already and it's just kinda cool that Entry #2020 landed right now. Then again when you number your life for 2 decades, shit like this is bound to happen. Mr. Statistics lets just a little air out of the magic of the whole thing.
But in other news I got to host a game night with a bunch of friends! Not the way you would think (or maybe exactly the way you would think)... on Animal Crossing! Good chance to show off my ever-insane island that on the one monthiversary of this game clocks in around 300 hours of work. Yes, that means I've played the game roughly 10 hours a day, every day. AND I'M STILL PRODUCING THESE VIDEOS BITCHES.
This might be the other reason I could never get into marijuana - the productivity. Dude. Alcohol already makes me stop giving a shit, weed would throw my whole psyche into a blender. I gotta create. So here's a sampling of what we did Saturday night...
Unfortunately our internet can't handle one island hosting and THREE people visiting that island (though I am impressed it can handle a host and two visitors) so Talya couldn't be part of the game night but in perfect Journey harmony - Jessica filled in from Ohio. She doesn't have the nickname "Numba 2" for nothin'.
And 20 years into The Journey this feels all the more bizarre. Even more bizarre is how Talya was just bummed she couldn't play with Jess because they get along so well. They were able to later on... It's all routine at this point but rare that it all culminates in an entry. Especially considering as I mentioned in Entry #2014 that Jess and I were hopeless addicts 18 years ago.
Eighteen. Years ago.
So there's our Quarantine from Quarantana. Been thinkin' a lot about the Cibble-dibbles. What a surreal way for this virus to touch our family. Certainly doesn't feel like it ends with her.