Entry #2014
8:15 PM - March 19th, 2020
I want to act like it's the quarantine. As an adult well into my 40s I really yearn to blame something other than myself for why I am so excited. I'm certain the quaranine is exacerbating the issue, but I only need to travel back within this very journey to Entry #218 from September of 2002:
" I won't forget your generosity and will try to repay the favor soon...
..that is of course after Jess and I go to rehab for our Animal Crossing addiction. Folks, you may have laughed at me before because of my gaming addiction, but this is insane. Luckily I have Jess and Paddy as witnesses to it's SOUL-GRIPPING-ADDICTION. It's a real-time game that goes on 24-7 whether you're playing or not. You live in a town, and fish, dig shit up - make money, upgrade your house, trade things with other players, try and find really rare items, yadda yadda. Seems mundane and boring, but dear, dear GOD does it mess with your head. And again, events happen in real-time. There was a Harvest Moon celebration last saturday night. This dude gave a concert, and you had to be there at 8 PM sharp to catch it. I mean, you can't imagine how stupid you feel when you change your life to participate in a virtual world. Then again, people tune in every Thursday at 8 to see Friends, but for some reason this just seems more pathetic. This was originally supposed to be Jess's game, but it's become a community event for sure. Paddy is playing his character as we speak. I really need to analyze why the hell I find videogames so much fun. Nah, screw that. It's been some of the only moments of peaceful joy in 2002."
That was 18 years ago. In roughly 30 minutes the newest Animal Crossing will magically work (9pm PST - digital download) and I can barely sit still to keep a thought in my head. I'm writing this entry to simply occupy my mind. Here's the most recent video of what's coming to our family...
...and of course we're hardcore: 4 switches, 4 copies of the game. The kids have been counting down the days on our calendar since last SUMMER. And my GOODNESS during a quarantine? Wow. This is just... perfect timing. The most perfect timing ever.
17 minutes.
I'm gonna go get ready. This could very well be the last entry of the month.