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7:36 PM, Tuesday, September 24th, 2002:
No shit. I'm in a scene with C. Thomas Howell of "Soul Man", and "Outsiders" fame. Does shit turn on a DIME out here or what?
First, of all, the meeting with Michele. HOLY SHIT. Some of the things she told me about this business, specifically the role of a manager, absolutely floored me. There's no reason to list it here, but suffice to say, the mental anguish I felt earlier this year was not without cause. Michele actually said it was one of the worst managing experiences she's ever heard of. The controlling aspect of what went on from October to February, to the almost crazed insistence on being omnipotent and right on every issue effected me like it would any "rookie" to this town not knowing what was right or wrong with the happenings around him. The most amazing part of all of this is just how little I told Michele. I've honesly tried hard to forget most of what was told to me during that year as looking back it just hurts like hell. Then again, a simple reading of the entires during that time makes my skin crawl. Even without giving too many specifics, Michele was pretty amazed. The good news is, I feel like I have a pretty strong foothold on what the role of a manager should be. In fact, I'm no longer dreading the search as I have been all year. If a person like Michele describes actually does exist, then I'm pretty much a dream client and there should be very little in the way of struggle within the relationship. Unlike the first few months with Charlotte that were absolutely exhausting. Oftentimes Jess would ask me if this was all worth it after the 3-4 hour arguments I had, and at the time I felt it was how it was supposed to be. Wow.
As well, Michele is giving some tapes to her acting manager, and some other people she knows who she thinks may be interested in at least sitting down with me. And again, Michele was truly impressed with the tape (simply the show portion from the DVD), and has no other stake in this other than I do the updating on her website. LOL. And she even pays me for that... I guess I'm just trying to prove to myself that there is actually a goodhearted person in this city that could possibly do something for no other reason than she wants to help a fellow artist. It's too bad that I can no longer take ANYONE on faith anymore, you know? But as you all know, my own loyalties go a looooooooooooooooong way. A bit too long sometimes, and whenever the time comes - I will repay Michele in anyway possible.
As I will with Kerry. LOL. You all gotta wonder sometimes why so many contacts out here are women dont you. LOL. Well they ALL know and like Jess so don't think too much drama whores. Anyway, Kerry was the girl who had a part for me and Paddy as male prostitues in that John Wayne Gacy film but they filmed it before we could get there. Well, this time there was no such problem.
An extra never showed up and I got to play the role of "Detective" in the C. Thomas Howell Thriller "Net Games" due for release next spring. In the video you can barely make out the part in the script that says POLICE OFFICERS wandering around. That's me. WOO HOO. Unfortunately, it's a feature - which means you never know what's gonna happen. Had it at least been a TV Movie, you could be assured of seeing it at some point, but features have a way of being shelved for awhile. Here's hoping I can own a DVD with my mug somewhere in it.
And from the looks of the shot, there will be no problem seeing me. It may only be 3-4 seconds wondering around a house during a crime scene investigation, but luckily I'm one of only 5 people in the shot - so again, you should see me.
The experience itself was pretty blase, it was 110 outside and I was in a suit so waiting in the sun became tiresome. Seeing CT was crazy. PONYBOY! And he's all...well almost 40 - so it's a bit jarring seeing SOUL MAN with grey hair and wrinkles...but it was still him. Dude was also in ET if you can believe it! (god love www.imdb.com). Not much to the scene. I start off getting notes from a cop, my hot-ass chick detective partner says something to me and I walk off looking pensive. Word. I really gotta get with a tiny agency and do things like this from time to time. Even though it's nothing big, it's something to write home about - and certainly fun. So all thanks to Kerry for pimpin' me while they were yelling for an extra. I won't forget your generosity and will try to repay the favor soon...
..that is of course after Jess and I go to rehab for our Animal Crossing addiction. Folks, you may have laughed at me before because of my gaming addiction, but this is insane. Luckily I have Jess and Paddy as witnesses to it's SOUL-GRIPPING-ADDICTION. It's a real-time game that goes on 24-7 whether you're playing or not. You live in a town, and fish, dig shit up - make money, upgrade your house, trade things with other players, try and find really rare items, yadda yadda. Seems mundane and boring, but dear, dear GOD does it mess with your head. And again, events happen in real-time. There was a Harvest Moon celebration last saturday night. This dude gave a concert, and you had to be there at 8 PM sharp to catch it. I mean, you can't imagine how stupid you feel when you change your life to participate in a virtual world. Then again, people tune in every Thursday at 8 to see Friends, but for some reason this just seems more pathetic. This was originally supposed to be Jess's game, but it's become a community event for sure. Paddy is playing his character as we speak. I really need to analyze why the hell I find videogames so much fun. Nah, screw that. It's been some of the only moments of peaceful joy in 2002.
But now, lookout. I've never felt more "back in the saddle" in my life. Michele has a meeting with her manager tomorrow, and I simply can't wait to wake-up tomorrow. I haven't said that since November of last year. Incredible. Can you imagine if I can pull out a positive 2002? Can you imagine? After 9 months of hell to turn it around in the end would be truly exceptional.
In fact, it would be the fitting end to "The Journey" 4tvs show wouldn't it....
Goddamn "hope" feels good.
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