8:46 PM, Tuesday, July 23rd, 2012:
I think the video sums up my feelings pretty well...
Sounds like the cranky old man needs to eat something, huh? LOL. But, it's really interesting to me what the difference is between losing weight at 25 and losing weight at 36. 11 years ago it was this video:
All around happiness, excitement, support. Seemed only my Greek grandparents tried to feed me. Now with the advent of Facebook? Jesus. It's hate, hate, hate. Again, it doesn't really matter to me - I'm happy and the people around me are happy but there's this A.D.D. world of reactionary judgement that has permeated "the internet" that I'm just sad about. 11 years ago? You read the entire entry. You read several long entries and got a ton of information. In fact, 1132 entries ago you read this. That's not 140 characters, it's not a status update and with good reason. Brotha lost 50 fucking pounds. And this time, brotha lost 40 fucking pounds. But the hist just keep on coming. Somebody at the baby shower yesterday (which Talya and I both ignored) actually said:  "You did this while your pregnant wife was gaining weight? Did you ever think about how she felt about that?" in a completely snotty "you inconsiderate husband" sort of way. (sigh) for the second time on this site I will reiterate this point:
Talya is thrilled I'm staying fit. It means she will return to her Pilates-Instructor fit form right away because I'm maintaining those habits now. I was 190 at the start of her 2nd trimester. Can you fathom what I'd be if I "let go"? And then when the baby comes we're both trying to get back in shape? This was done for MY FAMILY. This was done to set an example and to break a Generations-long Kontras cycle of weight battles. And you have the audacity that I somehow didn't consider Talya's feelings? That being supportive means gaining weight WITH her? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I just have no time for that conversation and ignored it... but it was brought up before and it goes along with all the other comments: "You look tired", "you look ill", "no more weight loss, ok?". I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt here and admit this. The difference between 150 pounds when you're 25 and 150 pounds when you're 36? Your skin sags. This picture...
...is of a man a couple months shy of 37. My face is a bit longer. The lines under my eyes a bit more defined and I actually, physically, was "tired" after 6 straight 14-16 hour days working construction when I took this. I don't however look "ill". Or malnourished because I'm sooooooo skinny and withdrawn. People need to accept the fact that I'm pushing 40 and am going to look different than the "Journey Adam" they're used to seeing. I think I look pretty damn good thank-you-very-much, but I'll never beat Father Time and don't intend to try. I want to be healthy and active for my family. Mission accomplished. Now...
SOME of you wanted to know how I did it. And I've told everyone I'll have a big entry when I reach the goal (which I took a picture of on my 11-year-old, dirty, beat-up scale for the poetry of it all):
And here it is, the big secret: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you're searching for how to lose weight, you've already lost. If you're buying books on ways to lose weight, you've already shown you're not in the right mindset. The unadulterated truth is, you know exactly how to lose weight. You know exactly how to keep it off. You eat less and you move more. It's hard. If you don't want it to be hard than you aren't ready to try. If you start and then quit? You weren't ready to try. If you can't keep going through plateaus? You aren't ready. Healthy weight loss is slow (except for the first week, that's fast and fun). It's a grueling 1-1.5% of your body weight each week. Which is about 2 pounds for most people. That sucks. It takes a loooooooooooooooong time. You may go 10 days without losing a pound. That's just the way it goes as your body is adjusting. Now if you think you're ready? I can indeed tell you that this time was a little different than before and it really surprised me.
Sadly, my maintaining calorie intake for my lifestyle is 1500 calories. It sucks. I hate it. I have a metabolism like a pregnant woman. Anything over 1500 calories and my body stores it immediately. This is different for each person, but again, I've done all the math for over a decade now and that is me. So in order for me to lose weight I had to eat around 1200 calories a day. As far as activity, here was the big surprise for me: I only worked out every OTHER day. I've been an "every day" advocate forever and to save my knees I simply ran 30 minutes every other day and I experienced the same weight loss. It just goes to show you that the key to weight loss is about 3 parts diet and 1 part exercise. If you create a caloric deficiency? Your body burns fat. Period. Getting your target heart rate up is great for your heart and clearly it burns calories, but the truth of the matter is that creating the caloric deficiency and maintaining that is what gets results. Even for mucle tone (people love to argue with me on this one, so I'll give it a new paragraph).
Want abs? Eat less. Want to get a bigger stomach? Do sit-ups and crunches. I cannot believe the amount of people that go to the gym and gain muscle and wonder why they don't look the way they want. We all have ab muscles, we just can't see them because we have fat over them. Burn that fat? You will see 'em. Now if you're already at a low body fat % (I'm at 13%, you need to be under 10% as a guy to see serious muscles) absolutely doing more ab work will better define them. But if you're over 15% body fat? Uhm, you're not seeing shit and crunches will make your stomach bigger. Caloric deficiency. But obviously, a controlled caloric deficiency. And that is honestly up to you to determine and experiment with.
Will you be hungry? Of course you will at the beginning. Will it be uncomfortable? Of course it will be. Is it hard? Of course it is. But, buy a scale, count some calories and you'll begin to choose wisely. You don't need a meal plan. There is no secret what food to eat. You really want to eat 2 McDonald's Fries for your 1200 calories ALL DAY? Of course not. You will choose things that maximize your 1200 calories so you can eat more. You don't need anything except a running tally throughout your head. And I'm so accustomed to it I can tell you how many calories are in a bite of almost anything. Google is awesome when you're at places with no calories and again, there's nothing else to say that I haven't said in 2001 and 2008 when this happened before (though 2008 was just 160).
A cynic would ask why I've had to do this 3 times if I'm so "good" at it and you're totally right. Maintaining is a bitch and my genetics tell me to eat everything I see and I have no "full" synapse in my brain. So it will always be a struggle. But I wasn't kidding when I said the Nike Fuelband changed my life. I still have to hit 4000 on that thing everyday, even if I'm not trying to lose weight. And that's not easy sitting here writing this entry. That's a lot of movement. Hell running over 6 miles for an hour is only 2500. Think about that. And my daily average is over 5000. That's movin' man. And even though it isn't as crucial for weight as diet is? It certainly keeps you aware of what you're eating when you stay that active. So I think I've officially broken the cycle, but alas, time will tell. I picked the hardest time to do it and having a newborn isn't gonna make it much easier...
...but I like the challenge. And in case you missed it? I told you guys this was exactly what I was gonna do a few months ago:
And a few months later I'm a GOD:
BWAHAHAHAHA. That is by far, without a doubt, the most pompous picture I have ever seen. I feel like Cameron finding a picture of his asshole brother Adam and exposing him to the world. Believe it or not I thought my shirt looked cool in that bathroom and when I took the picture the flash went off by accident creating THIS. HAHAHAHA. What a fucking douche. Too funny.
Ok, moving on. What a long entry.