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12:45 AM, Wednesday, April 18th, 2001:
Man, shit just HAPPENS on round numbers. Ahh yes. The nice little secret I've been hiding from everyone for over 3 months. I totally screwed up by not taking a before and after picture...because I've lost a helluva lotta weight.
I hope you're giggling and don't think I'm THAT vain, but it is a bit incredible. 50 POUNDS?!??! I don't know what's MORE shocking, that I lost it...or that I had it to lose! I didn't think I was that big when I started, so I didn't make a big deal about it. DAMNIT, what a great video opportunity. Oh well. You'll like this one just as much.
So for those of you who are interested in how the hell this happened...here's the whole story:
As you know, I do all of my paid and unpaid work from RIGHT here. Sitting on my ass. Since September that only increased since HollywoodScreentest.com evaporated. Well by last Christmas I was surpassing 190. That's an insane amount of poundage. New Year's came and went, and then Marty left. I was so excited about 2001, and then that happened. Not sure if any of you understood how bad Marty hurt me in January by going home after 5 weeks. It was tough for me to express. I had to turn it into a positive. It is what I have done my entire life with any negative occurances. Make it a positive, and it lessens the negative.
Well Marty leaving had to be looked upon as getting rid of an obstacle. Harsh, I know, but that's how I looked at it. I started looking at everything that's happened out here, and how I HAVE been taking out the obstacles to success. One BIGGIE was changing the 4tvs set-up. Yes that incredibly DRY entry last year - was truly revolutionary since it will now allow me to play Comedy Clubs in a few months.
Well, my weight was an obstacle - especially in this town. Everyone has pecs and a flat stomache. Period. It's not even applauded - not even a plus. It is the average. Anything else is a minus. It sucks...it's LA (heh, it's the TV you're watching and the movies you see). Being out of shape, and wanting to be an actor or entertainer is an uphill battle. And how HORRIBLE would it be if I look back in 10 years and think I came ALL THE WAY OUT HERE - but my ASS kept me from getting ahead? It's the sad truth. And hell, I may STILL not have the right "look" for television and movies after I get in shape, but I will not play the "what if" game.
So on January 6th, I started up the regiment. Rice, Ripped Fuel, and Riding. The one wedding present I thought we'd never use became an amazing life saver. God love rice-cookers. I never realized the old way of making rice sucked, but wow rice cookers rock. Ripped Fuel of course is just the shit. Simply 2 a day, and it speeds your metabolism up and kills your appetite. I love it. It makes your workouts much more productive, and of course the cravings. Cravings are always the bitch for me. And the most important piece of the pie: the excercise bike. I figured out what my target heart rate needed to be - (140-170 for at least 20 minutes) and went at it. That's roughly 24-28 beats per 10 seconds. On the excercise bike doing a steep hill it takes about 30 minutes to get your heart rate up for 20 of those.
The results were immediate. I lost a pound a day for nearly 2 weeks. I KNOW - that's WAAAY too fast, but after truly "sitting" for nearly 5 months, doing this much activity made the pounds FLY OFF. It soon leveled out, but I was still losing about a pound every 2-3 days. A trip to Vegas and San Diego caused me to have a 3 week lull, but at least I didn't gain too much then. The motivation was tough, but the results were so good - it was hard not to be excited. I soon added push-ups and sit-ups. This is where it got truly insane, get this: At my peak I was doing 2000 crunches a day. No, that's not a typo - Two Thousand a day. It took me 45 minutes just to do them all. I got to 40,000 total, and figured I needed a new method. I have now changed over to weighted , SLOW crunches with a 12 pound weight on my chest - just doing 100 of those (now up to 200). The push-ups have been at 200 a day for quite sometime now...
So my original goal was to lose 35 pounds. I was 190 - and I figured 155 was perfect. And with the ab work I was doing, I'd actually have abs! WOO-FREAKIN'-HOO! Well, I got to 160 and realized that wasn't gonna happen. How shitty is that? You get to a finish line, and realize it ain't right. So I moved my goal to 150 - and then soon to 145. I started thinking: THIS IS NUTS. I shouldn't be 145 pounds. No way. I knew I just still had too much body-fat. So I found a body fat measuring scale that sends an elctrical signal through your body and tells you your percentage. Anyonw know they exist? It claims to be comparable to the underwater body fat measuring method and BETTER than the caliper method used for so many years. HELLA-COOL. I got that RIGHT at the end of March when I was showing 151 on my scale:. Then came the revelation...
Not only was my scale nearly 7 pounds off (which I figured from doctor visits) - my body fat was 16%. Now, that is by no means fat. But it's on the high side of the healthy scale. 8-20% is the healthy scale for a man between 20-39. So I understood why I wasn't getting those abs. As well, I was 158.5 pounds. It made me wonder how much I REALLY was when I started...so I decided to do a little test. As you may know, if your scale is off - it's never EXACTLY 5 or 6 pounds off. It has to be GRADUAL (they all start at ZERO). So I decided to hold 39 pounds and get the reading where I was at the beginning: 190 on my old scale - and then see what I was on the correct scale.
NOW THIS should've been on tape. I'd have even shown my naked ass on tape trying to do this simply because it was so funny...
Imagine a naked man trying to find household objects that were 40 pounds to carry into the bathroom. It was the most AWKWARD thing I've ever done. And to my surprise - NOTHING was enough. My speakers? NOPE. A whole bunch of DVDS? NOPE. I finally got a foot locker and just added a bunch of shit until it finally worked. FINALLY (and goddamn is 40 pounds heavy). So here's a naked man, holding a footlocker full of shit over his head in a TINY ass bathroom trying to read a scale. And it read 190. Ok.
So then I jumped on the new scale...
I WAS 200.0 ON THE DOT. I couldn't believe it. Put everything down, weighed myself again... 151 on the old, 158.5 on the new. Then with all the extra weight - 190 on the old, 200 on the new. I was TWO HUNDRED POUNDS. Now I don't want to rub this in for those of you who know the 200 pound mark well...but for me - this simply has never been approached. EVER. Though shocking, the good news was I had lost a little more than I thought since I was fighting this FUCKED up scale. So whereas at THAT point I thought I had lost 39 pounds, I had truly lost about 41.5 - so that was cool. But the thought that I had actually hit 200 was mind-boggling (I'm 5" 10' by the way...).
So now I'm 151 - and my bodyfat is at 13.5%. I've got a ways to go in the toning and muscle department, but I'm writing now, because the true body-fat lowering could take many, many months and the true "wow" factor is now. As well I've found that what everyone wants to know is HOW you do it. HOW do you eat less and workout when you have no motivation to do so. Here's the answer:
You don't.
If you don't want it, it won't happen. It is work. PERIOD. It is HARD work. You do have to fight cravings. You will feel like you're starving yourself. There's really no big secret. These are by no means "Doctor's Advice", but here were the 5 little things that helped me:
PERIOD. NO 3 days a week, no "only on weekends". DO IT. And realize that doesn't mean 20 minutes on the bike...it means probably 25-30. If you're 20-30 years old, that's basically 24-28 beats every 10 seconds. Keep that up for 20 minutes straight. And OF COURSE you'll miss days here and there, shit happens: but don't set your goals at 3-4 times a week. Because shit will STILL HAPPEN - and now you're at 2 times a week. EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you can't do that, you don't want to lose weight.
Good FUCK we eat too much. We just do. The portions at restaurants are so big, the often have about 3-4 days worth of meat on them in ONE MEAL. As well we get used to that - and just COOK TOO MUCH - and then EAT TOO MUCH. Honestly, and this is a bit extreme, but I eat about 1/3 of what I used to a day. 1/3. Now I was obsessive and REALLY wanted to lose weight, and was probably dangerous at times - but I would listen to my body when it got too scary. I was taking sugar out of my diet too, and every once and awhile - my body NEEDED it. Like I had to have a bowl of cocoa puffs - PERIOD. So be reasonable, but portions are so important.
This is a cool mental thing. DON'T EVER DRINK CALORIES. You don't feel like you've had any calories when you DRINK them. I mean, a can of COKE has 120 calories in it. I have friends that do a six-pack a day...EASY. You've just wasted 720 calories - and you haven't eaten A THING. Get your vitamins from VITAMINS, get your fruit from ACTUAL fruit, and drink water. Lots of it. Now obviously, drinking a glass of orange juice is not BAD for you, but you're better off EATING a few oranges, because MENTALLY - you'll feel you've eaten. Trust me, it works.
I am pretty sure this is only me... heh. But I like not having to THINK about what to eat. My big meal was nearly always the same: A cup of rice, a grilled chicken breast, and some fat free gravy all mixed up. I threw in vegetables every once and awhile, and of course munched on carrots throughout the day. I know most of you are thinking: HELL NO. But to me, looking forward to the same meal everyday helped. And when I was losing weight - HELL YES. That was the kicker.
Ooh - yeah, bug surprise. I only document every aspect of my entire life. LOL. But seriously, seeing the work and watching the totals - made all the difference in the world. This was about the ONLY thing that EVER - and I do mean EVER - kept me going on that bike for 30 minutes a day. I HATE working out. I am bored to TEARS when I work out. I'd rather do ANYTHING...but I didn't want to NOT workout because I didn't want to fill in ZEROES across an entire row of my workout. It kept me going. And for those of you who'd like a guideline...here it is. This is inSANELY anal, but for those of you who'd like an instruction manual for losing 50 pounds...you'll enjoy this. The rest of you will wonder strongly about how obsessive I am. Blame my father...
TIME = minutes on excercise bike (total is in hours)
LEVEL = resistance level going UPHILL. (1-40)
CR = Crunches (on 3/24 I changed to weighted crunches)
P = Push-ups
RF = The time that I took Ripped Fuel (2 pills unless otherwise noted)
FFG = Fat Free Gravy
GCB = Grilled Chicken Breast
BORG-C = Bowl of Rice (1 cup uncooked) with grilled chicken breast and fat free gravy
BORG-TV = Bowl of Rice with Ground Turkey and vegetables
TSFFG = Turkey sandwich with Fat Free Gravy
BORIC = Bowl of Rice with Indian Chicken (fat free concotion Jess made)
BORGV = Bowl of Rice with grilled Chicken breast, fat free gravy and vegetables
Now exact diets can vary, all I did was watch my calories and fat. PERIOD. It's all you truly need to do. If you want to lose weight fast, eat right under 1,000 calories a day and workout - you will. The crash diets where you zero in on ONE thing...results will always be temporary. When I tried the "no-carb" diet last summer, I did it just to see if I could. I was in NO WAY trying to seriously become a healthy and fit person - I just wondered if I was up to the mental challenge for a month. Basically, there is NO need for these diets. Zeroing in on one "type" of food is sooo stupid. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!?! It's so simple folks: Get your heart rate up and eat SMART. That's it! And you know DAMN WELL what smart is. If it says fat free you don't eat the WHOLE BAG - because you can still take in thousands of calories - DUH.
And finally as I stated before - you have to want it. Losing weight means your body is sacrificing and is burning fat. You're gonna be hungry. ESPECIALLY if you're used to eating like I used to. You can of course try "specialized" diets that allow you to eat a lot more and still get results...but you're asking for it. Once you go off it, you're still eating the same - but if you get in the habit of eating less...you just may change your life.
So do I keep it off? Well, I'm not done. I want a severely toned body. Muscles and all. Not too much, I don't want STALLONE muscles, but a bit bigger. And as far as maintaining the diet...I've been eating like this for over 3 months. My idea of "cheating" is a 6 inch subway club with no cheese, mayonnaise, or oil. LOL. Grease KILLS me. I still crave it, but if I eat it - I pay. So I wholly believe I've changed my entire life. I didn't just lose 50 pounds, I lost some genetics. Broken a chain of bad eating and excercising habits that have plagued the Greeks for centuries. LOL. And of course, time will tell...
Well I'm off for Columbus. Hope to see many of you and play some videogames. As well, I'll allow my Greek Granparents yell at me for not eating as much as I used to at the big family dinner. LOL. I can't wait for that. They're gonna be REALLY PISSED. LOL. "You're too skinny!!!"
And my oh my, is that not the best thing I've heard all year.
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