9:01 AM, Saturday, April 2nd, 2011:
The follwing status update yesterday...
"For the first time in 12 years, there will be no 4tvs April Fools Day joke on the site. Of course no one will believe me until tomorrow. But the tradition is ova..."
...was met with the appropriate cynicism from a group of people who have grown to know these jokes all too well...
And even at this point during the day I thought of making a joke out of that. Saying I was done forever on April 1st, then everyone wondering until 2012 if I was.
So I specifically waited until today to write this so there was no going back. The entry simply isn't up, the tradition is over and thank GOD. The reason is simple: the internet just ain't what it used to be.
In 2000, when the first joke was Jess leaving <shaking head> - the only social networking was called:  EMAIL. The only thing close to the amount of community and interaction we have today would be a message board on your favorite topic. But basically, you checked your email, looked at some news and every other use for the internet was in its infancy. I honestly knew of only handful of sites that hosted videos like I did 'cause we were nearly all on dial-up and it suuuuuuuucked. I finally got broadband in early 2001 and it changed everything.
What was the point? Oh, yeah - ease of tricking people. You could theoretically fool people if they checked their email in the morning. With Facebook now? Everyone knows INSTANTLY. A quick scan of their news feed and everyone's either pregnant, married or some other shocking news. Kinda sucks 'cause it's just killed the tradtion for me. And man, there were some doozies. Probably still my favorite was 2001's "I won the lottery" which is a nearly impossible prank to pull off because it's so big... but I recreated the ticket, recreated the fortune cookie I got the numbers from and my favorite? I put everyone's email (holy shit would this not be appreciated now) at the beginning of the entry who was on the mailing list telling them they were all getting $100 if I ended up being the only winner. Oh GODDDDDDDD it worked well. This entry and the following entry of reactions are golden.
The day soon evolved into a True/False day. Everyone was expecting a whopper so I started writing the truth (as it often is quite a whopper) and then everyone who said "Didn't get me THIS year!" actually were indeed fooled... the final ratio turns out like this:
2000 - Jess leaving - FALSE (a bit ironic considering, but false nonetheless)
2001 - Winning the lottery - FALSE (best joke EVER, so hard to pull off believeability)
2002 - Trailer stolen - FALSE (pretty weak, but got some of you)
2003 - Dad's heart scare - TRUE (bound to happen, huge news on THAT day)
2004 - Leaving LA - FALSE (so well written, it even felt true to ME)
2005 - Adam "4tvs" Kontras - TRUE (true at the time, but papers never filed)
2006 - Charlotte/America's Got Talent - TRUE (nothing will ever beat this entry)
2007 - Still married - TRUE (every word of that entry is true, even the Wii)
2008 - Donna pregnant - FALSE (to which we both can honestly say - WHEW)
2009 - 4-Square reality show - TRUE (too obvious a "joke" NOT to be true)
2010 - 4tvs.com points to 4-Square for good - TRUE (true, at the time but was later changed)
5-4 in favor truth and as you can see, the second half is nearly all truths. I just didn't like lying. Though the one telling pops Donna was pregnant was fucking unreal. The truth was we thought we were, I told him (nearly a year before the joke) and then used the footage to fool EVERYONE. Everyone knew I would never do that to my father who had a heart condition. LMAO. Great video though. Sincere reactions that can never be duplicated again and I'm so glad it's on tape... thank the fuck christ that wasn't true though.
Which of course brings us to this year. I had a doozy set-up because in early February I was certain Talya was pregnant. For two weeks her mother, Talya and I were in a daze because of the obvious symptoms of morning sickness and food cravings (which later turned out to be gastroenteritis after a trip to the ER). I was gonna unlock those entries and then announce it yesterday but of course it wasn't to be. The three entries are however unlocked and honestly, they're really good. So glad they're finally open.
But more than anything, I'm just tired of it. Facebook being the final nail for me. We just live in a different time now. April Fools Day is now almost officially a tradition of the 20th Century in a time where people weren't connected to information and media at all times. I'm glad to have put my mark on the day that those who were a part of it will never forget. 10 years later I still have people talk about the lottery one with the utmost respect because they literally wrote me their address for the $100 check. LOL. Good times.
I was originally going to piece together all the videos but they make zero sense without the entries. Since I'm in a remarkably sentimental mood this year, and since so few newcomers have seen the video with my dad - I will make a rare exception and do a video repost of the 2008 one. I will adore this video forever. I mean, of course this will really happen in the future... but that first reaction (even if it ended up being false) is just really special...
Goddamn I love this video blog sometimes. It may be incredibly difficult, it may be something I wish I had never started sometimes... but without it? That video doesn't exist.
So goodbye to old traditions, and hello to a continuation of the happiest year of my life. It really is spectacular. Oooooh! And we're taking the new pup to Journey Mountain this week. See if she has any mountain goat in her. :)