Entry #1020
4:12 AM, March 28th, 2010:
I can't believe I'm doing this. It must be because it's 4:13 in the morning, and I'm spinning in my life/career that I'm even contemplating this. But while typing an entry about Obama and Healthcare, it occured to me I have that same pit in my stomach that I did when he was running. The "Crazy" factor is now out of control, and the Republicans are encouraging it. I don't think he's safe, and all I could think of was the song/video I made in January 2008:  "Watching History Again". A video I took down the instant I put it up because I was scared it would be misunderstood.
But now? After the two years I've been through? Fuck, man... misunderstand me. Hate me, slam me, audit me, knock on my door, accuse me... just pay fucking attention to me. You know? Like, sweet holy hell - I had something to lose in January 2008 (so I thought)... now? Nada. Zilch. Zero. Zip. So I post the video:
Here's the original entry. I realize that I should probably make a new one for 2010 with the Tea Party rallies. Actually, let me just start the entry the way I intended it. I started writing this on the 23rd when he signed the bill:
I like Obama and wish him well. His story is inspirational to me. I relate many of my own struggles to his. I am proud he represents our country when I hear him speak, because his intelligence and pragmatism is universal. That's it. His "agenda" doesn't really concern me. Honestly, unless you start sending our kids to war to kill other kids, I'm not gonna get too up in arms. Taxes? Whatever. I just got audited and I don't really care. Seems a silly thing to rage against. After riding the bus for 7 hours on what they call "roads" in Africa I quickly realized where our money goes and I'm grateful. I would rather there be less government, but I also believe there should be public schools and public health care because it helps EVERYONE. Sick stupid people piss me off. That's not radical. It's actually conservative. People without health insurance cost everyone a shitload of money. That's common sense.
So I'm happy for Obama today. He did succeed where many failed. I do still believe a public option is mandatory to declare "victory"... but I now understand that what he signed today, lays the foundation for it. I didn't understand the nuances when I first mentioned this back in September (Random #12). What was passed was huge because it sets up the system. The mandate will bring the public option. Why? 'Cause the people will demand it. Hell it may even happen before the mandate goes into effect. It's gonna take awhile, but that's why it will work. He did learn from Clinton's mistakes. He's far more calculated than I gave him credit for (I wonder when I'll stop doing that?). He bent over backwards to include the Republicans when he didn't have to, and they looked like buffoons because of it. He was calm and collected when everyone told him how he was failing and was going to be a one-term president. He let it play out, and came in when he needed to and brokered a deal on the abortion issues that was nothing short of brilliant. I'm just happy for him. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he's taking it in stride.
<A note to his "supporters" who are pissed... you're creating your own loop. You're expecting him to reinvent the system instead of working within it. That's not how change happens. You really did drink the kool-aid. Change is slow, tedious and takes patience. Stop being so A.D.D. >
That's not really why I'm writing. I'm writing to disagree with Joe. This may be a big fucking deal politically, and even for the health care system... but in the grand scheme of things? It isn't, and people need to calm the fuck down. I mean, really, really, really need to calm down. I actually believe in total, that people are angrier about this bill, than going to war with Iraq. THAT is a big fucking deal. THAT is something that needs to be addressed, and that is something that needs our attention. Health Care is a watered down version of what he said he was going to do ANYWAY. Why anyone is surprised it happened is beyond me.
However, what "The Right" is doing right now is absolutely a big fucking deal. What was passed was a 1993 Republican bill. Anyone catch that? The Republicans COUNTER to Clinton's Universal Health Care Bill in his first term is nearly identical to what just passed today. They are treating it like 9/11. I'm not exagerrating. You have commentators saying today is worse than that day. The rhetoric is shifting, dangerously - and everyone reading this had better pray that there is a sane, intelligent conservative political figure that comes out of nowhere REALLY FUCKING QUICK... or we're all in some shit. There is an appropriate counter-balance to Barack Obama... and it's not Sarah Palin. It's not John Boehner. It's not Glenn Beck. If we don't find that counter-balance? If we don't get back to normal politics? Normal debates about policy? This country is in some SHIT. There's gonna be a militia-style revolution, and leaders are gonna die. This is really, really bad. Listen, I want to see the two-party system die just as much as any "Tea-Party" numuts wants to... but for some reason, now doesn't seem like the right time. Hmmm, wonder why that is? Because after 8 years of fucking incompetence the likes we've never seen before, we finally have rational representation of who we are in the White House? How 'bout we let that settle into the rest of the world's consciousness before we go crazy? It's been a year people, calm the fuck down.
But they're not. And they're not....


At which point it hit me. It's 2008 all over again. I have that pit in my stomach again. I think he's in danger.
Uploading the video doesn't really do anything to help or hurt that. Not like I"m giving anyone ideas, and not like I'm truly reminding people to "watch the skies"... he's got people that do that for him, I know. The song comes from a place in your soul that just cries out. You want desperately to say something or do something and you end up stating the obvious. The George of the Jungle song comes to mind: "Watch out for that tree...." You think he's not watching for trees swinging on vines in the jungle? But what else do you say when you're nervous? And that's all it is. A scared supporter praying he's safe. Praying he gets to keep doing his job. 'Cause honestly? Even as someone who believes in a smaller government, and thinks they're all a bunch of paid off crooks? He's been pretty incredible. He's done a fucking lot of good in a short amount of time. The worst thing you can say is that he wasted too much time trying to be bi-partisan. Seriously, that's all I can really say. I've watched several administrations start and have studied several more... and... well, he's doin' good.
Anyway, we'll see what people think of the video. We'll see if the FBI knocks at my door.
At least it'll be a good entry.