11:28 AM, Tuesday, September 22nd 2009:
The title is a bit of a misnomer. I'm not presently on a plane... but the video for this entry comes from a plane. And this may win an award for most random of the "Randoms" entries - so I was stumped on what to call it. So the plane random wins. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're off!
1) What a Difference a Decade Makes
Completely lost on me writing the entry Saturday was where I was 10 years previous. I was at the Park of Roses, proposing to Jessica. Baffling that the last entry would fall on a 10 year anniversary like that. At the time, Jess had heard more than she cared to about how I surprised Burgundie on our one year anniversary in 1994, so I decided to surprise Jess the day before our one year anniversary with a proposal. And believe it or not, this wasn't the biggest "jump" during this period. I was about to start "The Journey" three months later. Yes, Mr. Leaps-of-Faith was out in full-effect back then. There is no more striking juxtaposition to that then Entry #957. What a difference a decade makes.
2) Wait, today is...
Ha. Today is Jess & Jeff's Wedding Anniversary. Two years. Bizarre. They're both doin' great. We played Wii frisbee golf when I was back there for the Labor Day weekend and I got quite a kick out of it. I mentioned it in the last entry, but it bears repeating: "We were married?". It's beyond baffling at this point. Kinda scary actually. If you can recover that well from a relationship that strong... it's no wonder why I have so little faith in future relationships. You know? At the time, that split was the hardest thing on the planet - and now it's a: "wow, we were married?". It just feels like everything in my life will always be unstable and temporary. So much so that I'm accustomed to it. Ugh, don't want to get into this shit. Moving on.
3) Missed it by THAT much
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN I usually get this shit. So I'm flying through a thunderstorm on my flight from Columbus to Denver and I whip out my pocket-cam. Got some gorgeous footage of the rain over a particular area. As I'm filming - SLAM! A bolt of lightening that I was sure I captured, but was too freaked by it to really be focusing on the viewfinder. I want to check the playback but think I'm gonna miss another - after a few moments I finally have to stop and look... and GODDAMNIT I had just decided to zoom in and totally blew it. WOULD HAVE BEEN SO AWESOME. I post this 'cause the footage is still cool, even if I feel like a total tool for missing what would've probably been a million-hitter on YouTube. WEAK.
Oh come on, you laughed. :-)
4) I Don't Have Cancer
Jesus I must be the worst storyteller ever. In the midst of this Comedy Central melodrama, I had that mole removed and there was a minor cancer concern as it had grown so much. I had forgotten about it until Jessica called me and said:  "Did you ever get the results?" I hadn't, so I called the office and they called me back with the news. Oh wow, I remember this day now - it was also the day I got the "I think that's good" call from Josh... wait all of that is locked. DAMNIT. Anyway - stressful day. Made more stressful by the fact that the nurse decided to tell me EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION POSSIBLE BEFORE "you're fine". See how I made the random title: "I Don't Have Cancer"? Yeah, that's so as to not create any more stress. "Well Mr. Kontras, I have your paperwork right here. Seems as though we were able to excise the entire mole, which is good... et CETERA, ET CETERA, ET CETERA." By the time that woman said "everything is fine" I hadn't taken a breath in 2 minutes. CHRIST already. Anyway, <breathe, breathe> glad to know everything is good...
5) Knee go Boom
...except my knee. Oh dear did I do a number on my knee. Easily the worst knee injury I've ever had, and over a week later - it doesn't even remotely feel better. I was trying to show a bad serve in 4-square. Not even playing, but obviously being overdramatic in the serve - and what I'm left with is not only a scrape that simply will not scab as it's so deep it's like a burn, not only a bruise because of how hard I hit it, not only a sprain because of tweaking it - but I'm afraid there's some sort of ligament damage. It feels like it will hyper-extend at any moment, and it isn't even slightly improved since I did it a week ago. And with no health insurance, this is just a waiting game. I'm done playing 4-Square for easily a month, and truth be told - may no longer be part of the show other than as a host. I mean, I can't even walk right. If I was doing the Comedy Central shoot this week, I'd be fucked. So believe me, this wakes me up big time. "Adam & The Egos" has to be my focus, and I can't let a goddamn playground game put that in danger.
6) It's Killin' Me
And on everything that's going on with "Adam & The Egos", I'm just fuggin' sorry for the locked entries. I'm sorrier than you could ever know about not being able to share these stories. It is actually a source of depression for me to have to keep this almost completely to myself. I have lived for the interaction of those who read the stories and give me their 2 cents. To write so much, to create so much -- in nearly a vacuum -- is excruciating for me. My entire demeanor is completely different than 2 months ago and it's unfortunate that something that was so wonderful and happy has now become such a struggle. I want so badly to have that joy back from June/July at some point again in this process, but it's now been gone longer than it was here. Wow.
7) The Definition of Random
So an old man knocks on my door. I had recognized him as "the scooter" guy in our neighborhood. Dude has one of those sit-down scooters, and simply travels incredible distances with it. Well apparently no more. He motions to me "drive" with a steering wheel... yet knows absolutely not one word of english... or honestly any other language I can think of. I think he's armenian? I keep asking him what he needs and I finally realize he needs to be driven somewhere at 5. I nod my head like I understand, and then he leaves, comes back around 4:30. So in the car we go - and he points the way. We go about 10 minutes and end up at a bus station. He gets out, gets back in and motions to go back. We go all the way back to my house... he takes out $80 and gives it to me, I promptly hand it back -- he then leaves, and comes back at like 4:55. We go again. However this time he needs to go to the 99 cent store because he needs, as his "motion" would indicate" a door knob? I follow him in, trying to help him and again, just no english. I find someone to help him and of course they just look at me, like I can translate for him. And, well, now I just feel stupid. 'Cause I don't even know who this person is, yet I'm driving him all over? Huh? We go to a second store and it's more of the same. I start to realize this guy may actually be insane. Then I just start to feel like a sucker. Yes, my reputation for falling victim to those from other countries must have spread in the neighborhood - BA-DUM-BUM! So I get him back into the car finally and just take him home, again, never being able to get one word of communication. He goes back into his house, and I see other people there and was tempted to ask them "what the fuck?" - but figured just let it be. I really wish I could've helped him get what he needed. I can only imagine being that age and having to live in Istanbul or some shit where no one can understand you. :-(
8) I See Fire
This is scary:
That marks the first time I've ever seen actual flames from the wildfires out here from my house. Earlier this month, right before I went back to Columbus for the reunion, I was sitting on my roof wondering if that beheamoth would jump a few freeways. I mean, it would be armageddon really. I'm in a concrete jungle, and this is several miles away, but wow. Such a helpless feeling. Ann Walker's house was pretty close and I think I called her daily for about a week to hear the latest. So scary.
9) Ann Awkward
So my mother was in town last week and she just had to meet the wonderful Ann Walker. Awkward? Of course. but I always want everyone I know to meet Ann because she's a fucking riot. And I knew damn well that a couple sake's into the dinner there would be all sorts of inappropriate lines that would make everyone blush. We should've taped it. HA. My mother thought she was great and seriously, if we all lived in the same city? I guarantee they would hang out. My mother has one of the more twisted senses of humor I've ever known and I think it's somewhat squelched in Columbus. Here however? She's goddamn genius. I'm not sure my mother could ever handle the heat though.
10) Rockin' Momma
My mother needed a few days off work to decompress and came out here and we really had a blast. We played a ridiculous amount of Beatles: Rockband and laughed and laughed. I'd have given anything to have her first moment playing drums on tape. For those who have never played rockband, you're just following moving notes on-screen that correspond to colored buttons on the guitar or in the case of drums, drum pads. She had the guitar down pretty well, but the drum notes come a lot faster and she kinda lost her mind. Went all Joe Cocker for a second just beating on everything wildly. It's funny watching how your brain translates things sometimes. Parents as friends when you're an adult is a very fortunate thing. The teenage years are thankfully loooooooooong gone.
11) Nicest Cop Ever
So last month after the "Biz-E" entry, I was so excited by the news I started the "competitive pacing" with my dad on the phone. Continued as I got in my car and totally forgot to put on my seat belt and as I literally PULLED OUT of my spot and drove no more than a block... got pulled over. Now, the libertarian in me hates the seat belt law with a passion as it hurts no one but me, but I get the cell phone law. The kicker though, is that had I just hit speakerphone and HELD the phone, I would've been fine. That's just goofy. You honestly shouldn't be allowed to have anything in your hands when you drive if you're really concerned about safety. Either way, he came up to the car and I said:  "Yeah, you got me, I was on the phone..." and he interjected: "And you didn't have your seatbelt on..." That actually shocked me 'cause I was so into my phone call that it never even occured to me. Which, in all honesty, actually made me happy I was called on it. 'Cause clearly my head wasn't on straight. He said:  "Alright, flip a coin -- which one do you want?" How cool right? I said, which is cheaper? He said they were about the same but he had a pet peeve about seat belt laws. So I took the cell phone ticket. I explained to him about what had happened and that I had just come from my agent. He goes: "Really? What network?!" "Comedy Central!" "Congrats!" "I know!" I was all fuckin happy and shit. He was happy for me. So funny. It was probably the nicest ticket experience of my life. And honestly? $50? Happy to pay it. I was completely in the wrong, and that's a fair price. $400 for not making a complete stop on a right on red? Inexcusable. But I won't get into all that...
12) Public Option is mandatory
...but I will get into this. I doubted Obama before. I was critical of some campaign choices last summer and he made me look like a buffoon. So I hesitate to even say this, but I will not sugar-coat his record or what he accomplishes no matter how much he or his people will. If a bill passes with no public option? He failed on health care. Period. There is no wiggle room, co-ops don't count, a true public-option that will hold the insurance company's feet to the fire is absolutely necessary... or what is all that fuckin money going to?!??! And will someone please explain to me all the concern over Insurance Company profits? Seriously? How have the republicans managed to get the poorest, least-likely-to-ever-have-their-own-company portion of our populace to march FOR big business? Oh yeah: THEY'RE RACIST. Oh here we go...
13) Racism ISN'T yelling "NIGGER"
I'm so sick of the people that misunderstand racism. Yes, of course yelling "Nigger" is racist, but so is the amount of vitriole and outright RAGE at a president who has barely been in office long enough to do ANYTHING, and the worst thing you can say about him? He wants to help every citizen have health care. LMAO. Everyone stop for two seconds and think about that. That's what people are arguing about. I quit my job and marched on washington in 2005 because kids were needlessly dying for a completely made-up war in Iraq. These people have THE SAME ANGER because Obama wants everyone to have health care. Not take out the private option mind you, just have a public option to help cover those that fall through the cracks. It's like marching for RESTAURANTS because of food banks. Come fucking on already. We're talking about people EATING. We are the richest nation in the world, as a "perk" to living here, yeah - I think we should take care of our people. Is it unfair to those that got the good jobs and have great health insurance right now? Mildly (though you can argue those people pay MORE because of the uninsured). But what the fuck does it matter to you? Are you that unhappy? Are you that miserable that you spend your time worrying about what everyone else gets and would MARCH against it? Christ. Look in the mirror. Work out your shit. If your biggest stress in life is taxes or how big the government is? You're upset about something else. If you can't be happy in AMERICA, then you're not trying. This is literally the land of opportunities.
Wait, this was about racism. Of course there's an underlying racism to this type of anger. The type of disrespect Obama was shown with the "You Lie!" comment? Is the definition of racism. They treat him as if he's somehow illegitimate...when he's done NOTHING so far to be angry about. Bush got more respect and the supreme court SELECTED him. LMAO. His ass didn't even get the most VOTES and no one treated him like this (until after the Iraq war). Ponder that for a moment. Bottom line is this is not the America they want. It's the prevading white anger at becoming a minortiy in their own country that permeates every issue they pretend to care about. They can call it whatever they want, but there is a "white pride" angle to this that is undeniable. And is it 'cause whites are not allowed to VOTE? No, it's cause they're simply not being treated as special anymore. Everyone's getting the same priviledges. And health care would be yet another "privledge" that whites have enjoyed proportionally more than minorities. And who GIVES A FUCK?! If we have enough money to invade a bunch of countries and occupy them for decades we can at least help someone see a doctor without it costing them their MORTGAGE. Obama isn't trying to give everyone free cars or some shit. Jesus. We're talking about the basics of human existence. There is nothing to be angry about here. Nothing. And if you don't think this is racism? Clinton tried to pass universal healthcare too. Remember all those hate-filled townhalls? Remember all those marches with posters of Clinton as a with doctor?
14) Fair and Balanced
Always like to throw a curve ball in when it seem I'm biased one way or another...
I was in Columbus when the whole "Obama speaking to the school children" fiasco erupted and if you just listened to the mainstream press about it - it seemed unbelieveably partisan and once again, racist. I asked everyone I knew for an explanation - and everyone stuck to their ideologies... but I have to say, something seemed off to me - even for the loony fringe of the right-wing. So I did a little digging and saw the information that the Obama administration had wanted to send along with the speech. And, sorry dad, it wasn't innocuous. It wasn't a "help the kids understand his speech better..." type of material. And though it wasn't as evil as the right claim it was, it was certainly presumptuous.
“What do you think the President wants us to do? Does the speech make you want to do anything? Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?”
Listen, that shit might have flown 50 years ago (or even 25 years ago when Reagan had all sorts of politics surrounding his speech to children) - but we're in a different world now... and Obama should've known better. And in fact, that's why they pulled back on most of it and rewrote it. And we just got a generic "stay-in-school" speech. But guess what the mainstream media barely reported? It is so aggrivating to have to listen to two extreme viewpoints to find the truth. When will someone report the stories again? When will someone care more about the truth than making the other side look bad? And I completely put the blame on the left for this. Granted, the racist-loony-right shook their rattles the loudest, but the "whole" story was woefully reported. To this day, nearly every democrat I know thinks the right was just angry that he was speaking to the children at all. And of course some were, but there was a whollllllllllllllle lot more to the story than reported. So sick of what news has become.
15) Greg Directs the Premiere
And finally I just want to tip my hat to a friend who is really hitting his stride professionally. I've mentioned Greg from time to time (still feel bad about embarrassing him in front of Darlene from Roseanne in Entry #123), an animator who is now a director at Family Guy.
Back in March I visited him at work while he was working on a new episode and saw a few animatics (pencil sketches set to the audio track). It was one of the more ambitious episodes I had seen with Brian and Stewie going into different universes (Episode is entitled "Road to the Multiverse). A month ago he actually showed a couple of us a more complete version and I gotta say - it's head-spinning stuff man. Family Guy is really doing incredibly good shit and the fact that they were nominated for an emmy outside of animation (first and only time since the Flinstones) speaks volumes. Well, it just so happens that his episode is the season premiere of the seventh season (some consider it the 8th season though -- production season vs. airing) which is one helluvan honor for him. It airs this Sunday at 9pm on Fox and even if you're not the biggest fan of cartoons or haven't liked Family Guy before... try and catch this. Incredibly creative episode - and as always, completely offensive and funny.
Alright. Whew. I was clearly aching for a Randoms Entry, huh? Lots going on in my head. And now, I just might finally get to the entry about Donna and where things stand which I've been putting off for over a month.