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6:42 PM, Sunday, January 27th, 2008:
What a day. What a loooooong day of clarifying, explaining, re-writing, re-editing, re-compressing, re-uploading, re-everythinging. I've now just decided to come right out and support the man publically (the only 2 party candidate I have ever supported in my entire life) just to further cement what the meaning of this video is. I am simply that concerned with how disturbing this video is, but I feel it needs to disturb you. Vigilance needs a motivator and if this makes someone look twice at who they're standing next to at a rally, it's worth the flack I'll get. So where the hell did all this come from?
Well it's nothing new. I mentioned this last year a few times and it doesn't take too much of a historian to see the similarities between Barack and Bobby Kennedy. Kennedy was the black candidate in the 60s. No other candidate before or since has used so much of their platform focusing on racial issues. Throw in an anti-war stance and a disastrous current administration (though Bush makes Johnson look like a hippie) and the parallels are haunting. Add to that we're coming up on the 40 year anniversaries of the Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy assasinations (April & June), whew. Oh, and he's the first black man to ever have a legitite shot at the white house? Yeah, so I'm not exactly the first to think of this. He's had secret service men with him for a year already.

But last night I saw several things that really scared me. First of all, his events are insane. Girls are screaming like it's Beatlemania or some shit. It's more apt to call a rockstar Obama. And the outdoor crowds? HUGE. The amount of people he's bringing in is just so unprecedented I don't know where to begin. More people voted for him last night than voted in the entire primary last time around and for the first time ever young people actually are voting. It is astounding. So what's so scary about that? The people at these events are completely clueless as to what's going on around them. It's why Bobby Kennedy was shot after a speech, why his brother was shot waving to cheering crowds, why Wallace was shot shaking hands - it's easy access and no one is looking for it. Now throw-in this:

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I'm watchin' Obama go into the crowd and I notice a cop go up to this guy laughing and sharing a joke. I jumped back to watch it again and was just floored. Granted, this cop is not part of Obama's personal security - but this should be the most pants shitting, vigilant crowd-watching time of the entire night. This guy is nonchalantly laughin' it up with a friend. Dude, not when Obama is 3 feet away.
The bottom line is, people aren't taking this seriously. The mainstream media is in a tough spot because they don't want to give more credence to something thinking it could spawn the nutjobs... but that's a dangerous and antiquated way of thinking. This is the internet age. Thought travels at the speed of light and can be done anonymously from the comfort of your home. We are literally sitting here, watching it happen and not wanting to say anything for fear that we may be looked at as if we're in favor of it because we even mention it. This is ludicrous. People simply don't remember 1968 so they can't imagine what it must have felt like. Well for some strange reason I can and we're entering the same territory right now.
It's a territory where hope is lost. In the 60s it was civil rights, and now... it's still civil rights. It's what happens when you watch poor people, black people, begging for days in toxic water with no one but Anderson fucking Cooper (who was brilliant during Katrina) there. Where your government not only no longer represents you, they ignore you and wave your flag as they invade another country filled with poor people who have no hope. The country is not only broken, its standing in the world is literally worse than it has ever been and there's really only one person, that by his mere presence in the White House, would instantly change everything. Doesn't matter that he wants a bigger government than I care to have (I've always been libertarian), or that several of his ideas are far too "idealistic" to ever be accomplished, hell it doesn't even matter that in the end he's still a Washington politician. What matters is that he is the realization of the 60s. He is what Bobby Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and all of those who gave their lives fought for. A man who is so much more than his race that you have to forgive the cops at the rally for not remembering the danger this man is in daily. This is a crossroad for our country.
Which is why it doesn't matter that I disagree with so many of his policies. This isn't about my own personal agenda. This isn't about whether I want free healthcare or a bigger tax break. This is about healing our country. We're so far out of whack, the democrats actually look more conservative than the republicans the majority of the time. Seriously. I long for days where we could sit here and have nice little discussions about conservative/liberal policies like I used to when I was on Talk Radio in the 90s. Gun Control, Health Care, Taxes, the War on Drugs, the Environment... right now however?  None of that matters, and I probably disagree with him on the majority of what he believes - but again, none of that matters. And that's why you're hearing more and more about republicans watching an Obama speech with tears in their eyes. They remember the 60s (basically because no one under 40 would be a republican - lol), and they see the possibility of realizing dreams that exceeded all party lines. I think a lot of them forgot, and when they hear him speak - they remember.
So watch this video. Let it sink in. It should scare you. It should make you think that there's someone worth fighting for that needs our vigilance if we happen to be around him. We are in dangerous, dangerous times - but we can overcome them if we all just keep our eyes open and be aware. It's like those mofos that caught the shoe bomber. Before 9/11 he probably would've gotten away with it. The problem here is we're FORTY years removed from the "warning" and no one is heeding something from 1968. Heed. HEED. Look at the size of that kids HEED.
Sorry, can't be completely serious for an entire entry. :-)