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The Trinitrons 2 - When A Band Loves A Woman DVD ~ Adam Kontras


Adam & The Trinitrons - Collector's Edition DVD ~ Adam Kontras


With The Trinitrons CD ~ Adam Kontras


Hearing My Thoughts CD ~ Adam Kontras




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Stronger Than Before - Adam Kontras (1996)

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Better Together

Buy this CD with Hearing My Thoughts CD ~ Adam Kontras today!


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Product Details
  • CD Release Date: May 14th, 1996
  • Lead Singer: Adam KontrasSee more
  • Rated: R
  • Label: 4tvs Records
  • Number of Discs: 1

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1. Thursday
2. Just Imagine
3. Say It To Me
4. Stronger Than Before
5. I Trusted You
6. Tomorrow
7. Baby It's You
8. Over Me
9. Hey! It's Earth
10. Dear Me
11. The Sun
12. I'll Walk Away
13. I've Done It All
14. Listen To My Heart
15. Imaginate

Editorial Reviews
An incredibly creative package for a debut CD, Stronger Than Before is heavily influenced by every artist from The Beatles to Michael Jackson to Harry Connick Jr. to Billy Joel. Adam in his own words: "My first CD. This was one of the most thrilling days of my life. Back when having a CD was still a big deal, opening the package of my first shipment made me friggin' giddy. This is by all means my baby. I will always love it. Yes, the songs seem a bit cheesy to me now, but there are quite a few gems that I'm very proud of. I painstakingly wrote and designed the entire project from the packaging to the songs. All of which eventually led me to quit college and pursue music and radio. This truly was the beginning."

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