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The Trinitrons 2 - When A Band Loves A Woman DVD ~ Adam Kontras


Adam & The Trinitrons - Collector's Edition DVD ~ Adam Kontras


With The Trinitrons CD ~ Adam Kontras


Hearing My Thoughts CD ~ Adam Kontras




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Palaur - Adam Kontras (2000)

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Better Together

Buy this CD with Songs From The Journey (Years 1-5) CD ~ Adam Kontras today!


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Product Details
  • CD Release Date: March 23rd, 2000
  • Lead Singer: Adam KontrasSee more
  • Rated: R
  • Label: 4tvs Records
  • Number of Discs: 1

Listen To mp3s

1. Home To You (dry)
2. Home To You (piano)
3. Radio Clip - Thoughts on Clinton
4. As Good As It Gets
5. This Is The Last
6. Radio Clip - Bread In The Freezer
7. Radio Clip - Blind Leading Blind
8. Radio Clip - Ordering Blind
9. Radio Clip - Cheating Blind
10. Radio Clip - Fortune Cookie 1
11. Radio Clip - Fortune Cookie 2
12. Radio Clip - Fortune Cookie 3
13. Radio Clip - Fortune Cookie 4
14. Video Clip - Roll Part 1
15. Everyday (A Capella)
16. Radio Clip - Laura's Public Passions
17. Radio Clip - Pat's Only Passion
18. Everyday (piano)
19. Video Clip - Roll Part 2
20. Radio Clip - John Denver
21. Home To You (valentine show)
22. It's In You
23. Video Clip - Roll Part 3
24. Radio Clip - Last Caller
25. Sleep, Baby Sleep (1st take)
26. Not Again (piano)
27. Take
28. Video Clip - Roll Part 4
29. Video Clip - Roll Part 5
30. Sleep, Baby Sleep (guitar)
31. Not Again (jazzy)
32. Video Clip - Good For You
33. Alright With You
34. Video Clip - Back To Marion
35. Myra & Julian's Eyes
36. Another Day
37. Sleep Pissed Baby
38. Video Clip - Never Speak
39. Final Video Clip - Open
40. Final Video Clip - Final To Be
41. Final Video Clip - Home To You
42. Final Video Clip - Sleep, Baby Sleep
43. Final Video Clip - Husband's Eyes to 4 Little Chords
44. Final Video Clip - Take
45. Final Video Clip - Someday to the End


Editorial Reviews
This CD is a complement to the site Without going through that story, many of the things you'll hear won't make much sense. However after you've experienced the story, hearing just a few chords of the songs will bring back memories of what has to be the most detailed account of a love affair ever recorded. Taking place over a period of 9 1/2 weeks in early 1998, Adam gave his entire nervous system trying to show someone there was a better existence if they believed. What followed was incredibly touching songs in their rawest form including the very first time Adam ever played "Sleep, Baby Sleep" recorded live on his camcorder. If you've been through the site, this is an absolute must-own.

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