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The Trinitrons 2 - When A Band Loves A Woman DVD ~ Adam Kontras


Adam & The Trinitrons - Collector's Edition DVD ~ Adam Kontras


With The Trinitrons CD ~ Adam Kontras


Hearing My Thoughts CD ~ Adam Kontras




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Late Show Leftovers - Adam Kontras (2001)

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Better Together

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Product Details
  • CD Release Date: January 23rd, 2001
  • Lead Singer: Adam KontrasSee more
  • Rated: R Not for sale to persons under age 18.
  • Label: 4tvs Records
  • Number of Discs: 1

Listen To mp3s

1. Late Show Announcement
2. Jackie on the East Side
3. When Late Show Cries
4. Dr. Dick Rosetti Medical Minute #1
5. Rufus Brown Slips Up
6. Ebony & Ivory
7. 2200 Dykes
8. 2200 Dykes Song
9. World's Most Annoying :30 Part 1
10. Washin' Up The Genitals
11. The Wake-Up Call
12. Happy Birthday Michael
13. Zim's Crack Creme
14. World's Most Annoying :30 Part 2
15. Late Show Connick
16. Ebonics Interlude
17. Whackarest Commercial
18. Whackarest Call
19. Trailer Park Theme Song
20. Trailer Park - Episode 1
21. Late Show Cheer
22. Laughing Ogre Commercial
24. Funny Man?
25. Full Elvis Funny Man
26. Little Red Late Show
27. World's Most Annoying :30 Part 3
28. Sincerely Bad Poetry Minute Open
29. Sincerely Bad Poetry Minute #1
30. Late Show Disorder
31. Triptophane
32. Bachelor Party Cuts - Open
33. Bachelor Party Cuts - Hey pitty!
34. Bachelor Party Cuts - Outside Naked?
35. Bachelor Party Cuts - Can't Remember
36. Bachelor Party Cuts - A Capella Song
37. Bachelor Party Cuts - Dash Rendar
38. Bachelor Party Cuts - Walkin' The Line
39. Silent Night
40. Gangsta Night Before Christmas
41. Late Show Zippety
42. Late Show Heroin PSA
43. Kaczynski, Lewinsky
44. Touching Request
45. Sincerely Bad Poetry Minute #1
46. Hearing My Thoughts Mix
47. Final World's Most Annoying :30
48. Dr. Dick Rosetti Medical Minute #2
49. Roy Tribute
50. Roy & Lester


Editorial Reviews
The title of this CD most assuredly does not do it justice. Amazingly after 2 WTVN CDs and 3 CD101 CDs, there were great bits from both stations that just simply could not fit on those 5 CDs. Adam finally put together this CD nearly 2 years after his final radio broadcast incorporating all the great bits that had to be left out of the other discs. What we're left with are some of the funniest moments of The Late Show. Believe it or not, there's enough material left for 3 more discs, but Adam has said this is the last...unless he takes to the airwaves again.

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