6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Monday, August 5th, 1996:
Munch’s second two hour show. I really like him. He liked my song. After the show I went in and did 4 intros. 10 second dittys for before commercials. Hope he likes them. I like doing this. Wasn’t able to write a Top 9 today though. Damn.
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Tuesday, August 6th, 1996:
Had to run the Reds for 30 minutes before Munch and messed it up a little. He loved my intros. Cool. I like how things are goin’ pretty good show for him.
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Wednesday, August 7th, 1996:
Another good show for Munch. Had Michael Clark, the new boxing champ in town. Extremely nice guy. Had him on for an hour. Made the show fly by. Bill called me and said he wants me to do traffic to help out Sgt. Bob next week. God I hate that. Anything but traffic. Hell, I’d rather not work.
12:37 PM, Thursday, August 8th, 1996:
Bill called me this afternoon and told me he was leaving the station to be the PD at KDKA in Pittsburgh. Goddamn. I knew this would happen sometime, I was just hoping to have another year with him. To him I was better than the weekend overnight guy, but to the next PD that’s exactly what I’ll be. Then again, the next PD might shake things up. I don’t know. I’m just extremely sad. I owe just about everything to him, and I’m sure he’s gonna be happy in Pittsburgh. It’s his home town, and actually the first commercial radio station in the world. Rather Legendary. I can still remember distinctly how he said he was leaving. "We need to have a meeting because I’m leaving. I’m going to Pittsburgh..." One second later it hit me that it wasn’t just a vacation. "Oh, you’re leaving, leaving..." "Yeah, it’s a great opportunity for me, and I want to talk to you in person before I go. I’ll be here ‘til the 30th..." He threw the words talented in there about me, but I can’t remember the conversation verbatim. It was the middle of the night for me. Big sigh. Anyway this could be huge and good or be horrible. The good thing is is that Perry Fry is still there and he’s really big on me. No matter what he’s still there. Anyway Bill called and asked me to do traffic tomorrow and Tuesday for Sgt. Bob 4-6. No problem. I told him I’d do it and I hate it, but either way I’m not saying no after all that. So now I will work from about 3:30 PM on Friday, all the way until 6:30 on Saturday Morning. 15 hours straight is a heck of a day. $112.50 without taxes though. Whew...
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Thursday, August 8th, 1996:
A big day for Munch. He took over the board for the second hour so he could get used to it for tomorrow. He did fine. He’s run the board for 17 years, just never for talk. Was kind of down tonight. The news about Bill kind of whapped me pretty good. Ah well... TRAFFIC TOMORROW....yeah.
3:30 PM - 6:30 AM, Friday - Saturday, August 9th - 10th, 1996: SHOW 169
What a night. What a great night. A huge day in the radio career of one Adam Kontras. First of all, traffic. Ok... Actually some girl from WOSU was there and we helped each other. Made John and Jane laugh a bit which is always good. It was over quickly. Then to WTVN a drove. Went to edit down the early songs of me when I was 4. Playing them as bumpers for the show with my dad. Did the promo for Munch. Did the Top 9 List, and oh yeah, episode 13 of the Boyles..."Laughing Lester". Then the show...first three hours with my dad, and it was fantastic. Hard issues. Clinton. He knew his stuff, and it showed. No big problems solved but finally a debate on issues with intelligence on both sides. We have no smart liberals. Glenn actually is, but goes a bit overboard and I think people have grown tired of him. It was a great 3 hours. Play It By Ear had the best Face-Off ever. And the rest of the show rolled on wonderfully with callers galore. But wait. Oh just wait...
I’m in the producers room with Ethan:
Bob Conners: "Adam..."
Adam Kontras: "Bob..."
Bob Conners: "Whenever you’re messin’ around in the studio, could you make me a bump for my show?"
Adam Kontras: "Sure, what do you want?"
Bob Conners: "30 seconds, you know something to play out of the News, and an obvious fade..."
Adam Kontras: "No problem...thank you..."
Bob Conners: "And if there’s any bill, just charge it to Bill White, or maybe Dorothy..."
Adam Kontras: "Can I do it after the 30th?"
Bob Conners: "No..."
Now that’s not verbatim, but damn close. I was trying to make a joke about Bill and it didn’t work. Oh well, afterwards I went to my car, took off my sandals and ran around the building two times. What a cool thing for him to say. Wow. I proceeded to stay up for about an hour thinking about it. I still can’t believe it.
1:15 PM - 3:45 PM, Saturday, August 10th, 1996:
Ahh the fair. How fun this is. Such a big deal last year. Only 3 drops because of a Reds game, but I walked around the Fair and enjoyed my free pass. John and Jane were fun and called me Young Adam and said I had my CD’s there. It kind of sucked, because last year I was there a long time and we had guests because the intern was cool as hell. Denise didn’t want to do much, but she did buy a CD. Anyway, after 3 hours of sleep I was ready to go home.
10:30 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, August 10th - 11th, 1996: SHOW 170
ZZZZ.....Did the Lester, a rough song for Bob, and then finished the Top 9 List AFTER MIDNIGHT....actually had Angela ready to run the board and my openers, but got in at the last second. The show was good once again, but couldn’t begin to rival Saturday’s. Talk on education, with Glenn, and some lighter stuff later. Trivia was funny because I was sooo tired, and had quite a few callers too. There are more listeners on the weekend. Not because it’s me necessarily, but just because it’s the weekend. Talked to Joe for awhile. He’s fuckin’ strange. The gay thing is still getting to me. It makes me think there’s something wrong with him. Where’s the fun in totally "getting" someone unless you can see the moment that they find out. I think he’s a pathalogical liar.
11:30 PM - 4:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, August 11th - 12th, 1996:
KP stayed while I did my spots and tried to do the Bob Song. I ended up just giving him the rough song. I’ll make him more so he can pick his favorite. Blah blah blah...same old shit. And then KP and I started talking as we were walking a out at 2:00 and we got into a discussion about the station and all the gossip. We went for awhile, and then Jeff Hathorne came down and I learned some stuff. How Team Talk ended and they picked Munch. How Jeff noticed the same things about Munch as I did. The inexperience and anoyance. He thinks Munch will be gone when this new PD comes in. KP thinks the new PD will come in (if he’s young like Bill), and hear Cannon, hear me, and then fire him. She’s more or less saying they should...not necessarily he will. He or she... Anyway, as much as I’m gonna miss Bill, I’m somewhat hopeful about things. My show kicks ass, and I don’t allow myself to sit back and realize that. It will hold up. Anyway we talked about everything. It was great. John and Jane. KP thinks she’ll be gone within a year or two. I asked Jeff to join my show when I’m on the whole week. Jeff is about 27, no he is 27, and funny as hell. He has a sarcasm that comes across exceptionally well on the air. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind having us be a two man team. Right now he works at Channel 4 and does Sports at WTVN. With his preperation skills, and producer skills and our banter back and forth....I think it could be unbeatable in an 8-Midnight forum. Ooh I want it. Wow. That’s awhile away to tell you the truth. Anyway it was nice talking with them and getting a better picture of how people think at the station. Jesus. It’s 5:25 right now, and I have to be at the station at 9:45 today. I’m not horribly tired either. Oh well.
9:45 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday, August 12th, 1996:
Yeah, I was a bit tired. And Rush Limbaugh didn’t help. And Jane was a bitch. What’s up with that? I’m starting to see why she annoys people. Anyway. Traffic tomorrow, and a meeting with Bill later this week.