4:11 PM, Tuesday, March 5th, 1996:
It's been a while since I put a telephone call entry in here, but wow Bill just called me...guess what I'm getting...
Hell yeah, fuck yeah, big smile, laughing, calling relatives I'm pumped!!!!! I'm not sure if it will be this weekend but it will definitely be soon. Some guy they've been bringing in to help out Carmen. Oh I'm pumped...bring him in and make him part of the show, it will be the shit. Oh yes, oh yes, I can't believe it...and my CD's done!!! Jesus I'm writing fast!!!! 100 words a minute baby.... not really but close enough....copies released April 14th!!!! YES.
1:05 AM, Thursday, March 7th, 1996:
Well Cannon is sick, and I didn't get back to them in time, so some guy named Chuck Patterson is on now. He's fun. Listened for an hour, and then I called up to tell him he was doin' great, and talked to my new porducer!!! Dave Ramos is his name. He would've been working this weekend, but is going out of town. So starting March 15th, I will have a full fledged producer from 12-2. Wow, that's it, big time. Also have been getting a lot of calls about me on this show tonight....it's great. It's just too cool to hear people talking about you while you're sitting up at night looking out the window...it's almost surreal. Alright, Chuck's back on...and I'll be on Friday morning again. Bad thing.... Brushes With Fame 100 gets bumped up to April. Shit.
1:30 PM, Friday, March 8th, 1996:
Meeting #14. Bill and I went to lunch, which was nice, but odd. Can't think of him as a friend yet. Don't really know if I should. Went to the Red Door Tavern. I had already eaten, but I didn't want to be rude, and got the soup and sandwich. Was going to surprise me with the news of the producer, but I told him I knew. Talked about my CD a lot and how I can talk about it without breaking rules. It's gonna be hard. I want people to write in, but I can't say: "Just write me at WTVN, 1301 Dublin Rd..." I may just end up getting a P.O. Box. Which is pretty cool in itself. Then again I can't give that address over the air because it would basically be like a commercial. More when I get them. Talked about Cannon. It was nice. He's a funny guy.
10:00 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, March 8th - 9th, 1996: SHOW 116
Well, it's going to be a farewell to the old Adam Kontras Show all weekend. With three big changes for next weekend: New studio (remodeling old one), Theme Trivia will be over, and a new producer. I played old callers, my first live call...the Dave-Man. Talked about that. Did Mike's Movie Review, and it kinda blew. He needs to put some more time into it. Then the prankers took over. I guess it really is their last hurrah. It got old pretty quick. I had to play a song during trivia. It's nice doing trivia for the second to last time. Douglas one again and 3-Peated, going for a 4-peat tomorrow. An overall good show, but the pranks were bad. LOTS OF THEM....and they're ready for the challenge of the producer. Poor Dave. Got BWF #84, and am really getting close to #100 with no celebs in sight (my interview idea for #100). I'll figure something out.
10:30 PM - 8:30 AM, Saturday - Sunday, March 9th - 10th, 1996: SHOW 117
Went in early to do a "Theme Trivia is Dead" song. It was done to the death march, and was pretty funny. First three hours filled with pranks and was bad. Good talk, I got into some good debates. I was "on" tonight, felt very funny, but I need to be able to sustain that better. I'm much better at it then before, that's for sure. The 3:00 hour was great. Since it was the last Trivia, I played all the trivia songs, went over the stats of the entire trivia era. And had "Your best Theme Trivia Memories" Oddly enough it went great. Then the final one, and Douglas got beat! Had a 7 way tie for third place and had to break it up into two pre-pre face offs, then a pre face off, then the face off. Then recapped the night and boom it was done. Then came the best part. I put all of my carted songs and callers on DAT. All I have to do is put one tape in, and press a number and my songs will come up. No more carts!!!!! I won't erase them yet, but I'm pretty excited so far. I tested it, and it works great! I'll use carts for sound effects only. I am pumped, and I am tired it's 9:30.