11:00 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, February 23rd - 24th, 1996: SHOW 111 (600 hours passed)
(sigh) not good. I'm worried. The night starts out good. Lots of calls. I mean lots. Glenn calls around 2:00 and of course everyone's there to yell at him. I mention something about homosexuals and we get into it. It was a great debate. Had probably one of the best Coffee Talks ever. Very funny, fast. Had a base of 4, and I felt it was very entertaining. I got a bit emotional when a caller said that any type of sexual activity that isn't procreative is wrong. So I brought up masturbation. Now for some reason that word seemed like a "bad" word as I was reeling sentences off, and I used "Jack-off". Looking back that is quite obviously worse. Oh well, I almost hit delay and I wish I had. At the top of the hour, Bill White calls up and says I'm only entertaining myself with this Coffee Talk, and to move on and take one caller at a time. He said nothing of the "Jack-off", but he had to have heard it. A lady called up and said that was extremely unprofessional and I should apologize. An hour later I did. She was right. My problem now is, is that I disagree with Bill about this. Yes when I took them one caller at a time things went fine, but people still wanted to bounce ideas off of Glenn. I've even made his own "highlight" reel. I have no problem making callers mini-celebrities. That just broadens the appeal of the show. The Coffee Talk does work, and listening to it back, I even find it enjoyable. It's nice to here these type of discussions. Ahh well, I reall just hope he Bill doesn't suspend me for saying "Jack-Off"...I lost my cool. Damn. What a shitty night. Prankers were unbelievable. Had 6 straight during trivia! Finally played music, then played music from 5:45 on. Just too many of them. One that keeps saying he wants to fuck me up the ass, and all sorts of things.....ALL FUCKING NIGHT. I don't think I've ever known there were this many losers. Jesus the determination to be an idiot. God let tomorrow be better, and god let there not be a message on my answering machine this morning.
10:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, February 24th - 25th, 1996: SHOW 112
Well no answering machine message, nothing. All day I thought he was going to wait until after the weekend and then call me in Monday and yell at me or suspend me. I don't feel that way now, but every time I play back that tape (which I've now taped over) I cringe....I can't believe I said that. I got on tonight, apologized and explained how the prankers got the best of me, and I was on edge anyway. And tonight went better. Until Trivia. Same guys again. I want to kill them. If I saw them on the streets, I would be uncontrollable, pounding and pounding on them. It's like a sickness. I hope they keep their distance. Anyway, came in early to work and redid Theme Trivia, Edited down Dave, made a Be the Man 2 cart along with a Be The Man 2 song cart. Then one of his new poem, and a Dave Man higlight cart. I was busy. Overall actually...a great night. BWF #80, can you believe it? A lot of talk on my CD which is nice. I HAVE TO WRITE TO LEHNER ABOUT THE PRESS PASS FOR APRIL. Alright, I'm dead tired. Bye.