2:00 PM, Friday, February 2nd, 1996:
Meeting #12. Basically calls me in to see how I'm doing, and jokingly says to make sure I'm not watching the Bulls-Lakers game tonight on TV while I'm on the air (Magic and Michael together again). Great, now he knows. I was just going to watch it with no sound...he wants me to make a thing out of it. You know, see how long I can make it before someone tells me the answer. We also saw my ratings for the fall! It was cool, but confusing....all of these demographics. I was really high in some categories, number 1 in quite a few. Showed that I have over 10,000 listeners in a night. Wow. And that's only adults 18+. So that was interesting, but still there were so many numbers and demos, confusing as hell. At one point he laughed, threw the numbers on his desk and said: "This is all bullshit. We just all agree to abide by the same bullshit". :-) Oh well, he likes what I'm doing.
11:30 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, February 2nd - 3rd, 1996: SHOW 105
Well, sorry Bill. I watched as much as I could, sped to work, watched as much as I could, and watched the rest on the air. I played along with the audience though. Saying I was taping it (which I really was) and didn't want to know the score. I was fine until the news said it at 1:00, then I pretended like it was ruined. It was funny, and a good gag. (Bulls won 99-84, Magic had 15, Jordan only had 17). The show was fun, but not too funny. Too serious almost, but a few good laughs. Got tired and hungry during trivia, and Anthony Green came and brought me a muffin, an orange, and some punch. Cool, can't argue with that. Trivia went fine, and Douglas won 3-0 over professor John, and Terry. I mean Douglas went nuts. I only asked 5 of the potential 18 questions. Good night, go Bulls, I'm tired.
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, February 3rd - 4th, 1996: SHOW 106
Another good night. Thought I'd be dead tired since I only got 6 hours of sleep but I'm fine now, and it's 7:30. Show had some slow parts over all, and lots of pranks. Actually was able to hold a conversation with one of them on the air. What a loser. Jesus. He says that Cannon hates me, and he's teaming up with him to get me off the air...oh and Cannon and the other DJ's. That triggers all these other regular callers asking if I've heard what Cannon says about me during the week, 'cause it's derrogatory and paranoid. That really pisses me off because I've done NOTHING but defend him on the air (here I'm a bit more open :-) ) That and his stupid "punk kid" shit is getting old. Then BC gets one of my prankers yesterday, and says..."just one of Adam's callers..." As if he's my friend I guess. GODDAMNIT. Now BC is cool, I know he's joking, but this Cannon thing pisses me off. Anyway, trivia was fun..newcomer Scott almost took it all, but lost a close one to Brian...who beat Douglas!!! Ha...3-2-2. Douglas just cannot 3peat. Got BWF #74 in at the last half hour. Had a good 25 minutes of them. Then had a lady trying to ask me out...she was a wee bit shocked when I said I was 20...she was 40. By far though, the best thing happened after my show....Talkin' to Bradley about Cannon and he says his career's been pretty sad...I asked why and he tells me a heck of a story. I guess Cannon got a job at KMOX in St. Louis...a big deal..bigger then WTVN. Well he worked there 2 days...Why? He blew this opportunity because the first day he left a pig sty in the studio, and the morning guy..."bigger BC type" said fuck this, I'm not dealin' with this...talked to the PD, and the PD talked to Cannon and said: "You know, don't know exactly what's up...but please don't let this happen again." The next day, same thing...Cannon's gone. Wow. But really, you wouldn't BELIEVE his desk. Now you know Steve was here in '75, he left for another stupid reason...he was Nite Talk...and BC was afternoons, BC left to do WBNS mornings, and Cannon took BC's spot. Apparently the advertisers freaked out and said there was no way they'd pay more money to put their spots on in the afternoons, and they only wanted Cannon at night or they'd pull all of their spots...so the obvious decision, keep Cannon on 7-midnight Nite-Talk, or lose a shitload of Ad money. Perry (The PD then) makes that decision, Cannon takes it personally and quits. Duh... Then he comes back now a has-been, if he had just stuck around he'd of been the Next in line for BC...how odd. Ah well, can't say I feel too sorry for him...
11:30 PM - 2:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, February 4th - 5th, 1996:
Just produced Cannon... What a loser. Had a prank call that said fuck and then went on for about 20 minutes on-the-air. If he even had to deal with what I go through without a producer. Even the caller he was on with while he was going nuts was saying..."chill out Steve". Oh well. I finished the final song for my CD and listened throughout the night during breaks. "I Trusted You" - sounds awesome.