2:30 PM, Friday, January 19th, 1996:
Meeting #11 - It was nice to meet with Bill for no real reason. We talked for a good 45 minutes, and a lot about school. I told him I just couldn't stand it, and he understood. He then gave me a scenario that I will never forget. (Rough paraphrase):
"Ok, so you drop out now to get this CD going. You'll probably be asking for a full time position, which we don’t have right now, so you'll have to get some sort of job during the week. The CD sells well enough, that you want to make another and keep going. You're about 23 now, it's taken you a little longer than you thought to get your music off the ground, but things are going good. We offer you the full-time position, which is nice, you keep workin' on the music. Realizing now that getting that extra job made you busier than before, so the CD stuff is still laggin'. You're close to 30 years old, and all of the sudden......you're Steve Cannon."


And that was all he needed to say. Not that I buy it all. The CD will be good or bad on it's own merit, not whether or not I'm in school when I produce it. We talked about quite a bit though, and it was nice. I am a substantial part of the station now.

11:00 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, January 19th - 20th, 1996: SHOW 101

The first night I had prankers before the show started. Made me have to play a spot after my opening because I *69 him. Then he cussed me out even more. All night: "Are you gay?" Over, and over, and over. I handled them pretty well though. It was a classic funny night. Had a drunk guy who was racist and liked the Celtics call up. It was very comical. A lot of new listeners, and a new Face-Off Winner! And he beat Douglas! Yes! Brian-3, Douglas-2, and Prof. John-2. I'm keeping track of all of the contestants now. Going in early tomorrow to do some work, otherwise...I'm lovin' my job and things are going great, even with the pranks.
8:30 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, January 20th - 21st, 1996: SHOW 102
Went in early to eat my dinner, and do production. Got soundbytes of "Loser" and "Alrighty then" from Jim Carrey, then I did stuff for school. The show was going great, and the pranks were just stupid, and then they got bad. Screeching and screaming in my ear. So bad that in the middle of trivia, I threw on a song. I said: "My ears are more valuable than Theme Trivia..." I went back on and finished it: Aaron-3, Andy-2, and Brian-1. I almost fell asleep when I played that song. God was I draggin'. Good night, but the prankers really pissed me off. Oh, and got BWF #70. Another nice landmark.