10:15 PM - 5:15 AM, Monday - Tuesday, December 25th - 26th, 1995: SHOW 90
I had this feeling that this would be a bad night. The first hour was OK, then I had about 3 calls at the 1:00 hour...yet I still did all talk. Did TT from 2-4, then had a face off and recap until 5:00. Once again Mike Perkins was super nice. We talked and joked a lot. I really think he likes me. It's pretty cool. He's extremely intelligent which is nice for a change after listening to dilberts all night. No pranks though.. Hmmm....
11:00 PM - 5:00 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, December 26th - 27th, 1995: SHOW 91
A very solid night. Basically had to cut off the listeners at 3:00 so we could do Trivia. The talk was big on Drugs, especially the legalization of them. Glenn had made a good point to Cannon before the show about being for it, and Steve had some good counterpoints....using that I got three hours of quality talk, and I'm sure Bill wasn't listening. Trivia went good. A couple of prankers, but nothing horrible. I also misplaced my list of over 300 "Gone But Not Forgotten" restaurants, but I think I left it at the station.
11:00 PM - 5:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, December 27th - 28th, 1995: SHOW 92
Was in a great mood when I jumped on the air tonight, because I had finished another song for my CD, and am realizing that I could have it done by February and out in March. My happiness soon ended when the pranks took over. I'm tellin ya, I'm gonna lose it on the station some night. I called the phone company and was dicked around from one place to another, all saying they couldn't trace it. They said try *57, and I find out if these people have *69 blocked all of the *'s are blocked. I kept having to throw a song on after one of these assholes called up so I could try to trace it. It was a mess. Otherwise a good night filled with good talk. Also a lot of talk about my music during peak times right before 5:00. Overall OK, but I want these fuckin' prankers bad. I will catch them. Mike Perkins came in at the end of my shift and said "Hello Genius..." I thought he was joking, and in a way he was but then he corrected himself by saying...Protege instead of genius. It was really nice. Then he came up to me when I was looking at the paper and was giving me tips, and genuinely treating me like one of the team. He has been the only one to take me under his wing in a sense and offer some type of tips without me coming right out and saying, as Bob said I should do sometimes. The oddest part of it all is that I see Bill and Mike as the same since they both hired me and are both my boss really. With Mike controlling my schedule and Bill just being...the Programming Director. It's funny, Mike's son is only one year younger than me. Alright.
11:00 PM - 5:30 AM, Thursday - Friday, December 28th - 29th, 1995: SHOW 93
Got there, and one of my listeners Andy was waiting for me (he said he may come by this week to show me some songs). I listened to some of his stuff, and vice-versa. He actually wrote a song for the trivia face-off. It was great. I told him I'd rotate it in. Very cool of him. Alright, the night....worst night ever. It actually beats the sick night in the summer. I tried to ignore it, I tried to be cool, but I kept losin' it. These guys called up so many times...over and fuckin' over again. I was going insane. That on top of people tellin' me how I should handle it. One guy called up at the 3:00 hour and said how bad it was, and how I have no control, and how I'm not a good host, and how my theme songs go on forever and how he wished I didn't play them. Oh, and by the way they are all of 60 seconds. I was fumin'. Trivia....not a chance they were so bad. Finally someone called up and said this is stupid. It's no longer fun to listen to. Jesus my hands are tied here. What the hell am I going to do? I finally played music and called the phone company. Told the listeners we were being traced and it helped for about 5 minutes... All of the assholes are blocked. It makes no sense. It finally started to die down, and I was just mad that I gave them so much time. I will ignore them tomorrow. Perkins came in and once again was nice. Talked to Andy for a half an hour and then finally got home.
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, December 29th - 30th, 1995: SHOW 94
I lied. 66 Obscene phone calls in two hours. I ignored everyone, and kept the delay off. I, for one night, wanted people to hear the aggrivation I heard. Around 1:30 I said I was going to call everything off because I should not have to deal with this to do a show. The management needs to put a caller ID system in here. Besides I was the music player...and am pushing to do more. That's where all this came from. I was fine until people kept calling me telling me I was a whimp for playing music and that I should persevere and not quit. I kept saying I was not quitting, I was going back and doing my job. My job is to entertain. There is absolutely nothing entertaining about this show now, and I will play music which is quite a bit more entertaining. I got hell from everyone...which put me in the bad mood. I tried to explain to them that it was out of my hands now. I've done all I can. The next step is if the management wants to update our studio and put in some sort of ID system. Write letters! I gave them the address and said if you write, than they will listen. I hope it works. Man, it was bad...over and over and over. It was like a nightmare. At 2:00 I didn't play my themes, just music and weather. Period. People raised holy hell because I said I wasn't doing trivia. Jesus. No way I'm doing that again. We all need to cool down. And I wanted a beak, I deserved a break. You know, I have worked so hard, I mean so hard for this show, and for no reason. It isn't even part of the job. I did it because I wanted to fill the holes that I saw in talk radio when I got here. And it's worked. The show has had tons of callers. A very fast pace, and a fun atmosphere. And about 4 losers who can't figure out that there are much better things to do with your hand than to dial 821-WTVN, are slowly deteriorating an atmosphere I've killed mysef to get going. Around 3:15 I have a change of heart, and also figure that some of the babies have gone to sleep, so I take a breath and put on Theme Trivia. Amazingly enough people were still listening and Trivia went fine. One of the callers said "I'm Back", but got bored and stopped calling. Besides I was in delay and just wasn't going to let them on the show. Simple as that. Ended up having the best Trivia yet with a great Face-off. The hour ended nicely and I took a breath. God, I hope the station is flooded with letters. If they are, there might be some respect thrown my way. Anyway, it ended and I'm tired. God I hope these fucks don't do it again. I may crack on the air.
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, December 30th - 31st, 1995: SHOW 95 (500 hours passed)
Well, I went in with a whole different attitude. I knew that these people were going to do it again, and I knew that the audience was with me, so I explained how it would sound when I dumped out and went on with it. The show was fine. A lot of prankers, but they didn't get on the air. You could tell I was getting flustered, and I don't even know where I'm getting all of the patience from. Many callers have said I had the patience of Job, whatever that means. How do you handle people yelling "fuck" in your ears for 6 straight hours? And the worst part are the assholes that try to give me suggestions..Jesus, don't you think I've thought of them! The show was solid once again, with drug legalization leading the way. A definite great Coffee Talk topic. On trivia I played Andy's "Face-off" song. It really don't like it too much, but I gave him a deal that I'd play it if he was in the Face-off, only problem is is that he is simply brilliant in that game. I truly haven't a clue how he does it so well. A lot of compliments and well-wishers for the New year, which is nice. I am making a name for myself.
10:00 PM - 6:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, December 31st - January 1st, 1995-1996: SHOW 96
Katherine paid me $25 to come in at 10:00, and I was there. Near the top of the midnight hour I went in to put a version of Auld Lang Syne on cart. I got a bit entranced with the harmonies when all of the sudden BAM! Robert Bower comes stormin' in screamin' for me to put the sound down on ESPN. It was past 11! Jesus Christ it felt like a bad dream. Completely unreal. As I was runnin' to the main studio to turn it down, everything was in this erie slo-mo effect. He had started his newscast and then had to find me to tell me to turn ESPN down. I've never been so embarassed, probably in my entire life. It was so horrible. He apologized for screamin' fuck, and I apologized for everything. Anyway, the New Year came, and I was ready for the callers....and god did they come. Definitely the worst night for callers, but I got them all off. It was interesting to listen to though since I had Auld Lang Syne rumming throughout the hour as people called up and wished me a Happy New Year, and I kept sayin' this was for those of you who can't get out and party, here's what you're missing. It did get old, and prompted more: Here's what you need to do Adam... I can handle the prankers, but jesus these idiots who have a solution...Oh, and here's the classic of the night...the year for that matter. "Why don't you change your number..." And she was dead serious. Ahh well. Did trivia from 3:00 to 5:00, and it got so bad at one point I just stopped... Every line would be filled before I could even ask the questions. All these fuckin' prankers clog ALL OF THE LINES and then get on and say their friends names. Then when I put the delay on and knock them off, I have people asking me why I cut them off so quick...since they can't hear what they said. Then some fuckin' ADULT, totally sober gets on and says I have no control and should let people say what they want because of the 1st amendment....Jesus do I really need this. How can people be so fucking ignorant and live on this earth!!!! And why do all the ignorant people on the earth call me!!!! Then around 5:00 I find out I'm on until 5:30..then at 5:15 I find out it's until 6:00! I wasn't ready, but it was nice to know I had the listeners that Bob Conners had. It was exciting indeed. Alright I'm done. My 17 day sentence is over. I start my 10 Week sentence tomorrow when school starts. Jesus let someone give me a record contract this year. Oh please...