10:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, October 13th - 14th, 1995: SHOW 64
Here's an exerpt of....no, here's what I got in my mailbox tonight:
Dear 610 Friends,
Well, I've been a faithful listener since '81, but I didn't realize how valuable to a person, fortunate to be alive. I listen all the time anyhow, but for the last week that was about all I could do. My race car trailer hitch broke and I got it in the face, bad. I'm writing because I don't talk well yet, but my right eye opened this morning. Talk about scared. Thank the Lord I wasn't alone. How my brothers got that thing off me, I'll never know.
While I was literally on my back, I stopped to think how much I appreciated 610. We go back a long time. Ol' Corby and I used to work together at King Tut's(He was with WNCI then.) Bob Coneers warmed up my band at Wyandotte Lake. He is the Monarch and it was an honor. You would be surprised how many "rockers" listen to 610. We like our News, Sports, Talk, and your music selection, because we learned to play from a lot of your playlist when we didn't know which end of a guitar to hold. I have John Lane's "Certificate of Musicology" framed on my office wall. That was fun, you will have to ask him. That was interesting, to say the least.
I met Sgt. Bob years ago and he could throw a sprint car sideways with the best. Later he had a very fast SCCA Datsun Roadster after he calmed down. I hope we won't blow up another aircraft engine again. I'll never forget that one. Whew! I have good pals, Ralph and Judy who met on Cannon's old "Desperate and Dateless." Happily married to this day (2 kids). They were so, shy. Think about that. When Cannon came back, I was so glad to hear his voice again. I also met Drew Hayes, in '86. He had just torn up Elvis P. and I still think I have a tape of that. Man, that ruffled some feathers!
I was introduced to Pam Spencer a few months ago, at a local venue where Rock & Roll is played by various crazies, such as Bradford Power Station. Pam, wear your 'chute. You a P-51 so you can strafe 270 and 23. That would clear the way.
I really appreciate the new folks you have on line. Adam didn't deserve the treatment he got from idiots using profanity, when the delay was not operational. Iguess everyone tunes in 610, even (unprintables). I felt so badly for him. That was hurting him and althoughhe tried not to let it show, it did. It made me mad. Why ruin our fun? I stumbled around, trying to find the phone to lend support. The lines were full, and I just wanted to tell him that 99% are spoiled by a few idiots. I had both eye swollen shut.
Anyway, Mr. White, and folks at 610, you are much appreciated, especially by a guy flat on his back (temporarily) and, in the grand tradition of "Superman", don't let them call you "Chief"
"Whitehall" Pete Mollett
4673 E. Main #1
Whitehall, Oh. 43213
P.S. Please pass this around to the aformentioned personalities, if possible.
P.S. to Adam,
Glad to know you are a musician! Sounds like you have a decent home studio.
If you need some bass, feel free to ask. I've been playing since '68. The 'ol Fender looks like it, but it's owner doesn't. Piece of advice, make darn sure you copyright your stuff. We use the Library of Congress. Good Luck.
Pretty amazing. I felt so good when I read that. It was also nice to know that I was not only mentioned, but talked about more than all the other DJ's. Quick asides to Conners, and Cannon. Some news people, some people not there anymore, and then a lot on me. This looks very good to Bill I'm sure. It didn't make sense in some places, but oh well. It was a great honor and I'll cherish it forever.
Now the show? Well, another no-hitter. Big deal right? More race talk, and Mary called up again and asked for music. Screw her. Go listen to a music station. Not a talk radio station. Everything was overshadowed by this letter. On my way home Prof. John called Conners and talked about me, and for the first time in my life I heard Conners say my name. It was kind of cool. Of course he says callers names every day so what's the big deal? Hey, I liked it. No hitter tomorrow is unlikely.
10:45 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, October 14th - 15th, 1995: SHOW 65
Damn close... I could have done it, but it was obvious I was struggling for calls, and my voice was close to shot, so I played music. It was nice, and hey who else does 6 straight hours of talk, I don't feel too bad. Michael called, the guy who has been banned from other radio stations as well as ours I've heard. Nuts, plain nuts...maybe salted. He was accusing me of all this deception, it was quite funny. I let him ramble like Conners told me to and he always digs his own grave...but boy does he get the lines lighting up. He was goin' crazy about having to pay a tax to build the arena for a bunch of "fanatics". He actually has some points but his voice is so condescending that it just pisses everyone off. Great radio. I was in a crazy mood tonight, I think my spunk showed. Otherwise, routine. I have a meeting with BIll on Tuesday, and have a lot to ask him about.