10:30 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, September 29th - 30th, 1995: SHOW 60 (300 hours passed)
I had to be early because I was running Cannon live from the Holiday in on the Lane. Unfortunately the Reds went an hour over, and I played checkers on computer for an hour and a half. So from midnight to 2:00 it was Cannon. There were all these drunk people at the hotel yelling obsceneties and Cannon was giving the mic to them and letting them scream into it. It was annoying as hell. I would've turned the radio off if I was listening. Finally it was over and I got my BWF #27, and had 4 straight hours of talk. You know, no-hitters absolutelydon't mean anything to me anymore. If I do it on a Sunday morning it might, but now I expect myself to do it. I have no music prepared, and no spots, so I have no choice. Did CT on the Notre Dame game and of course on OJ (which is finally over). Leola is still adament her man is innocent (she's only called every coffee talk for a month now) and uses her keen sense of "reading people" to back her case up. God help us all of that man gets acquitted and we have to hear "I told you so" all night. Anyway the night went well. I was in a great mood, and I think it showed. It's halftime of the game, and my halftime prediction is right! I said we'd be down 17-14, can you believe it? If Ohio State scores 24 unanswered points in the second half I'll be home free. (no, but they won 45-26)
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, September 30th - 1st, 1995: SHOW 61
Sunday, Sunday....I expected it to be slow so I played songs early. Little did I know that I'd play none after 1:00. It was a good night. I was having fun. From 2:00 to 3:00 I did a dating game which got old really fast, but I couldn't end it. Then talk about sports lifted me for a while. Finally found a problem with CT, there's no way to get a caller off the line without it looking like you're playing favorites. When it's 1-on-1, you can. Tom from Hilliard just brings the talk down. He's usually blasted, and all of his points are things the rest of us thought of last week. I finally just hit him off when he wasn't talking and didn't let him back on. I felt bad, but he was just too slow. I'm meeting my 5th caller Monday night. I met Anthony Greene at the Fair, Professr John at the station, John Ricardi at Tee Jayes, Tom Snider at K-Mart, and now Gary from Westerville at Don Pablo's Monday. It's fun, I've known them for 4 months, and you meet them for the first time knowing their whole life. I do of course meet them at public places just in case they're psychopaths. It should be interesting.
10:30 PM - 2:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, October 1st - 2nd, 1995:
Ran ESPN, produced Cannon. I guess Bill left a message on Cannon's voice mail saying Friday night went great. What the hell was he listening to? It was the most annoying thing that I've ever heard. And today they ran ESPN from 4:30 to 12:00 midnight. Jesus, put me on for 2 hours, I can do it! Why would they run ESPN for almost 8 hours? Give me Sunday nights! That would be great! Maybe I'll say something.