2:00 PM, Tuesday, June 20th, 1995:
Meeting #4. We listened to my aircheck on Saturday (just the parts when I had my mic on). Bill gave me some great tips. Things I never thought about. I was really surprised I hadn't thought of some of them. But that's what's so great, I'll constantly get better, every time I'm on. He didn't offer me the job, but I think he's done taking applications. Once again he warned me of my worst case scenario: him hiring someone else, and using me for depth. You know, that scares the hell out of me. I know I'd still be on the air, but I want those two nights to be mine, all mine. Weekend on the Giant, with Adam Kontras, no one else. I really don't know how someone better hasn't come along. I'm not that good. I just hope that I can improve enough in the coming shifts that he'll have to compare each interviewee with the "better" me. I have this strange feeling that he'll give one weekend to a potential candidate, and I'll have to listen to some guy do my shift. Damn, I'm getting territorial quick. He wants me to work from 2:00 to 5:00 AM on Thursday. I said no problem. From 12:00 to 2:00 Steve Cannon is doing his talk show. I'm gonna watch and learn as much as possible. Bill said that's where he inevitably wants me to be. Again, he still acts promising, and very "wanting" to give me a job. I really want to kick some ass this weekend. I have to make my case stronger.
12:00 AM - 6:00 AM, Thursday, June 22nd, 1995: SHOW 4
Today was awesome. I learned how to produce the talk show. Basically take calls, and tell the host who they are. Met Steve Cannon. I tried to picture what I thought he looked like from his voice and I was pretty close. He mentioned that I was young on the air which kind of pissed me off, so I turned it into a poll when I went on. "How old Am I?" I never said my age on the air, but the guesses were late 20's or 25 on the dot. I also had a poll on the guilt or innocence of OJ. I basically had fun. Sally Wagner was kind of a bitch in the morning although I did everything right. She was surprised that I got her spots for her, but never said thanks. I had heard that she needs more coffee than we can give her to be nice. Also met Joe Bradley who noticed I was in the production room after my shift. He made some joke about not getting paid overtime, so leave. He was kidding. Went up to Bob Conners and asked him a question one of the callers asked me, he didn't know either. God his voice kicks ass. And he's like 6 foot 7. A very overpowering guy, but a genuinely nice man. I'm getting better but need quite a bit more work. I had some good intelligent conversations with some callers. I really want to have a talk show from midnight to two like cannon. I think it would work well.
10:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, June 23rd - 24th, 1995: SHOW 5
Steve Hansell let me in. He seemed nice. Then when I sat in the studio with him, he asked me to leave. I understood, but Cannon didn't do that. It seemed like Hansel was nervous. It was something that I would ask. Then near the end of the hour he asked me in, and started asking me questions on the air. So I talked into the other microphone. Luckily I know about sports, and I caught the USA - Mexico Soccer Game, and knew the score. It made me look good. But what an odd position to put me in after he just told me to leave. He's a big soccer nut. Once again, I get called a young punk over the air. He asked me how old I was on the air, and I didn't say. Damn, that pisses me off. So on to my shift which got very boring. Not too many callers....not until 3:30 AM. There was a party, and the same people kept calling back over and over. I'd play their request, and then during the song they'd call back again. Oh well, it kept me awake. The highlight was probably when Bob Conners came in and said: "So, you're doing this now"..."It looks like it"..."Cool." Bob Conners thought it was cool that I was on before him. You gotta like that.
10:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, June 24th - 25th, 1995: SHOW 6
Things were crazy. Got some callers that wanted to talk about baseball, and I did pretty well. I even taped a 90 second conversation and put it on the air. Damn close to a real live talk show. Things were smooth until about 2:00. A guy called and asked for two requests. I played them, he didn't hear the second one. So he calls up and explains that his son just died and could I play it again. I did. Other curious facts: He said he was a Cherokee, name was John Henry, he said he was mentally disturbed, said his son was an organ donor, said I had to listen to the words of all of these songs, he couldn't sleep, his whole family thinks he's a nut case, some of these requests are for kids who are drunk and asleep right now....it went on and on. He called soooo much. The man was definitely looney tunes, but I played his requests. Then some kids called up for the Blitz, and when they found out they were wrong requested some Beatles. Then they called up and asked if I could play a joke over the air, I did. Then a lady called up and said she had a better one, so I played it. Then another guy called up...It was great, one of the liveliest 3:00 hours I've ever had. Overall things were great. I'm on the schedule up through August, but no times for during the week! What the hell, I need more time, I have no money. I think I'm gonna tell Bill this next time we meet.