8:30 AM, Tuesday, June 13th, 1995:
Bill calls me and says that I'm going to be on again this weekend. I already knew that, but that's OK.
8:35 AM, Tuesday, June 13th, 1995:
Bill calls and says he can't find the tape and then says he thinks he knows where it is. Okay let's wake up the overnight guy some more at 8:30 in the morning.
1:00 PM, Tuesday, June 13th, 1995:
Bill leaves a message saying he liked the tape, and reaffirming our 2:30 time. Jesus does this guy cover his ass all day or what? But he liked the tape....that is very good.
2:30 PM, Tuesday, June 13th, 1995:
Meeting #2. Bill was really impressed. He gave me a few tips, and I told him what I felt was already wrong; that I was a little announcerish. He explained once again that he still needed to keep interviewing, but as of now no one is beating me out. He said it will all die down in about 3 weeks. Great. He also said that if they did find someone else they might just put both of us on separate nights for depth. That's good. Bill said he would go with me, that I seem responsible enough, and am good enough on the boards and talent wise, but he still needs to interview more. That's good, then I can just practice more and get better. Mike told me in the meeting that he was wrong about Wednesday, he didn't need anyone. So for this Saturday morning, I would go on with a lady named Kathryn, and at 1:00, I'd do the rest of the shift. Sounds good to me.
11:00 AM, Thursday, June 15th, 1995:
Meeting #3. Wow, great day. Bill was very comfortable with me. He kept saying things like "When we hire you in two weeks, we'll...." I asked him about my competition, which is HUMUNGOUS (you should see their stack of tapes), but he said I was the best. What I was there for was to sign some things for my license, which they're paying for. That's $45! They didn't pay for Meckley's! Man, things are just going so well. He said some guy from Orlando may be moving up here and is applying for the job. I can't believe I'm competing with so many people who have been in the business for years. Like the lady said at the front desk, I'm starting at the top. Lots of people who got their foot in the door at other stations are now applying for here. I'm just too damn lucky. I'm gonna work my ass off to impress them. Bill said in my worst case scenario he'd hire somebody and we'd alternate shifts, but either way I'm in. It's really because my hours are so flexible. I have all the time in the world. All because I lost that Gatorade job. Life is good....really good.
10:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, June 16th - 17th, 1995: SHOW 2
So I get there and Don Alexander lets me in. What a great guy. Older man who couldn't be any nicer. Then I tap into the wire ready to get stories. A lot of really good goofy ones. Then I met Kathryn Piermont. She was awesome. Extremely funny, very nice. She'd been doing this for 12 years, and had this cynicism that was great. Once she found out that I had already done this before, she let me go on the air from 12-6. So here it is my first full shift. To start things out, I look for the generic weekend jingle so I can say my name over it...and it's not there. I probably looked for another 5 minutes when...
...I realize that I have my own. Can you believe it. The big-ass voice of WTVN made me my own open. Then I go into the lounge and the memo announcement of an opening for the weekend position is gone. Hello I think I got the job. Boy, that put me on a high. The night went great. A few screw ups but overall, it really is easy.
10:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, June 17th - 18th, 1995: SHOW 3
Well, I found out what happens when you give away tickets: all hell breaks loose. At the 12:00 hour I asked for dedications for Father's Day,. and was giving away tickets. I don't know how I did it. I had 20 calls that first half hour. Then someone handed me the weather, and wrote "In Met....." at the bottom. Well while I was reading it I thought that meant in the metropolitan area...then I see that after the periods it said 610 WTVN, so I sounded like a fool. Overall the hours I gave away tickets went rather well considering I didn't have time to breath. Kathryn also told me that Mike Perkins said I was "a keeper". I bet they offer me the job early this week.