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Entry #80
Well if you can't be original, I guess you can always shitty-back.
So Toby set the bar with his Cat Shkit (filling a cup with pennies and catshit and giving it to a cashier who unknowingly spreads it out on his counter) and Jimbo wanted to do something comparable. I figured the only thing left would be human feces...sounds reasonable enough, right?
The reaction however, just wow. Thank you to Natasha for videotaping this bit. Certainly fun to see one after sitting in the studio and imagining everything.
The big story here was of course that after being turned down by the first cashier...he went to another place and the guy fuggin' poured the crap on his counter and had no problem wading through it to count the pennies. And to end it all, he picked the shit back up and put it in their cup when he was finished.
Didn't see that comin'...
And we now introduce guilt to the Late Show. I mean - we're trying to piss people off...but this just makes me feel BAD. No one should have to wade through human feces to count pennies. Ever. If I had actually been there I'm not so certain I wouldn't have just taken it back and gone: "No dude, sorry - you win the nicest guy of the year award".
That or he was just mentally retarded, and I mean that in a completely "scientific term" way and not to poke fun. Dude just can't be right in the head (like we're all sane for shitting in a cup and putting pennies over it - lol), but it's an interesting video for sure.
If only I knew what Jim's crap was foreshadowing... (sigh)