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Entry #53
How original is this bit!??!
It really had turned into a mission to piss off a late night cashier and everyone was failing... and then along came Tobey with an incredibly creative bit - certain to piss off the cashier. A cup full of pennies with fresh cat shit strewn throughout - and using said cup to buy gas. When the cashier pours the pennies out to count them he inadvertantly pours cat shit all over his counter. Genius.
It was the first, and I believe only time we really pissed off a cashier. More than anything I was just so elated that it's the cashier himself who does the deed. It's like the ol' flaming dog shit on the porch gag. It makes you even angrier that you smashed your foot on the bag.
No matter what, that cashier told his girlfriend what happened and had a good laugh. I mean, what the hell else are you gonna do on the overnight shift?