At 13 Adam began writing and singing songs on the piano, but only recording them into a tape recorder even though his father had a full recording studio. It wasn't until 15 that Adam got the nerve to sing in front of his father, at which point they began to record little by little throughout Adam's highschool years. In 1994 Adam released his first cassette Unreal, followed by a re-worked college version entitled Tomorrow in 1995. Adam got involved in radio his freshman year at Otterbein in a thinly veiled attempt to get his music on the air. Little did he know that he would excel at such a rate that by the end of the year he would sign with the biggest talk radio station in the state.
"To this day I don't know how 6 hours of talk radio a a night at 19, didn't scare the hell out of me, but it didn't. It absolutely envigorated me. I found a productive streak in me that I have since to match. I filled every second with as much imagination, creativity, comedy and music I could conjure up and had a ball doing it. The mild celebrity status I gained within a year at WTVN led to my first CD and eventually leaving college to continue with radio and music."
Adam took the graveyard shift and turned it into "The Late Show", what local papers called "the most original, inventive work a Columbus personality has produced in years". Within a year he was moved to a prime-time slot and brought on as a full-time producer. He released 2 CDs of the songs and skits from the show and 5 cassettes of the infamous "Cartoon for your radio" - The Boyles. His production skills soon caught the ear of FM station CD101, and they hired him as Production Director and Late Show Host.
"The studios were located in 'The Brewery District' of Columbus and my producer and I weren't at a loss for willing participants in my on-air schemes. To this day, I believe what's found in the 'Listener Bits' CDs is unparallelled by any radio show. It was a great year that's only interruption was the inception of 4TVs. By mid 1999 I was performing my a capella music with 4tvs and was planning the move out west."

4tvs proved to be the culmination of talents that Adam needed. In one show he was able to write, direct, produce, sing and act all in a way no one had ever seen before. From the music oriented sets to the one-man-show Adam & The Trinitrons and even the short-lived internet show Movie Minded starring himself and the 4tvs, Adam believes through this technology he's found his niche in the entertainment world. Where that leads is all part of The Journey.