Let's be honest. Blogs suck. They're boring, repetitive, self-important writing excercises that are rarely interesting to anyone but the writer. Few people have lives intriguing enough to warrant such diatribes (if they did when would they have time to write about them online?), and yet the internet is filled with them. Is mine better? Nope. But it's probably a bit more entertaining:
There's a video with every entry. I'm telling the story of trying to make it in LA and you actually see it unfold. I'm honest to a fault and try desperately to chronicle how I feel no matter how stupid, arrogant, scared, lazy, insincere or pathetic it makes me look. My purpose is not to make people like me, it's to make people know me.
And really, the story that has unfolded since 1999 is just incredible in parts. The sanity (and loved ones) you sacrifice when trying to find your way... whew. It's unintentionally hilarious, heartbreaking, and frustrating and it's everything I can do to keep up. I feel like a reporter more than the one creating the news most of the time. I write only when I feel like something has occured that is shaping my character development and at times every footstep can change my entire being.
So jump in and before you know it, you'll be going back to the beginning to see just how this all started. To get an email when there's a new entry, click and send...and super duper advanced net junkies who understand how feed burners work can right click and copy this link to their feed reader: If you'd like to know more about feed readers simply click that little badboy and it'll explain it. Pretty cool...


If you have any problem watching the videos, just get the latest version of Media Player (even for MAC) here