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12:30 AM, Friday, February 9th, 2001:
The Beatles played Ed Sullivan for the first time on February 9th, 1964. 37 years later, The Trinitrons are born...
Ok, that's it. I can't hold it in any longer. I am REALLY damn excited. I can't stop smiling. I can't stop jumping up and down. I'm sick of being all patient and reserved about my feelings here. It's absolutely KILLING me to try and be quiet about how big the past week has been for me. Again, I feel like if I admit to thinking I'm on the verge of an incredibly big break I'll look stupid...
There's just no other way around it. This really is it. I don't believe I'm jinxing this or any of that BS. I am getting my true feelings down as anyone would do in a journal. I see it clearer than I have ever seen anything. For once my "luck" relies on my talents, and my creative juices are NOT letting me down. In fact this "monumental" writing challenge is oozing out of everything I do. Everything's writing itself. Charlotte (my manager) has incredibly good ideas, and is consistently blowing me away with her knowledge of how to do this.
The framework of the one man show is completed, as well as all 5 characters written. I even know exactly what they're gonna wear and look like. Their bitching back and forth is writing easier than The Boyles used to. Did I ever tell you guys that? The characters on The Boyles were SO well developed that I ad-libbed the episodes. Well that's how this feels. Everything's clicking. And on top of that, Charlotte completely one-upped me and thought of the name for the fictional band in the one-man show: The Trinitrons. (That's a brand of television by the way). It's perfect. The premise is that these 5 guys have so much disdain for each other they'll only perform in tvs, thus: The Trinitrons. So of course, I immediately changed the index page of 4tvs to include the band (sorry the "Live Adamcam" is history), and bought the domain names: trinitrons.com, and thetrinitrons.com in preperation. I'm BUZZIN. I can't sleep, hell I can't eat because I want to think about this.
Here's what my head is like right now. It's as if it's 2002 and "The Trinitrons" is already completed. I am in the audience watching the entire show. I have it ALL on tape in my mind as a member of the audience, but I can only see it when I REALLY concentrate. Once I am, it all comes into focus. The jokes, the set-up, everything just play for me. So of course laying in bed is THE SHIT, because I can see everything so clear. Unfortunately the point of a bed is sleeping (one of the points anyway) and this is just killing that aspect of life for me. BUT WHO CARES. LOL. I'm on one of the best creative rolls of my life. I cannot fucking WAIT to create this show. If it turns out the way my head sees it right now, it will absolutely blow people away. If you thought 4tvs had good timing, just wait.
The pisser in all of this is that it's so complicated and so EXACTING time wise, that I have to write out the most detailed script imaginable for every second of this one hour show. Once that's refined, and edited, I then have to make a dummy track for everyone to follow, shoot the 4tvs, and then try and sync them all together. I gave myself APRIL as a deadline. That may be cutting it a bit close, but if I don't make one, I'll procrastinate. Yeah right, at this rate - it'll be done by next month.
Anyway, the only real reason for this entry is to tell everyone that this is FREAKIN' HUGE. I've never said that about anything. Especially not 4tvs related. And I don't mean huge in a "we're gonna be able to pay our bills" sort of way...I mean this is the crossroad in which we all look back to in a couple of years. Now, without Hollywood Screentest, I would never have been able to afford to stay out here and even get this opportunity, so they get the nod for savin' my butt. OH MY GOD. I just remembered seriously considering selling the 4tvs equipment and trailer to stay out here. Wow. Life just turns on a dime sometimes...doesn't it? I mean, no shittin', I was THIS CLOSE to doing it...but I made that call to Eric Moro and got Movie Minded and video editing work out of it. Incredible. I'm not sure what lessons can be made out of all this. It seems like I'm in the Twilight Zone right now honestly. Man, I am....
Check out the video. I may never sleep again...
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