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12:11 PM, Saturday, November 11th, 2006:
CBS. Television City. If the pure audacity that these characters are coming back to life at a Network Telvision Studio doesn't just whallop you, time to read another blog. For me it was one of those "too much to conceive" moments. Making it even crazier was Charlotte was able to stop by and watch what she, Jess and I did 5 years earlier. Quite often we would look at each other just shaking our heads... but I'm getting ahead of myself...
"Adam, I'm sleeping. You lay shit on me, take my picture... I want to sleep."
Got this package on Thursday with the official offer, and of course my handy dandy guidebook on how to act like a proper CBS News employee. The majority of it is of course dealing with ethics in reporting news, so very little applied directly to me - but it was fun to read. It also occured to me Katie Couric got one of these in her mail and it made me all giggly for a bit. I wonder if it occured to her to take a picture of it on her dog?
Probably not.
Anyway, the reason I bring all of this incidental shit up is that it was this package cemented that Charlotte is indeed my manager again. After 7 months of beating around the bush, hemming and hawing about what could happen, what may happen, what should happen - we now have a reason to come back together. I needed someone to represent me in regards to the contract, she is more than capable of that, and there's a mutual benefit. It's an actual working relationship whereas before it was 100% faith on both sides with absolutely no payoff. And it's literally like we picked up where we left off before things got bad. It's like we won Aspen, got this deal with CBS, and the only irregularities are the months of Feruary 2002 through August 2006. You take those out, and it's really like one congruent story. So surreal to both of us. But also, honestly, really heartwarming...
...as was this entire day. I could act all cool and nonchalant until I actually sat in that chair. Then I got all giddy and took out my camera. Hell I was just excited to see my old friends after all this time! First up, G!

The ease to become G is extraordinary to me. It's amazing how a goatee can look so completely different. You move it down by shaving it in half, and it elongates your face and just instantly makes you look like a complete badass. That's not always true with everyone, there's something about the size of my eyes and the shape of my eyebrows that can make me look like a cariciture with very little work. I think that's why G and Spencer work so well. They seem to "pop" at you.

The make-up guy, Tyson, was just amazing. Because we have to do everything in one day, it requires drawing in my full beard, and other things like side-burns. He did such a good job on my beard (the shot to the right, isn't complete even) that I had to get out of my chair and go up to the mirror to see the make-up. He did Johnny Depp's make-up for Pirates of the Caribbean and had me smiling all day. It's very nice to have professionals helpin'.

After we'd finish the character the other make-up lady Jody pulled out the CSI forensics camera...
...for a shot of the finished character. As you can see, the cornrows are a bit off. They're pretty much just braids, and other than actually weaving cornrows into my actual hair I'm not sure of any way around it. After the test shoot next week, I'll look into what the cost would be to pull that off. See if there's even anyone at CBS that can do cornrows. For the time being I may just have to wear the bandana I wore during Spencer's set in T1...
...we'll just have to see.

For Dewey and Spence, hair color comes into play with eyebrows, facial hair as well as actual hair. Of course professionals have an airbrush with water soluble color instead of dye which just made me... well made me have the face you see here. It's the face of someone who is remembering years of pain, and dye, and waxing. May I offer you Entry #256 - To Wig or Dye in LA from 2003. You feel my pain with that video brothas and sistas...


Dewey's wig is currently a little too pretty. We're gonna be pourin' on the greasy shit to make him look a bit more surfer-ish. Getting a wig to look "wet" is kinda tough. The thing is though, we're comparing it to a version of Dewey the public will never see. So I'm sure they'll think it's fine. The eyebrows and goatee however we finally got dead-on. Tyson really can pull off some amazing things with that brush. Had I any idea...


And then there's Spencer's eyebrows. He tried this wax stuff that would cover over part of the brow, and then make-up would cover that... but to no avail. So then he tried just completely covering my entire brow with the rubber stuff, and from the side it was OK, but straight on it was really bad. The whole time Charlotte and Jody were joking about how I was gonna have to wax my brows off.


And honestly, I did that before each time. I don't care if I look stupid if it makes the character believeable. But it took several months already to grow back - and this wouldn't be over until MARCH. And on top of that, would drawn in eyerows for G and the other real men look alright? Looking in the mirror after an hour of fucking with my eybrows I just gave-in, picked up the razor and started to shave. (sigh) I thinned them out and then made 'em as skinny as I had to not to look completely ridiculous. Then, the wax over the bottom half of the ends of the eyebrows worked out fine, and we were also able to draw them in just fine for "Live Adam" and the rest of the boys.

So we're pretty set to go for the test shoot next Friday. Now of course I have to write the test show which unfortunately won't be with real contestants, so nothing can be used for Week 1. Ahh well, there'll be an extra bonus show that most people will never see ('cept you guys). Very cool.
To end the day of surrealism, picture Charlotte and I standing on the CBS lot talking about ideas for the sitcom. It really comes full circle. The thing that finally put the final nail in the coffin nearly 5 years before is now not only back up and going, but it's more feasible than either of us can imagine. All you had to do was look at the three letters on the building we were standing next to and just shake your head. At one time we both believed this scene was an absolute certainty... and then it all vanished in an instant.
I still can't believe it.