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3:07 PM, Sunday, October 15th, 2006:
Dear NYC,
Wow. Where do I even begin? The way you have transformed my life in one short month is nothing less than staggering. There's no denying that these dozen entries have changed the landscape of my journey as an adult as drastically as any other that can ever be written. I leave you with nothing but gratitude for the inspiration, energy, lifeblood and astounding love you gave me. I do however, leave you.
You are magical now, in another month I would be cursing you. The tiny spaces, the unforgiving weather, the trek that it takes just to get some milk at the grocery. Hell 25 blocks to get some ice cream? Although funny to say, starts to get to you once the food coma sets in. LOL. I'm ready to get back to my pups, get things ready for a new life that will start in November, and just RUN in my yard! SPACE!!
But I cannot thank you enough. I will be back and this will be a continuing love affair for me and Donna the rest of our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Dear Chad & Angela,
HOLY SHIT THANK YOU. I realize I spent the majority of my time at Donna's, but your generosity to put me up the whole time was the only reason I was able to pull of CBS! I was able to stay in New York for 3 weeks at the drop of a hat and you guys were so happy to help. Considering the premium on space, I just can't thank you enough for allowing me to invade it. You guys mean the world to me.
And Chad, you've believed this long...keep believin. My GOD, look at these shots. You not only have the talent, you have the balls. You paid your own way to Afghanistan just to "get the shot". Your perserverence will win respect and you just have to keep playin' their game. You, are, amazing.
Chad Hunt Photography.com

Simply gorgeous. Thank you as well for the pictures of me and Donna in the park, they are as precious to me as anything I have, and even made her mother tear up on the other side of the world. We all believe in you.
Dear CBS,
I've thanked you all privately and individually, but as a whole: you are, and will always be, the start of my career. You went so far above and beyond the call of duty to help me I cannot do it justice with words. You will see it in my work ethic, my creativity, and my absolute determination to help you and your show. I have to actually stop myself from thinking about the future with you guys because I get so excited I can't stay seated. There will never be enough ways to show my appreciation, but I'm never gonna stop tryin'.
Dear Charlotte,
Can you believe this? (I just heard you say "no" to your blackberry) I'm sure we'll redefine our relationship when I get back to LA, but no matter what we've both grown so much in 5 years and we both deserve this. The mending of our relationship is so healing and so needed. I appreciate your intellect, your ability to see all the angles, and your ability to be honest and open with me. Please know that the harsh words over the years hidden within these entries are from a place of absolute pain and that I really do love and care about you deeply. Thank you for your spectacular suggestion of hosting the Living Room Live segment and thank you in advance for helping co-create solutions to all future challenges. Oh, and The Sopranos fuckin' rocks too.
Dear Mike & Suzannah,
I believe I've thanked you guys 5 times on the site, but it never gets old. You kept me in your thoughts and gave me the suggestion of a lifetime back in June. Thanks a million. And Mike, I think we can let the world know that you are indeed Mr. Penny from Entry #7 (areally incredible entry) nearly 7 years ago:
As I walked, I seemed to get more and more frustrated. I don't know why. I was fine yesterday, but now...Jesus, I can't do this. Everyone would understand if I just got back into radio and didn't really push 4tvs that hard. I kept thinking about CD101 and how I should've stayed. It was really boiling up. I got to the office and the package was from an old listener and a great supporter of 4tvs. Inside was a check for $500.
I cried. I just cried. So much emotion today, and then this. As if a sign from all of you saying: "We are here for you, we will not let you fail..." When I got back to the apartment I sat on the couch and regained composure. I showed Jessica the check and she had the same reaction I did. We just hugged each other and tried to calm down. It wasn't the money. That didn't solve our problems. The money will help pay for the work done on Jessica's car last month that she had to get fixed before the trip. Somehow we still have to make 3 people's salaries working shitty jobs to make it. What it did, was open my eyes to how much you all care about us. How much you believe in what I'm trying to accomplish.
Dear Mom,
Your words to me yesterday were so appreciated. You have such a deep caring and sensitivity to the world around you, and your perspective was able to get me out of my "head" long enough to see just how lucky I was. I'm so thankful we found our niche together after all these years. I feel at times like that 6 year old who felt safe knowing a fellow alien was there to help him get along. I love you, or as we like to say: Nanu-nanu.
Dear Dad,
I think I hid it pretty well, but your beeming after I was on The Early Show had me incredibly choked up. You know damn well that there was a period that I was literally writing those entries to YOU as no one else was even bothering to click the button. Thank you for being my biggest supporter throughout everything. I can't wait to share the upcoming great news with you. We're gonna have the time of our lives.
Dear Lonna,
Excited yet? I can't express how much your warmth towards Donna has made her feel so welcome. Thank you so much. She is so far from home and is so excited about getting to experience a holiday with people that care about her. She has literally asked me about it everyday. "So we're gonna carve pumpkins? Can we drink cider? Oh my GOD! You guys have a basement!?! I've only seen those in MOVIES" <- I'm not making that up. LOL. She's the most adorable person I've ever met and you guys are gonna have a ball. Can't wait.
Dear Cassi,
Happy month for ya huh? (sigh). Life comes at you at lightspeed sometimes and nothing can prepare you for it...except life. Try and recognize the overwhelming moments as fresh (even the bad ones) and live them. Feel 'em. Cry, yell, jump, run - experience them. You have rolled with this craziness with a great deal of resiliency and I'm proud of ya. Thanks for all your warm thoughts about CBS and Donna even though inside you were heartbroken. Congrats on the new place you found, congrats on your incredible job, and I look forward to watching you fly.
Dear Keith,
Well, the brotherhood lives on. I've been away from the house longer than I even knew you and now I feel like I'm coming back to your house. LOL. Well buddy, it is your house, your home and I couldn't be happier to have you there. Thanks for taking care of it so well while I'm gone, I'll be on cleaning duty for awhile! You've enriched my LA experience tenfold and I can't wait to share your future successes as you watch your talent take you to extraordinary places. Get the campfire ready for me.
Dear Fellow Online Supporters,
If anyone deserves this more than me, it's you. You have been through some of the most wretched shit ever. You read stories and watch movies to escape and for 7 years you've had to put up with MY ASS watching every single section of my life crumble. You guys always came through with a nice email, a nice post and most importantly: you kept comin' back to see what happened next. THANK YOU. There's finally a payoff. I sincerely hope that you'll look back on this journey as one of the most rewarding things you've ever experienced. Tell as many people as you can, and write on the boards whenever you think of even one word to add. It's the lifeblood of the site.
Dear Donna,
Ha! I laugh at even the THOUGHT of how long this entry could be if I truly tried to thank you. Let me just say that what happened last night was extraordinary (wow, I may need to pontificate a little on that). You saw me filled with years of pain, anger and an incredible force of negativity...and with a few calming words you showed me love in a way I have simply never experienced. I watched the hate I filled that room with get enveloped by a gigantic wave of loving energy and you healed me instantly. You healed me. I can tell myself that all of the hurt I've experienced is somehow lessened because I've maintained friendships with those who hurt me...but the truth is, my heartache is incredibly deep and incredibly real. I spit that pain and anger towards you, even waking you up to do so, and you surrounded me with a blanket of love that I will never forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you.